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WH Quiz Review Revolutions. Who was Maximilien Robespierre?

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1 WH Quiz Review Revolutions

2 Who was Maximilien Robespierre?

3 Jacobin revolutionary who led the Reign of Terror. He tried to crush all opposition to the revolution.

4 Who was Jacques Louis David?

5 Leading painter during the French Revolution.

6 Who was Olympe de Gouges?

7 French journalist who demanded equal rights for women.

8 Who was Napoleon?

9 French emperor who dominated Europe in the early 1800s.

10 Who was Clemens von Metternich?

11 Austrian prince who wanted to restore the status quo of 1792 at the Congress of Vienna

12 How did thinkers during the Age of Reason challenge the established social order?

13 By calling for a just society based on reason.

14 What increased American resentment of British rule after 1763?

15 taxation without representation in Parliament.

16 Whose ideas does the Declaration of Independence reflect?

17 John Locke.

18 Which group did the bourgeoisie belong to?

19 The Third Estate

20 There was inequality among the three estates. What were some of those inequalities?

21 France’s economy was mainly supported by the 3 rd Estate b/c they were the only ones require to pay taxes.

22 Why did French nobles resist Necker’s financial reforms?

23 they wanted to pay no taxes.

24 Which document from the French Revolution stated that all men were born free and equal in rights? (Hint- it’s the French equivalent to the Declaration of Independence).

25 The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen

26 Which of the following areas did Napoleon annex to France? a. the Netherlands c. Poland b. Russia d. Britain

27 the Netherlands

28 How did the Napoleonic Code reflect Enlightenment principles?

29 It guaranteed the equality of all citizens before the law.

30 What was the chief goal of the Congress of Vienna?

31 To create a lasting peace in Europe after the Revolution and Napoleonic wars.

32 Which group dominated Latin American social and political life in the early 1800s?

33 peninsulares

34 Which event was the spark that finally set off a widespread revolt in Latin America in the early 1800s?

35 Napoleon’s invasion of Spain


37 Know the leaders of the independence movements in Latin America. Refer to map assignment.

38 Which American colony won independence from France and became the only nonslave nation in the Western Hemisphere?

39 Haiti

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