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1 PROJECT B. PATHFINDER “Searching for ‘Alternative Medicine’ (Adult Non- Fiction via the Bloomfield Public Library System” Hunter J. Jones LS566.W3.

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2 1 PROJECT B. PATHFINDER “Searching for ‘Alternative Medicine’ (Adult Non- Fiction via the Bloomfield Public Library System” Hunter J. Jones LS566.W3

3 2 Bloomfield Public Library 90 Broad Street Bloomfield, NJ 07003 Phone: 973-566-6200 Website: Guides and References to print resources in Bloomfield Public Library and to resources on the Net. ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE/ALTERNATIVE HEALTH BLOOMFIELD PUBLIC LIBRARY ONLINE CATALOG Check the library’s catalog for books and other materials. Begin with some basic keyword searches, combining a few terms that relate to your topic, i.e.: Alternative Medicine Alternative Health

4 3

5 4 Begin by clicking on the ‘Library Catalog’link (on the left side of the screenshot). This will bring up a set of search boxes (see screenshot below)…

6 5 Our library is part of a consortium called BCCLS. Books from other member libraries are considered part of ‘our’ broader holdings. As such, we engage in “ReBL Borrowing”(an alternative to Interlibrary Loan). But first we narrow your search to the Bloomfield system proper. Search for your topic in the large display box using “Alternative Medicine”in quotation marks. Change the left-hand search box labeled “Highlight for” to “Limit to” (Bloomfield). Change “All Materials” to “Books”. Change “All Collections” to “Adult Non-Fiction”. Hit the large green “GO” button. {You have retrieved 31 books on your Subject, ‘we’ will display the first four- showing their call numbers and thus where they can be found on the shelves}.

7 6 BCCLS BCCLS : The Library Catalog : Keyword Search :“"Alternative Medicine”" Help Index & Site Map Summer Family Fun Your Library Card Your Book Bag What’s New ‘New Title’ Suggestion Box Feedback Help Index Site Map Summer Family Fun What’s New BCCLS : The Library Catalog : Keyword Search :“"Alternative Medicine”" Help Index & Site Map Summer Family Fun Your Library Card Your Book Bag What’s New ‘New Title’ Suggestion Box Feedback New Search : Item List (31) - Refine Search Next BCCLS Help Index Site Map Summer Family Fun What’s New New Search Refine Search Next 1 Weil, Andrew. Salud total en 8 semanas : un programa probado para aprovechar al máximo el poder curativo natural de su cuerpo / by Dr. Andrew Weil. 1. ed.Nueva York : Vintage Español, 2007. LibraryMaterialCall NumberStatus Bloomfield World Language BookSP 613 W Available View all library holdings and/or place a request for this Book

8 7 Weil, Andrew. Eight weeks to optimum health : a proven program for taking full advantage of your body's natural healing power / Andrew Weil. Rev. ed.New York : Knopf, 2006. LibraryMaterialCall NumberStatus Bloomfield Non fiction Book613 W Checked Out View all library holdings and/or place a request for this Book Weil, Andrew.

9 8 Hoffman, Ronald L. Hoffman, Ronald L. How to talk with your doctor : the guide for patients and their physicians who want to reconcile and use the best of conventional and alternative medicine / Ronald L. Hoffman, with Sidney Stevens. Laguna Beach, CA : Basic Health Publications, c2006. LibraryMaterialCall NumberStatus Bloomfield Non fiction Book610.69 H Available View all library holdings and/or place a request for this Book

10 9 Trudeau, Kevin. Trudeau, Kevin. Natural cures "they" don't want you to know about / Kevin Trudeau. Updated ed.Elk Grove Village, IL : Alliance Pub. Group, c2005. LibraryMaterialCall NumberStatus Bloomfield Non fiction Book615.535 T Available Bloomfield New Book615.535 T Available Bloomfield New Book615.535 T Available View all library holdings and/or place a request for this Book

