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Let the Adventures Begin. Popcorn Sale Methods Taking Your Sale to the Next Level WELCOME!

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1 Let the Adventures Begin. Popcorn Sale Methods Taking Your Sale to the Next Level WELCOME!

2 Take Order Show-n-Deliver Show-n-Sell Sell at Work Sell Online Five Proven Methods

3 Take Order Scouts use an order form (in the family guide) to go door-to-door or sell to family and friends. Establish your dates – DBC Pre-sale starts August 12. Determine sales territory Create a Blitz Day to have Dens sell as a group activity Have parent(s) take an order form to work REMEMBER! Two out of three people will buy when asked, but less than 20% of households have been contacted.

4 Show & Deliver Make the Sale and the Delivery in one stop! Scouts check out product and take it door-to-door Very effective sale method Customers can view the product right then Parents and Scouts can easily see how much they need to sell No return trip required!

5 Show & Sell Make arrangements for Scouts to set up in front of stores to sell. Ask store manager for permission several weeks in advance Assign Scouts (2-3) and parents in two hour blocks DO NOT open up microwave boxes Divide sales equally among Scouts who participate Use leftover product to fulfill take order needs Apply donations received towards your military sales

6 Show & Sell Other Tips for Success: Do not use a table or chairs. Tables are barriers between you and the consumer. Hand out flyers that tell people about your Unit and what activities you do, how you help the community, etc. Tape pieces of paper to each product that has a phone number / email so they can buy more when they run out DONT ask for donations! People will give those to you anyway, and asking for them will decrease your sales Stack boxes to display product. Hang up posters/pictures of your boys doing Scouting activities and helping the community.

7 Class A uniform Standing in front of table Product stacked neatly Sign showing Scouting activities Display not blocking doorway and area is kept clean Thank you And re-order Cards to hand to consumers

8 Selling/Safety Tips Selling Tips ALWAYS wear your uniform ALWAYS smile and introduce yourself ALWAYS tell your customers why you are selling popcorn KNOW the different kinds of popcorn you are selling ALWAYS say "Thank You" ALWAYS make a copy of your order form ALWAYS have a clean order form with a pen BE SURE to get customer email addresses to send them a "Thank You" email after the sale, reminding them they can re-order online. Safety Tips NEVER enter anyone's home NEVER sell after dark unless you are with an adult DON'T carry large amounts of cash with you ALWAYS walk on the sidewalk and driveway ALWAYS sell with another scout or with an adult

9 Sell at Work Mom and/or Dad take an order form to their work place. Take an order form to your work. Place it in the break room or take it around to your co-workers Parents do the heavy lifting, easy on the Scouts Expands you customer base, and Offices often need snacks and gifts.

10 Online Selling Scouts sell to far-away friends and family Trails End ships the product directly to the consumer. Everyone needs to create a new account to view and sell online at Online sales COUNT toward Scout Rewards! (starting August 1 through your councils fall sale end date) Get 100% of your Scouts to create an account and send 10 emails to family and friends The average online order is $48

11 #1 Plan Your Program Go to the Virtual Sale Planner at Build your plan using the Program Planner 1.Plan 2.Budget 3.Set Goals Fill in your number of boys, commission and activities per month with costs. The planner does the rest!

12 Complete Your Program Planner #1 Plan Your Program

13 Set a Unit Goal 1. Plan your program and Set Goals 2. Let your Scouts have input into the program. 3. Divide the Unit goal into Show-n-Deliver packs 4. Track your progress. Den/patrol competitions are strong motivators. 5. Use the best ways to Sell and achieve your goal!

14 Set Scout Goals 1. Scouts who set goals sell more than those who dont. 2. Utilize the prize program or Scout Buck levels to help determine goals. 3. Scouts will likely need to utilize several methods to achieve their goals. 4. Use the best ways to Sell and achieve your goal!

15 Set Your Sales Goal- $600! Only 44% of parents say their Scout set a sales goal. Scouts who set goals average $626 in sales. Scouts with no goal average $304 in sales.

16 Motivate Your Scouts Build your own unit-level incentives Pie in the Face for $600 Sellers! Top Seller Prizes! Top-selling Den – Pizza Party! College Scholarship Sell $2,500 once and 6% of your total sales each year is invested in your own college scholarship account

17 3 $200 1 2 $100 $300 I work at least two booths and I should get about $150.00 each time I work at least 2 hours. I signed up for the following: ____________ & ___________ By talking to my family & friends AND with my parents talking to their friends at work I should get at least the amount. But I have to ask in order to get the sale. By going around in my neighborhood & knocking on doors I should be able to get this amount. BUT I need my parents help as I know even as an older scout its unsafe for me to sell by myself. $600 This is only the start! Imagine what happens when I keep selling? I could pay for my own Summer Camp, Get a new Scout Shirt… the list is endless! A Scouts Plan to $600 and BEYOND!

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