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1 SUPPORTING MY CHILD AT HOME AND AT SCHOOL Los Angeles Unified School District Division of Special Education.

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2 1 SUPPORTING MY CHILD AT HOME AND AT SCHOOL Los Angeles Unified School District Division of Special Education

3 2 OUTCOMES Parents will: Explore practices to better understand their child’s learning interest and challenges Identify opportunities for learning Become informed about Internet resources Be aware of resources for parenting a child with special needs

4 3 What Can You Do at Home? Opportunities for learning are everywhere Language Arts: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing What ideas do you have?

5 4 More Ideas for Exploring Language Arts with Your Child Lists and menus Instructions and recipes Books, magazines and printed materials Read to your child;read with your child;let your child read to you Ask different kinds of questions content, critical thinking, evaluation

6 5 More Ideas for Exploring Language Arts with Your Child Ask your child to write Names, words, lists, notes An explanation, a story, a letter Use the public library Give oral directions Teach a song, poem, rhyme or saying Be attentive, respectful, encouraging

7 6 Exploring Mathematics with Your Child Count with your child Explore Number Operations: add, subtract, multiply,divide Look for shapes Use cooking as an opportunity for measuring Solve problems together

8 7 Go Exploring with Your Child Aquarium of the Pacific California Science Center Griffith Park Los Angeles County Museum of the Arts Nature walks and neighborhood walks Beaches Sports activities Shopping malls and restaurants

9 8 Any activity can be turned into a learning activity… If you see yourself as a guide to learning

10 9 Gather & Organize Information about Your Child Keep records in a file or notebook: what should be included? Information sheet with photo Medical and dental records Academic records, report cards Copy of the IEP Log of interactions with school personnel and other service providers: names, dates, results

11 10 Gather and Organize Information about Your child Copies of correspondence Notices of school events Any awards or recognition

12 11 On-going Interaction with the School Parent should: Get to know your school Be familiar with key people in your child’s school life Pre-plan for the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team meeting  Use the IEP and You to review what takes place in this meeting: booklet/ audio/ video  Review your child’s IEP; go over goals

13 12 Preparing for the IEP Team Meeting Keep a log about your learning activities with your child Strengths/likes Weaknesses/dislikes Activities/reactions to activities Significant behaviors – routine, social, emotional

14 13 Preparing for the IEP Team Meeting Parent can request: A pre-conference with the teacher and other school personnel who will participate in their child’s IEP A student’s written records Results of academic assessments and psycho-educational assessment

15 14 Make a note of any questions or concerns you wish to raise with professionals Consult and/or collaborate with a supportive person Talk with your child Preparing for the IEP Team Meeting

16 15 Parent Participation at an IEP Team Meeting Parents: Be prepared to share information about your child Plan to participate, ask questions and problem-solve

17 16 Internet Resources For access: Inquire at your school, the public library recreation and community centers Training possibilities Websites   

18 17 Parent Committees & Councils School Site Councils and Committees Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Community Advisory Committee (CAC) Special Education Multicultural Advisory Committee (sub-committee of CAC) English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) Educational Service Center Delegate Convening Central District Advisory Committees

19 18 Parent Activities CAC Parent Trainings PRN/CRU Parent Trainings Annual Parent Conference Fall & Spring Special Education Parent trainings at each ESC. Proactive Parent Leadership Cadre (PPLC) Very Special Arts Festival

20 19 Parent Resources Special Education informational training series for parents on KLCS Division website http://sped.lausd.net

21 20 Parents! A Child’s First Teacher Your active participation in your child’s life (home and school) is vital Make it a habit you can’t break!

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