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Welcome to Curriculum Night Hill-Roberts Elementary School September 18, 2014.

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night Hill-Roberts Elementary School September 18, 2014

2 Hill – Roberts Schedule Rotating Schedule Developed and Created by district team of teachers, staff, and administrators Ensures equitability of services throughout the year Day E at Hill Roberts was created through the School Improvement Plan Block Schedule is available on the website 2 nd Recess

3 1 st Grade Brooke Lindsey Jodi Camelo Mary Lynn Hanley Lindsay Cragan Kacie Devine

4 1 st Grade Highlights a typical day in 1st grade responsibility, independence, accountability- consequences high standards building on in future grades recess rules expectations homework 20 min parents can help field trip October to zoo wrap up unit 1 projects at the end of each unit

5 2 nd Grade Team Pam Puccio Sue Kafouse Jessica Long Denise Levesque Megan Young

6 2 nd Grade Highlights Homework Independence Recess Healthy Snacks Centers Behavior Chart


8 3 rd Grade Team Tom Jacques Missy Bassler Stephanie Dalpe Connie Monson Kacie Devine

9 3 rd Grade Information Math Focus Skills Science Focus Skills ELA Focus Skills Social Studies Focus Skills

10 4 th Grade Team Nicole Tremblay Rachel DeGrace Lindsay Campbell Kelli St. Pierre

11 4 th Grade Information Independence ELA Skill Focus Centers Math Skill Focus Homework Social Studies/Science Focus


13 Mrs. Knight Cloud School Nurse Peanut Safe Information Lice protocol Entrovirus Update Medications Communication home

14 Birthday Information In order to ensure student safety due to a variety of allergies and in making birthday celebrations equitable, the school has decided to celebrate birthdays for each month on the last Friday of the month. If you are interested in helping coordinate healthy treats for Birthday celebrations, please let your child’s teacher know.

15 Coaches Mary Dugan – Literacy Coach Kerry Hutchins – Math Coach

16 Report Cards and Parent/ Teacher Conferences Report Cards are still Standards Based Handout are available with additional information for parents Dates for Parent/ Teacher conferences have changed and are available on the school website

17 How do we use data? District Common Assessments (DCA’s) Determine strengths and weaknesses Provide interventions to “bridge the gap” within specific skills Interventions are NOT Special Education Services

18 Support Services and Staff Kelli St. Pierre – Special Education Team Chair Denise Levesque – SST Chair Lisa Doman – School Adjustment Counselor Alan Dyl- School Psychologist Jean Terry – Speech/ Language Pathologist Chris David – Occupational Therapy Linda Thomas – Physical Therapy

19 How do we support students? Student Support Team (SST) Referral for concerns Team of teachers discuss strategies and accommodations Action steps for 6-8 weeks Revisit and check progress

20 Support Staff School Adjustment Counselor (SAC) and School Psychologist Related Service Providers (Speech, OT/PT) Special Education Teachers and Case Managers Para Professionals Special Education Team Chair

21 Library/ Media Center We have a new Media Center!!! Mrs. Cotsalas will be running the Media Center All classes will still have access to the library

22 CREST Caring Respect Excellence Safety Trust

23 Specials Cathy McCaughey – Art Cathy Giannetti – Music/ 4 th Grade Chorus Sarah Desautel – Technology/ Website/ Newsletter Jackie Cardillo – Physical Education

24 We hope this information was helpful for you. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or Mr. Johnson Don’t forget the Back to School BBQ next Friday!!!

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