11 10 The first two are the same title but in Spanish and English versions. Patrons, you can investigate all 31 titles at your leisure. Now try the same search but ‘open it up’ to all the BCCLS consortium libraries-change the left-hand search box back to “Highlight for” (Bloomfield), hit the green “GO” button and you get a whopping 317 titles. Those at the ‘sister’ libraries may be requested by Bloomfield patrons and shipped a.s.a.p. Murray, Michael T. What the drug companies won't tell you and your doctor doesn't know : the alternative treatments that may change your life, and the prescriptions that could harm you / Michael T. Murray. New York : Atria Books, c2009. View all library holdings and/or place a request for this Book

12 11 Barron, Jon. Barron, Jon. Lessons from the miracle doctors : a step-by-step guide to optimum health and relief from catastrophic illness / Jon Barron. Laguna Beach, CA : Basic Health Publications, 2008. View all library holdings and/or place a request for this Book

13 12 Now explore the first title in detail by clicking-on the blue-colored phrase “View all library holdings and/or place a request for this Book. This will bring up the next interface, which will look like the below-

14 13 The screenshot lists the 3 consortium libraries that own the title by Michael T. Murray. You can use your Bloomfield library card, a “BCCLS card” to request the title online. To expand the search, next try the variant term “Alternative Health” in the large box-for the whole consortium. You get an additional 18 titles. DIRECTORIES There are 63 Reference books on “Alternative Medicine” in the BCCLS consortium, but only one at the Bloomfield Public Library itself, which must be used on the premises-

15 14 Call No. REF 133S (1976) Author Kingston, Jeremy. Title Healing without medicine / by Jeremy Kingston. Publisher Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday, 1976.Description 144 p. : ill. ; 27 cm.Subjects Mental healing. Medicine, Magic, mystic, and spagiric. Alternative medicine.ISBN 0385113196 : $8.95TCNa25505 view the MARC recordKingston, Jeremy.Healing without medicine /Mental healing. Medicine, Magic, mystic, and spagiric. Alternative medicine.view the MARC record

16 15 ELECTRONIC RESOURCES (Databases) Go to the original “Home Page” (first screenshot) and click on “Online Databases”. The most germane databases for ‘our’ topic are- ‘Ebsco host’ and ‘Reference USA’. At this library for an ‘Ebsco host’ search you will need to contact your local library administrator for a special user password. Upon logging in to the database, try “Alternative Medicine”, then “Alternative Health” as your keyword search terms. For ‘Reference USA’ you will need your library card number (barcode) to log in. This will bring you to ‘Jersey Clicks’, a Trenton-based statewide gateway to quality information. Upon logging in, conduct yet another keyword search for your topic(s).

17 16 PERIODICALS Go to the original “Home Page” and click on “Site Map”, click on “Periodicals Holdings”. Periodical Holdings Periodical titles not physically present in the Bloomfield library may be found online or at other libraries. Online, search periodical databases such as EBSCOhost (enter Library card barcode number for access),, or PubMed. Holdings in other NJ libraries can be determined by searching JerseyClicks or New Jersey Union List of Serials. You can also find periodicals at other local libraries, such as Bloomfield College Library, or Montclair State University's Harry A. Sprague Library.EBSCOhost FindArticles.comPubMedJerseyClicks New Jersey Union List of SerialsBloomfield College LibraryMontclair State University's Harry A. Sprague Library

18 17 The journals most appropriate for our searches would be: Body and Soul (formerly New Age Journal), keep 3 years. Christian Science Monitor (thru EBSCOhost), 3 months. Current Health I (thru EBSCOhost), 1 year. Curent Health 2 (thru EBSCOhost), Sept 2005- Harvard Health Letter (thru EBSCOhost), 5 years. Health, keep 5 years. Men’s Health (thru EBSCOhost), 5 years. Natural Health (thru –or- EBSCOhost), 3 years. Nutrition Action Health Letter (thru –or- EBSCOhost), 1999-Sept 2002. Vegetarian Times (thru –or- EBSCOhost), 3 years. Women’s Health Advocate Newsletter, Feb 1998-Feb 2000. Women’s Wellness Today, Jan 2007- Yoga Journal, 3 years.

