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Quarter One Assessment

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1 Quarter One Assessment
Study Guide

2 What 3 ideas from monotheistic religions helped shape democracy?
The duty of the individual and the community to combat oppression The worth of the individual The equality of people before God.

3 Plato believed that in an ideal society the government should be controlled by who?
Philosopher kings

4 What feature of modern Western democratic government is reflected in Aristotle’s views in his quote?
“He who trust any man with supreme power gives into a wild beast, for such his appetite sometimes makes him: passion influences those in power, even the best of men, but law is reason without desire…” ANSWER: Government’s actions must follow the law.

5 What did Rome contribute politically to the modern world?
Laws should be written down and applied equally to all citizens.

6 What made Rome a republic?
Roman citizens elected leaders to make government decisions.

7 True or False Jewish and Christian beliefs differ from Greco-Roman tradition in matters concerning the importance of the belief in one God (monotheism). True

8 During the later part of the 1600s, England’s system of government went from an absolute monarchy to what? Constitutional Monarchy

9 What did the Magna Carta protect?
Individual Rights!!!!

10 Which Enlightenment thinker believed that people are selfish and wicked?
Thomas Hobbes

11 Who believed that people were born with natural rights
Who believed that people were born with natural rights? What are those natural rights? John Locke Life Liberty Property

12 Which Enlightenment thinker argued that people have the right to rebel against an oppressive government? John Locke

13 Separation of powers was developed by who?

14 True or False When a country’s constitution requires that branches of government remain independent from one another it is practicing Montesquieu’s “separation of powers.” Answer: TRUE

15 Who believed that the best form of government was one that was freely formed by the people?

16 A social contract is what?
An agreement between a people and its government.

17 Which Enlightenment thinkers would best support the right of citizens to decide the best form of government? John Locke Jean Jacques Rousseau

18 Name 3 things Voltaire fought for.
Tolerance Freedom of religious belief/speech Reason

19 Name 4 beliefs of Beccaria.
Torture should be outlawed Those accused of crimes should have a right to a speedy trial Capital punishment should be outlawed Laws existed to keep order.

20 Who argued that women should devote themselves to education?
Mary Wollstonecraft

21 John Locke, The Magna Carta, and the United States Constitution helped develop what?
People’s rights and freedoms

22 The Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights did what?
Limited the power of the monarchy

23 What did Thomas Jefferson write?
= ? The Declaration of Independence

24 Who paid almost all the taxes under the Old Regime?
3rd Estate!!!

25 What sparked the French Revolution?
Hints: King Louis XVI offended the 1st and 2nd estate. Both King and Queen had this problem. Excessive spending and taxes. -Financial problems.

26 What didn’t The Declaration of the Rights of Man include?
Rights of women!!!!!!

27 Who led the Reign of Terror in revolutionary France?
The Committee of Public Safety

28 Why was it possible for a strong leader, such as Napoleon, to take over power in France?
There had been TEN YEARS of instability

29 Who used the Scorched Earth Policy? And why did they use it?
Russian troops as Napoleon invaded Russia

30 What was one of the outcomes of the Congress of Vienna?
Balance of Power!!!!

31 What was the Concert of Europe? And why did it form?
An alliance between European powers. Formed to protect against the possibility of revolution

32 The United States Declaration of Independence and the French Declaration of the Rights of Man stated that governments must protect what? The rights of the people

33 What other region in the world was affected by the American and French Revolution in the 1800s?
Latin America

34 What did the American Revolution produce that the French Revolution did not?
A lasting constitution

35 Which Latin American leader liberated much of South America from Spain?
Hint: He was influenced by the American and French Revolution, and Enlightenment ideas. Simon Bolivar

36 Which Latin American social/economic class led most of the revolutions in Latin America?

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