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Dorset School Sport Conference ‘PE and school sport driving

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1 Dorset School Sport Conference ‘PE and school sport driving
whole school development’ Chris Caws, Youth Sport Trust Regional Development Manager

2 Youth Sport Trust How we work Influence government & national strategy
Campaign on behalf of PE and School Sport Develop interventions, training and products to enhance the quality of PE and school sport Work locally through a school based strategy

3 Show success in something
Contribute to community Improve health On timetable Need to blow off steam Improve attitude Enjoy Career in sport development or officiating Why do young people want to participate in PE, school sport and physical activity? Improve self esteem Experience physical challenges Qualifications Become volunteer / leader Become an elite sportsperson Improve physical development Fun Be life long active Find something to be good at Have a break before studying academic subjects

4 PE and school sport OBJECTIVES
4: Schools understand and value the benefits of high quality PE and sport, including its use as tool for whole school improvement. WHOLE SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT

5 The purpose of PE….? Developing:
Physical literacy, physical skill and body confidence Cognition – learning in, through and because of Wider skills and attributes – inc life and social skills Health & well being Aspirations and achievements Life long behaviours, choices and attitudes

6 Time to think differently for PE?
Does PE, PA and SS contribute distinctly and effectively to the overall curriculum vision of the school? Are you clear how each area, led through PE, is: Increasing skills – physical and life skills Improving health and well-being Improving attitudes and attributes Improving behaviour and learning Improving attainment and standards If not – is it time you were? Do your SLT share your view of PE, physical activity and school sport?

7 Context Values Pedagogy Skills
PE and school sport support whole school improvement Context Values Pedagogy Skills

8 Improved outcomes for young people
Life Skills Attainment Aspirations

9 Context - Real life examples from the world of sport
Technical language from a new activity to improve vocabulary Fiction & non-fiction writing based on a major or local sporting event Using sport as a medium for teaching languages Giving a presentation about a pupil’s sporting experiences Sports reporters - match reports, news stories on film Using PE to generate data for mathematics Sport from different cultures and periods in history

10 Values - Developing well rounded individuals
Choosing your values - Olympics, Paralympics, Commonwealth Games, Rugby World Cup, School Games Embedding your values in PE & school sport Recognising, celebrating & rewarding examples of the values in action Using individual & group competition - House systems Evaluate the impact of values on attendance, behaviour, engagement, motivation, self esteem - these things can be measured The impact of student leadership

11 Pedagogy - learning from PE & sport
Start with high quality PE & school sport Build the confidence of the school in the power of PE & sport as a way of improving performance Identify a tight focus - marginal gains, observation & feedback, competition, modelling, practical learning, group work Allow time for staff to collaborate & plan together

12 Skills - Transfer to different areas of the curriculum
Motor skills Communication skills Observational skills Leadership & teamwork skills Evaluation skills

13 Your turn… Find a partner Pick a number between 1 and 4 Pick a letter between A & D

14 Your turn… Numbers 1 Values 2 Skills 3 Context 4 Pedagogy

15 Your turn… Letters A Literacy B Numeracy C Behaviour around school
D Quality of group work

16 Impact on Education & Health Outcomes
PHYSICAL ACTIVITY PE, e.g. learning fundamental and leadership skills Sport, e.g. clubs, coaching and competitions Utility activity, e.g. cycling, scooting or walking to school Recreational activity, e.g. informal play, family activities Impact on Education & Health Outcomes HEALTH AND WELLBEING Physical, e.g. fitness Social, e.g. belonging, inclusion, cohesion Understanding health, e.g. making lifestyle choices Emotional, e.g. self-esteem EDUCATIONAL ACHIEVEMENT Engagement, e.g. attendance, behaviour Learning behaviours, e.g. resilience, respect, discipline Skills, e.g. decision-making Knowledge, e.g. understanding the body Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

17 Any questions?

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