19 18 MULTIMEDIA Note: ‘We’ have changed our ‘materials box’ from “Books” to “Audiobooks”, “CDs”, “VHS/DVDs”, etc. Audiobook(s):

20 19 VHS/DVDs (first 4 of 12 consortium-wide holdings):

21 20

22 21 Compact Disc(s) Title Build your baby's brain : [sound recording (CD)] : through the power of music!Build your baby's brain : PublisherNew York : Sony Classical, c1998. Description1 compact disc : digital ; 4 3/4 in. SubjectsMusic therapy. MusicMusic therapy. Music-- Physiological effect. Alternative medicine. Physiological effect. Alternative medicine. Manufacturer's No.SFK 60815 Sony Classical AnnotationExcerpts of music of Mozart, Beethoven, Handel, Schubert, Vivaldi, Bach and Pachelbel. TCNa528562 view the MARC recordview the MARC record TitleNatural solutions. PublisherBoulder, CO : Innerdoorway Descriptionv. Subjectsuls TCNa978018 view the MARC recordview the MARC record

23 22 SERIALS Title Natural solutions. Publisher Boulder, CO : Innerdoorway Description v.Subjects ulsTCNa978018 view the MARC recordNatural solutions.ulsview the MARC record Consortium libraries- Haworth Public Library, Current Year. Upper Saddle River, One year + current.

24 23 Title Alternative medicine digest. Publisher Puyalup, WA : Future Medicine Pub., Description v.Subjects uls.First Published Began in Aug. 1994.Notes Description based on: Issue 5, published in 1995?; title from cover.TCNa479363 view the MARC record Consortium library- Livingston, 2 years.Alternative medicine digest. uls.view the MARC record

25 24 “FAMOUS PERSONS”: Because of space limitations, ‘we’ haven’t even dealt with some famous names in the broader area of ‘Alternative Health’. Mary Baker Eddy was the founder of the Christian Science religious denomination, with a mind-over-matter worldview of healing. John Harvey Kellogg was, of course, the founder of the cereal company and once a household name in the field of natural health cures. These and other famous advocates of alternative healing may be searched either here at BPL or thru the Internet. INTERNET RESOURCES Note: At the very top of the OPAC terminal (the computer on which you are searching BPL’s ‘Home Page’) change the url from to the general portals like Google- or Yahoo- and you can search the Specialized Search Engives listed below, either by their name and/or by their unique, individual urls.

26 25 Specialized Search Engines- Main Databases specific to Alternative Medicine: DatabaseFee or FreeAccess InformationAMED (Allied and Complementary Medicine Database) Produced by the British Library Health Care Info. Service, this database contains primarily European references, much of which is not found in MEDLINE or EMBASE. FeeCD, Online library services, or individual subscription. Search service available CAM on PubMed NCCAM and the National Library of Medicine (NLM) partnered to create a Complementary and Alternative Medicine subset of NLM's PubMed, providing access to relevant citations from the MEDLINE database and additional life science journals. To access, go to PubMed and click on the "Limit" function. From the Subsets pull down menu, select "Complementary Medicine" and then search from within this subset. FreePublic web accessCochrane Collaboration, Complementary Field This international alliance of researchers maintains and updates a registry of randomized controlled trials. The Complementary Medicine Field is based at the University of Maryland. See the Abstracts of systematic reviews related to complementary and alternative medicine.FreeAbstracts and new protocols available as pdf file on the CMP websiteCAMPAIN Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Pain Database compiled from relectronic and hand searches of scientific literature sources world-wide, maintained by the University of Maryland, Center for Integrative Medicine. FreePublic web accessDATADIWAN The German, Patienteninformation fur Naturheilkunde, (Patient information for natural therapies) has a searchable database on line, much of it in English, providing information on holistic medicine and a network linking research institutions and organizations worldwide. There are over 6,000 bibliographic entries and 6,000 addresses.FreePublicly available on DATADIWAN websiteAMED (Allied and Complementary Medicine Database)British LibraryCAM on PubMedPubMedCochrane CollaborationComplementary Medicine Fieldsystematic reviews related to complementary and alternative medicineCAMPAIN University of Maryland, Center for Integrative MedicineDATADIWAN

27 26 Compare the ‘Alternative Medicine Homepage’ for more sites, e.g.: ACUBASE - AltHealthWatch - or Bandolier evidence-based health care- CINAHL- Chinese Medicine/Traditional Chinese Medicine Database- System- Clinical Directory of Databases/Rosenthal Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine- HerbMed TM- (Note: searching is ‘pay per day’, not free) Hom-Inform Database- IBIDS- (on Dietary Supplements) Index to Chiropractic Literature- MANTIS {Manual, Alternative and Natural Therapy Index System}- Native American Ethnobotany Database- Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database- Online Archive of American Folk Medicine-

