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Ms. Moran’s 1 st Grade Class Welcome Parents!. All About Me I… · already love your child. · grew up in northwestern Illinois and have lived in Murfreesboro.

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1 Ms. Moran’s 1 st Grade Class Welcome Parents!

2 All About Me I… · already love your child. · grew up in northwestern Illinois and have lived in Murfreesboro for 8 years. · have my Bachelor’s Degree in K-9 Elementary Education (Western Illinois University) and my Master’s Degree in Reading and Literacy (Walden University). · have been teaching for eight years. · am divorced and have an 11 year old daughter and 7 year old son.

3 What goes to and from school... · Everyday – BEE Book · Books – baggie book, library book, red hardback reader · Mondays - Newsletter · Friday - Homework · Homework is assigned Friday and due the following Friday. · Please check and clean out folders nightly.

4 Reading Log

5 Accelerated Reader · Computerized tests that check comprehension after reading. · Goal by the end of 1 st Grade – 50 passed tests · AR will begin phased in during September.

6 Common Core State Standards First grade will be a little bit different this year, than what you may have experienced with a sibling in the past (ex. Money). Tennessee is one of 46 states adopting the new research based Common Core State Standards to ensure that our students will graduate high school and be college and career ready. We will be focusing on several new Standards this year throughout TN. We have been training this summer to transform our teaching and enhance student learning. To learn about this new implementation, visit for more information.

7 Related Arts/ Recess Planet Rotation (schedule in the newsletter)9 day rotation: Planet Rotation (schedule in the newsletter) Students need to wear tennis shoes on PE days. We walk on the track and go to the playground everyday. Other related arts classes: Art, Technology, Music, Library, Guidance, and EA (track) time.

8 1st Grade Discipline Policy · Each student has three pennies to start the day. If the student breaks a rule then it will be marked in the First Grade Agenda using the Behavior Correction Codes and a penny will be lost. · -Loss of 1 penny – lose 5 minutes of recess · -Loss of 2 pennies – lose 10 minutes of recess · -Loss of 3 pennies – lose entire recess · -Severe case (fighting, etc.) will result in note/call to parent and/or sent to principal. · -Several behavior corrections in one week will require a visit from the principal.

9 Snacks – 2:05 You are welcome to send extra snacks for me to have as back up snacks, for times when students may forget. Water Send it daily Be sure your child knows which food item is a snack for class (labeling may help). Sometimes, the students eat their snacks at lunch. If I send home a note saying your child didn’t have a snack… it is just to keep you informed. Food item Suggestions: cheese, fruit, squeezable yogurt, pretzels, carrots, crackers, etc. Please do not send cookies, cakes, gooey or sticky snacks.

10 Dress Code Page 7 - Dress Code Send a full change of clothes that your child can keep at school. This will be for the rare occasion that your child has spills, falls in the mud, has a bathroom accident. Hopefully, we will not need it, but I’d rather be prepared.

11 Dismissal See agenda page 13 – Transportation changes need to be made in the agenda for the day it has changed. Faculty across the building can help your child if you have it there. When possible, please send a note in advance if you plan on picking your child up early (even 10 minutes).

12 Make up work Page 15 – agenda The paper work that your child can make up is the smallest portion of our lesson. A lot of other problem solving, collaboration and critically thinking activities have occurred in the lesson.

13 Lunch Prices for lunch are on page 16 of the agenda. We eat from 11:05-11:30. Lunch money should always be labeled with the purpose and the student’s first and last name. p. 17 agenda

14 Birthdays 18 students currently You may send in a special snack and/ or drink. Please only send party invitations when you are distributing them to the entire class, all boys, or all girls. Summer birthdays will be celebrated in May.

15 Field Trips We will go on fun field trips this year! You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown play (December) - We do not have seats for parents. Hands-on Science Center in Tullahoma (March) – Chaperones are welcome to attend. Fall and Spring Walks – Chaperones are welcome to attend. Accelerated Reader (AR) Reward Trip (May) Bowling in Smyrna – Chaperones are welcome to attend.

16 Class Parties October December February (exchange Valentine cards and a special snack) March Volunteers will help with: refreshments games crafts Assistance other

17 Parent Visits and Volunteers I really appreciate your support! Visitors must sign in with the office any time you enter the building. This is a safety issue. Please see the sign up sheets to volunteer. In addition to the sign up sheets, I will ask parents to volunteer to pick up some food items on occasion. For example, if we need 5 items for a food craft (ex. 100 th day of school snack)... I will send out my request in an email or the newsletter and then whatever is not sent in by parents, I purchase. PEANUT PRODUCTS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM.

18 Wishing for… A volunteer to sharpen pencils at home. PTO Memberships Parent Volunteers Wishing Stars - Please visit and pull a star or two to help with items we will use this year.

19 Contact Me! · Email: · Website: rans/morans.htm rans/morans.htm · Phone: Barfield - 904-3810 · Send a note! THANK YOU!!!!! Ms. Moran

20 Let’s Have a Great Year!

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