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Child Development Jeopardy

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1 Child Development Jeopardy
Physical Development Intellectual Emotional/Social Health and Safety Special needs And Misc. 10 20 30 40 50

2 What are large motor skills?
Some examples are walking, hopping and running. What are large motor skills? Category

3 A child needs this to ride a bicycle.
What is balance? Category

4 Encouraging a child to use the
toilet before traveling. What is something to help avoid toileting accidents?

5 Compared to adults preschoolers will eat and need meals like this.
What are smaller meals?

6 You can vary this with smooth pudding, crunchy carrots and chewy cheese.
What is texture?

7 Be sure to keep directions simple for them.
How do you give directions to a toddler?

8 It can be improved by questioning
and talking to a child about their surroundings. What is memory?

9 This does not help encourage children to speak well.
What is baby talk?

10 A one year old trying to fit
various shapes into a sorter. What is trial and error learning?

11 Activities such as finger painting, dramatic play, and daydreaming.
What can foster creativity?

12 A method of discipline for toddlers of changing the subject.
What is distraction?

13 By allowing a child to have some physical activity.
What is a way to relieve stress?

14 At this age they become self-centered, bossy and regress in behavior.
What is a 4 year old?

15 The area of development in which one establishes identity.
What is emotional development?

16 Examples of this might be: caring for a younger sibling and making friends.
What is social development?

17 A natural defense against disease.
What is an antibody?

18 A pediatrician may recommend this type of food for a sick child.
What is a bland diet?

19 May cause Reye Syndrome if
given to a sick child. What is asprin?

20 A pattern of behavior that harms a child.
What is child abuse?

21 When a child has difficulty breathing,
brought on by sickness, allergy or the cold air. What is asthma?

22 He may have trouble with math, reading, and writing tasks.
Who is a child with dyslexia?

23 An IQ below 70, but first noticed by parents or pediatrician.
What is mental retardation?

24 May be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain.
What is ADHD/ADD?

25 A speech problem where the child repeats the beginning sound of a word.
What is stuttering?

26 Condition in which a child is unable to sit still and concentrate.
What is ADHD?

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