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Welcome to W.R. Castle By: Meghan Ratliff, and Daysha Burchett.

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2 Welcome to W.R. Castle By: Meghan Ratliff, and Daysha Burchett

3 The Amazing Teachers Stephanie Martin- Head-start Cherie Deskins- 4 th grade Debbie Wiley- Head-start Rhonda Sturgill- 4 th grade Nicole Scarberry- Kindergarten Rachel Slone- 4 th grade Paget Johnson-Kindergarten Holly Preece- 5 th grade Laura Oliver- Kindergarten Rebecca Caudill- 5 th grade Gaylena Burchett- 1 st grade Casey Salyers- 5 th grade Heather Campbell- 1 st grade Richard Hackworth- 6 th grade Summer Caudill- 1 st grade Joe Harmen- 6 th grade Wendy Chafin- 2 nd grade Teina Mason- 6 th grade Tina Bryant- 2 nd grade Jeanette Cantrell- 5 th grade Stacey Meade- 2 nd grade Leigh Ann Jeffiers- 3 rd grade Melanie Grim- 3 rd grade Tiffany Doderer- 3 rd grade

4 Special Teachers and Aides Gym- Telena Conley Art- James Chapman Music- Evert Winland Speech- Nikki Salisbury Primary- Ashley Conley 4 th grade- Julie Harless and Linda Hamilton Aides: Shirley Bowen, Jennifer Maynard, Tina Cole, Michelle Spencer, Billy Butcher, and George Salyers

5 Office Staff and Daycare Tama Ramey Andie Cantrell Cynthia Williams Teresa Burgess Robin Salyer Brittney Cantrell Judy Cantrell Betty Slone

6 The County Motto “Every Child Every Day the Johnson County Way”

7 Mission Statement The Faculty and Staff of W.R. Castle Memorial Elementary School Believe that all students can be independent, self-sufficient and productive Members of Society if provided with a positive academic and social environment in which to grow.

8 W.R.C. RULES!!!!!!!!! Principal: Jeff Cochran Counselor: Amy Case

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