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CFO On-Call & simPRO Software Partnership Presentation.

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1 CFO On-Call & simPRO Software Partnership Presentation

2 Presenter Lynelle Hills Global Head of Client Services simPRO Software Pty Ltd

3 Who is simPRO Software? simPRO Software is an innovator of Job Management Software to the service-based industries, operating in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. By integrating every aspect of a client’s business, simPRO allows them to easily identify the who, what, where, when and how-much of any job. The result – getting the work done on schedule and getting paid on time, every time.

4 Key information obtained from simPRO for CFO partners - Labour Productivity and hourly recovery rates - Job Profitability - Work in Progress - Stock Levels - Retention lists simPRO clients often struggle with the application of this information and need help to ensure that: One: input information is correct Two: Best reconciliation practices are followed Three: Interpreting the information in the reports

5 Relationship simPRO Software and CFO On-Call have partnered together to promote one anothers’ business, products and services by referring clients to provide a ‘value added’ service.

6 Relationship To achieve this, we have agreed to provide the following: A dedicated webpage for CFO On-Call Partners to provide lead generation and reporting functions: Training for CFO On-Call Partners to be provided via Webinar Group Training by Lynelle Hills. Booking details will be available on the simPRO Software events webpage Opportunities for CFO On-Call Partners to sit in on training run by simPRO with new clients to familiarise themselves with the process

7 Relationship Marketing - simPRO Software will actively promote CFO Partners through a variety of activities including: –eNewsletter articles –Blog articles –Sales consultants providing clients with CFO On-Call newsletters and promotional flyers –Dedicated webpage –Webinars from CFO On-Call to simPRO clients: Financial Road Map Health Checks from CFO On-Call

8 Relationship Benefits to CFO On-Call Partners –simPRO will actively promote CFO On-Call to our client-base to provide value added services. This is an active lead generation program to attract your target audience and provide qualified leads to the CFO On-Call group. –simPRO Software sales consultants will actively meet with CFO Partners to build strong working relationships within their respective regions (inc. Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra & Perth).

9 Partner Operations Leads from CFO On-Call are captured via the dedicated web signup page and reported monthly to Jade Sternbeck CFO On-Call Partners have two ‘tick box’ options to choose from on the dedicated webpage: 1.I am providing this as a lead 2.I am managing the sale myself Leads from simPRO Software are captured via an eForm completed by the simPRO representative then provided via report through to Jade Sternbeck. The CFO Partner is recorded.

10 Conclusion simPRO Software is committed to engaging in an active working relationship with CFO On-Call and Partners to provide clients with an informative professional experience whereby both parties are able to assist in enhancing clients’ best practice within their business.

11 Q&A Your Questions

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