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Gaby Crolla 3rd December 2013

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1 Gaby Crolla 3rd December 2013
Secondary and Primary Schools working together to support Primary Physical Education and Sport Gaby Crolla 3rd December 2013 Children and Young People’s Department

2 Aims for tonight’s update
Brief overview of new curriculum and assessment - September 2014 The PE and Sport Premium and Ofsted Guidance Self Review Date for next update

3 What do you in your role think is possible to accomplish for your Young People in PE and Sport?

4 Some celebrations!

5 The current structure of Secondary and Primary Schools working together to support Primary Physical Education and Sport

6 Roles within Partnership
LA Headteachers – Primary and Secondary Primary subject head in PE Secondary specialist in PE Member of Primary and Secondary staff who qualify assure/oversee the Partnership PE and Sport Programme

7 PE and Sport Supports Whole School Improvement
Participation in PE and sport can improve a huge range of positive attitudes, attributes and skills Participation PE and sport will improve skill and health/well-being outcomes which with support, transfer into measurable school achievement outcomes Sport can also help to shape behaviour, reduce truancy, promote inclusion and cohesion

8 Priorities for individual schools
All primary schools should have effective development plans to improve provision and outcomes in and through PE, physical activity and school sport. All primary schools to have a PE co-ordinator. All primary schools to build PE and sport into whole school plan to underpin school standards PE and Sport Premium and school website

9 The PE and Sport Premium

10 Government Announcement: Sport Premium
50 million ring fenced in each of the next two years to support delivery of PE and sport in primary schools. Funding allocated through a lump sum for each school. Typical primary school with 250 pupils to receive £9,250 each year.

11 Physical Education and School Sport Premium Funding
Ofsted to strengthen coverage of PE Updated Handbook in September Inspectors will assess and report on: How effectively this new funding is being used to improve PE and sport provision when making the judgement on the quality of the school’s leadership and management

12 Ofsted latest findings
Beyond 2012 – Outstanding Physical Education for All Physical Education in Schools Published February 2013

13 Strengths Physical Education is in good health
Two thirds of Primary and three quarters of Secondary Schools teaching, achievement, curriculum and leadership and management are good or outstanding Significant investment in PE has raised the profile of PE through SSPs and Sports Colleges PE made a significant difference to pupils’ personal development and well-being and enjoyment of school Two hours of PE in Key Stages 1-3 in most schools

14 Weaknesses PE in one third of primary schools required improvement
In primary schools subject knowledge and confidence in teaching PE is an issue Planning/Assessment is still weak Not enough ‘physical’ education in PE

15 Ofsted Subsidiary Guidance
Taking account of the following factors: The increase in participation rates in such activities as games, dance, gymnastics, swimming and athletics the increase and success in competitive school sports how much more inclusive the physical education curriculum has become with the growth in the range of provisional and alternative sporting activities the Improvement in partnership work on Physical Education with other schools and other local partners links with other subjects that contribute to pupils’ overall achievement and their greater spiritual, moral social and cultural skills the greater awareness amongst pupils about the dangers of obesity, smoking and other such activities undermine pupils’ health

16 Evidence Inspectors will use evidence gained from:
Meetings with school leaders Observation of lessons and/or extra-curricular activities Discussions with pupils Reviewing details of the PE and sport provision on their school website prior to the inspection

17 New Curriculum September 2014

18 National Curriculum for PE
Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities. Are physically active for sustained periods of time. Engage in competitive sport and activities. Lead healthy active lives. Attainment targets By the end of each key stage, pupils are expected to know, apply and understand the matters, skills and processes specified in the relevant programme of study.

19 Key question for schools to consider:
Do you provide a broad, rich and engaging PE curriculum?

20 Progress – Assessment September 2014

21 Assessment and Progress
Levels to disappear Expectations at each banding

22 Assessment and Progress
Ofsted inspections will be informed by whatever pupil tracking data schools choose to keep. Schools will continue to benchmark their performance through statutory end of key stage assessments, including national curriculum tests.

23 Assessment and Progress
Formative Assessment: Schools will be able to introduce their own approaches to formative assessment, to support pupil attainment and progression.

24 Assessment and Progress
Planning for progress: What do they need to know, be able to do, or understand, by the end of this key stage, that they could not do at the start of it? Progress in the quality of work Progress in knowledge – breadth Progress in skills – height Progress in understanding - depth

25 Assessment and Progress
Working Working Working Below Within Above Jake Joseph Hermione Assessing Fred Tom John Progress Ethel Georgina Rupert Peter Kelly Kent Wayne Billy Lizzie Imisi Ella

26 Next update meeting March 25th 2014
Agenda: Monitoring, evaluating progress and impact Support with new curriculum and assessment

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