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Community Mapping: Awareness, Collaboration, and Resource Development.

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1 Community Mapping: Awareness, Collaboration, and Resource Development

2 Agreements Speak from the “I”: you can only speak for yourself Be an active participant: we all teach and learn from each other Listen, and then respond Have fun!

3 Goals Increase awareness of community assets and resources; Set common goals across jobs and responsibilities; Develop a Resource Board that reflects services and opportunities for students and families.

4 Ice Breaker: Form groups of three, take turns and answer the question. How has your awareness of the neighborhood where you work changed since our last meeting? Give examples. 5 Minutes

5 Three Main Areas in Community Mapping Individuals Private and non-Profits Public Institutions and Services

6 Individuals Human Capital -------------------- Personal Assets Stakeholders ----------------------- Hold the “key” Community Leaders ------------- Earned Trust Small Business -------------------- Community Pulse

7 Private and non-Profit Organizations Religious Organizations -------- Support/Services Community-Based Organizations -----Resources Clubs and Associations ------- Common Interests Grassroots Organizations ---- Agents of Change Hospitals and Clinics ---------- Services Social Service Agencies ------ Resources/Services Colleges and Universities --- Resources/Services

8 Public Institutions and Services Public Schools Police Departments Fire Departments Libraries Parks and Recreation

9 Why Community Mapping? Relationship Building Awareness Human Capital Services and Resources Physical Spaces and Structures

10 Problem Solving Seven weeks into the new academic year, the mother of an eight and fourth graders comes to the school office. The mother speaks English. She asks for the Community Relations Liaison who no longer works at the school. You ask if you can help and suddenly the mother begins to cry. After you calm her down, she tells you that her husband has been out of work for 8 weeks, the landlord has been asking for his rent, and that her daughter has run out of medication for her ADHD. She has no money and food is becoming scarce. What resources are available in the community to help this family?

11 Task 1- Identify a scribe. 2- Go into your respective PLTs and complete a Community Mapping Activity for each of the schools in the PLT. 3- Scribe will merge all resources into a document and submit to: 4- Return to plenary with suggestions on how to help parent from the Problem Solving Activity.

12 Problem Solving Now that you have completed a Community Mapping and a Compendium of Resources Activity, how would you help the parent in the scenario if she were to come to your school/resource center?

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