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SEARCHING BOOKS prepared by Literature Searching Team Library, Faculty of Medicine, UGM 2012.

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1 SEARCHING BOOKS prepared by Literature Searching Team Library, Faculty of Medicine, UGM 2012

2 2 OUTLINE What is a book? Library catalog Status of a book in the library Finding books on the shelves Using contents and index of printed books Electronic books Searching electronic books Accessing electronic books Free e-books on the internet

3 3 WHAT IS A BOOK? A collection of leaves of paper, parchment, vellum, cloth, or other material (written, printed, or blank) fastened together along one edge, with or without a protective case or cover. ( A book is a set or collection of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, made of paper, parchment, or other various material, usually fastened together to hinge at one side (

4 4 PARTS OF A BOOK Front cover Title page Copyright page Table of contents Body Index

5 5 TYPES OF BOOK Atlas Bibliography Biography Dictionary Directory Encyclopedia Handbook Index Manual Proceeding Textbook Whos who Yearbook Find out the definition and difference of each

6 6 BIBLIOGRAPHIC DESCRIPTION All the elements of data necessary to conclusively identify a specific document, presented in some form of record. (ODLIS)

7 7 1. Author :Braunwald, Eugene 2. Title: Atlas of Internal Medicine 3. Edition: Second edition 4. City: New York 5. Publisher : McGraw-Hill 6.Year: Impressum: viii, 600 pages.; 31 cm 8. Title series: - 9. ISBN : Call number: 616 Bra a Subject:Internal medicine BIBLIOGRAPHIC DESCRIPTION OF A BOOK

8 8 This system organizes books in the library in a specific and repeatable order that makes it easy to find any book and return it to its proper place One of the earliest and most widely known systems of book classification is the Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC) The DDC attempts to organize all knowledge into ten main classes BOOK CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM

9 9 Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) Library of Congress Classification (LCC) Universal Decimal Classification (UDC) General Philosophy Religion 300 – Social Science Language 500 – Natural Science 600 – Technology 610 Medicine 611 Anatomy Pediatrics 700 – The Arts Literature 900 – Geography, History KINDS OF CLASSIFICATION SYSTEM

10 10 Library catalog is a register of all bibliographic items found in a library or group of libraries, such as a network of libraries at several locations. A bibliographic item can be any information entity (Wikipedia) The card catalog was a familiar sight to library users for generations, but it has been effectively replaced by the Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) Codes called "call number" relate the books to the catalog, and determine their locations on the shelves Books, and other materials in library are shelved in Call Number order LIBRARY CATALOG

11 11 Access point USING CATALOG

12 12 Type in search term Access point SEARCHING BOOKS BY TITLE

13 13 Click for details Search result SEARCHING BOOKS BY TITLE

14 14 Call numberBook status SEARCH RESULT

15 15 Type in your library card number Type in your phone number Type the access code RESERVING A BOOK ON LOAN

16 16 Access point Type in search term SEARCHING BOOKS BY SUBJECT

17 17 Click for details SEARCHING BOOKS BY SUBJECT

18 18 Call numberBook status SEARCHING BOOKS BY SUBJECT

19 19 Write the complete call number Go to the shelves by matching the call number with the Guide labels Find the correct letter area for the FIRST line of the call number. Once you find books that match Line 1, look for the numbers on the SECOND line If there are other books with the same first two lines, look for the THIRD line and FOURTH line FINDING BOOKS ON THE SHELVES

20 20 Available: this tells you that the book is on the shelf and available for loan Unavailable: this tells you that the book is on loan (usually with a due date) Cadangan: this means that the book is on the shelf but available for library use only Dipesan: The book is on loan and is being reserved by another user BOOK STATUS

21 Classification number Bra Three letters of the authors last name a First letter of the title 2002 Year of publication Shelving Rules Shelving rules start from line 1, that is, the book is arranged first by Class Number in ascending order; then followed by line 2, and so on. CALL NUMBER

22 22 Look at table of contents or index pages of the book In Content pages: Find the subject or chapter and look at the page number In Index pages: Find the subject and look at the page number Find the page number of the book USING TABLE OF CONTENTS & INDEX

23 23 Page number subject CONTENT PAGE

24 24 subject page INDEX PAGE

25 25 An electronic book (variously, e-book, ebook, digital book, or even e-editions) is a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, and produced on, published through, and readable on computers or other electronic devices. ( ELECTRONIC BOOK

26 26 Click Access point ACCESSING E-BOOK

27 27 Click to view details SEARCHING E-BOOK

28 28 Type in your library card number Type the access code Click to view full text VIEWING E-BOOK

29 29 CHM PDF PDB DJVU File in PDB and DJVU can be read through PDB reader and DJVU reader available for download through download menu at the left hand side of TYPES OF E-BOOK FILE





34 34 Please note that electronic books at the Library, Faculty of Medicine, UGM are only available within medical campus network

35 35 FREE E-BOOK IN MEDICAL SCIENCES Free Free with Registration

36 36 There are several types of electronic book files, PDF, PDB, DJVU, CHM and other applications Download process is influenced by the speed of internet access and file size PLEASE NOTE

37 37 This Power Point Presentation is compiled by Team of Literature Searching Library Faculty of Medicine, UGM.

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