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OVERVIEW. Beebe Middle School School Year 2008-2009 “America” Teams Achieving for Success.

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2 Beebe Middle School School Year 2008-2009 “America” Teams Achieving for Success.

3 Enrollment Fifth Grade Students --- 251 Sixth Grade Students --- 235 Grand Total of 486 increase of 20 students from last year..

4 Changes School starts 8:00 a.m. Lunch for fifth grade Monday – Thursday (11:21- 11:51) Lunch for sixth grade Monday – Thursday (12:09- 12:39) Friday’s only 5 th grade lunch 11:19-11:50 Friday’s only 6 th grade 12:07 – 12:37.

5 Changes Advisor – Advisee sixth grade students only Monday – Thursday 7:45-7:55 and Friday’s 7:45-8:07 Fifth grade homeroom during morning times above..

6 Changes Core Classes Monday – Thursday 48 minutes long Core Classes on Friday’s 45 minutes long Activity Classes Monday – Friday 45 minutes long.

7 Student Handbook No cell phones on buses during school hours going or coming to school. Students prohibited from using cell phones during school hours...

8 Renovations Covered Walk-ways Additional Basketball Goal New Computers All Labs and Classrooms Flower Beds.

9 Covered –Walk-ways.

10 Basketball Goal.

11 New Computers.

12 Flower Beds.

13 “America” Teams Achieving for Success Great Minds --- Fifth Grade Team I Team Wild ---- Fifth Grade Team II All Americans --- Sixth Grade Team I Time Travelers --- Sixth Grade Team II Team U.S.A. --- Special Education Faculty and Staff Great American Performers --- PE, Music/Choir, Art, EAST, Band, Gifted and Talented, and Library, Computer Lab...

14 Fifth Grade Teams Great Minds (Fifth Grade I) Team Wild (Fifth Grade II) Vickie Flenor – Science Toni Allgood - Science Chrisana Knupp – Math Cathy Kidder - Math Stacey Hobby – Language Arts Vickie Fowlkes – Language Arts Shannon Phelps – Language Arts Doris Stillman – Language Arts Pam Williams – Social Studies Sheran Herrin – Social Studies Sixth Grade Teams All Americans (Sixth Grade I) Time Travelers (Sixth Grade II) Ann Avey – Social Studies Dana Pasley – Social Studies Joyce Bramlett – Science Ken Jewell – Science Paula Courson – Language Arts Teresa Bledsoe – Language Arts Don Money – Language Arts Terrain Crow – Language Arts Jim Whiteman – Math Monica Hartsell – Math American Performers Team U.S.A. Brain Davis – EAST Facilitator Michelle Redman Stephanie Difani – Music and Choir Lindsey Davis Mickey Cox – Band Paula Heffington Robin Cox – Band Collin Grimes Rick Sowell – Band Twyla Turner Dusty Beck – Physical Education Cindy Stewart Cassidy Moore – Physical Education Dennis Collier Lorett Nailling – Art Carrie Ferry Debbie Dailey – Gifted and Talented Vicky Campbell - Counselor Susie Crossen – Computer Lab Facilitator Tracie Cochran – Computer Lab Facilitator Rhonda L. Smith, Principal Nicky Benson, Assistant Principal Donna Chambers, Secretary Sharon Chaloupka, Nurse Rita Armstrong, Cafeteria Manager Anna Williams – Cafeteria Worker Icy Lumpkin – Cafeteria Worker Melodie Payne – Cafeteria Worker Candice Williams – Custodian Tammy Goff -- Custodian..

15 WebPages Visit our WebPages

16 Contributors To Power-Point EAST Students – Tyler Turpin – pictures and technology support for Middle School Power-Point Erich Matthew Pulfer and Trystan Taylor – Soundtrack Faculty – Debbie Daily, Nicky Benson, Vickie Campbell, Brian Davis, Deborah Jones and Rhonda Smith – Power-points.

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