28 27 All of the above may be searched for articles or in some cases downloadable pamphlets. In some cases, you may be able to download-and-save (as to a pin- drive)or print-out full text articles. If not, you can check the journal name against what Bloomfield lists in its “Periodicals Holdings”. For article retrieval from journals/journal years that neither the Bloomfield Public Library carries, nor are obtainable online, you may request a copy of the article thru Interlibrary Loan.

29 28 INTERLIBRARY LOAN Bloomfield residents may request books and photocopies of materials owned by other libraries. Interlibrary Loan requests are to be filled out by a Reference Librarian at the Information Desk. There is a charge of $.10 per page for interlibrary loaned articles. For Lending Policies to other Libraries, please contact the ILL By all means if you find you are having difficulty finding information resources on your search topic(s), please contact the Reference Desk in person, at the general phone number (973-566-6200), or thru the ‘Ask a Librarian’ services- ASK A LIBRARIAN Email your reference question to a Librarian at the Bloomfield Public Library. Feel free to send us an e-mail with your question to Email the Children's Library directly at

30 29 APPENDIX: Local Alternative Medicine Providers (sample)- 1) Blu Lotus Metaphysical Center Call today for more information 973-715-2760 or 973-746-7999 NNJHEALINGTOUCH@AOL.COMNNJHEALINGTOUCH@AOL.COM 20 Church St. Montclair, NJ 0704 or Shiatsu Massage Reiki Sports Massage Swedish Massage Hot Lava Rocks Reflexology 2) Goldfard Acupuncture Center Office Location: 1339 Pleasant Valley Way West Orange, NJ 07052 Tel: 973-325-8884; E-mail:

31 30 3) Naturopaths Directory- http://naturopaths.healthprof ?case=1&sid=1248744322.62 65_12051&zipcode=07042&zi pdist=2&county=Essex&thrp st_type=6 This website lists 17 Alternative Healing (‘Naturopathic’) practitioners in http://naturopaths.healthprof ?case=1&sid=1248744322.62 65_12051&zipcode=07042&zi pdist=2&county=Essex&thrp st_type=6 the Bloomfield/Essex County, New Jersey area, complete with phone numbers and mini- descriptions.

32 31 4) Next Level Healing (866) 348-9832 Address: 166 Franklin Rd, Denville, NJ 07834 Digestive and nutritional wellness, colonic and enzyme nutrition. b1179490?mkt=7OSMQ b1179490?mkt=7OSMQ 5) Northeast Holistic Center Northeast Holistic Center 212 DeWitt Avenue Belleville, NJ Main: (973) 759-7588Fax: (973) Aromatherapy Feng Shui Herbal Education Homeobotanical Therapy Hypnosis Iridology Massage Reflexology Regression Therapy

33 32 6) Wellness Innovations- Summer Hours Tuesday-Saturday 8:00am-6:00pm 277 Fairfield Road Fairfield, New Jersey 07004 Business Phone: 973-244-1717 Business Fax: 973-244-1701 Cell: 973-856-0914 m m Colon Hydrotherapy, Seaweed Wraps, Overcoming Food ‘Addictions’. 7) Since we live in a county with a large Hispanic and/or Caribbean community, we should include at least one source that represents claims of healing thru “white magic” or Santeria: Cosmos Botanica Variety 1006 Clinton Avenue Irvington, NJ (973)- 371-8977 -or- 7th Star Religious Store, The 1205 Springfield Avenue Irvington, NJ (973)-416-1441

34 33 Editorial Comment: Where necessary, I have cut/copied/and pasted text from the ‘real’ Bloomfield Public Library’s webpage (I worked there for 12 years, so they ‘owe’ me something). This assignment is afterall a blend of the ‘real’ and the ‘hypothetical’. I just want to make sure that ‘some’ appropriate credit is given to BPL. HJ Sincerely, Hunter J. Jones, LS566.W3 @ August 4, 2009

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