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What is Physical Literacy?

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2 What is Physical Literacy?
Physical Literacy can be described as the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding that provides children with life long participation in physical activity. Enabling children to be physically literate supports their development as competent, confident and healthy movers. Fundamental movement skills are a key part of Physical Literacy in Early years and Primary Education.

3 Why Does SNUG Link with Physical Literacy
Literacy - SNUG offers an increase in participation rates in such activities as games, PE, Play based Physical learning and embodies Fundamental Movement Skills. Learning - Links with other subjects that contribute to children's overall achievement and their greater social, spiritual, moral and cultural skills PSHE, Math, Literacy etc. Inclusion - Snug engages, motivates and unites all children in PE.

4 Fundamental Movement Skills
REF: FMS Teachers Resource, ED DEPT 2004


6 Skip

7 Throw

8 Balance, Jump

9 Climb

10 Line walk

11 Catch

12 Resource Pack – The changes.
Two new formats “Care Pack” & “Resource Pack” New physical literacy contents page. New Physical literacy resource activities.

13 Resource pack layout Layout changes: Activity
Learning intention eg: to run/hop/catch Question assessment and review Three pillars of outstanding PE guidelines. Ahead of statutory government guidelines links to National Curriculum from Sept 2014

14 Most of all the new SNUG is….FUN!

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