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Welcome CreatorsBennettsBootsPtyLtd Babes in Boots.

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2 Welcome CreatorsBennettsBootsPtyLtd Babes in Boots

3 Introduction Bennetts Boots Pty Ltd Promoter Warning This document is Private and Confidential A privacy contract must be signed prior to watching this presentation. Only parties whom have written permission from the directors of Bennetts Boots Pty Ltd may watch, copy or duplicate the following.

4 Instead of spending our advertising budget on traditional media we want to pay you Help Us

5 Are you spreading the Bennetts Boots word? NOW Would you like to get paid for it?

6 BB Promoter Future

7 BB Philosophy Creating a world that fits instead of a world in which we have to fit into. As an empowering, positive force we change the fashion industries perceptions of what is beautiful and profitable. BB Goal

8 What You Get? Training on how to measure a woman to fit into Bennetts Boots wide calf boots & 10% on every sale you put through plus 5% of the sales for promoters you introduce to us Help people get the right style and size Place your orders Receive the cash What You Do?

9 How it works Just fill out the forms provided You don’t have to worry about storage, postage or returns its all covered by head office Anytime, online via email You just keep showing them what’s new *You need to sell min x1 pair per month to remain as a BB Promoter and receive your commission

10 Do You Qualify Love Love Love Bennetts Boots Like to help people feel good about themselves Able to do basic admin: placing orders

11 The Costs AU$120.00 inc gst to Bennetts Boots for your Training Pack You purchase any of our boots for you to wear at 10% off. Like we need an excuse to buy boots Your internet costs to place the orders via email and any promotion you choose to do

12 How to Apply? Send us your name, email, postal address and credit card details. We will put together your kit and post it out to you. Start to let people know you can fit them into the best wide calf boots in the world.

13 Contact Information Amanda Bennetts Managing Director Bennetts Boots Pty Ltd Spread the word as we all deserve Boots That Fit!

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