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Spring 2013 Public Policy Committee Meeting Alexandria, VA May 8, 2013 Westin Alexandria.

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1 Spring 2013 Public Policy Committee Meeting Alexandria, VA May 8, 2013 Westin Alexandria

2 2 Upcoming Sessions & Forums 15-17 July - Joint Propulsion Conference - San Jose, CA  Monday - Space 2 one hour interview sessions (afternoon)  Tuesday - Aviation 2 one hour+ interview sessions (commercial aviation morning, military aviation afternoon)  Wednesday - 2-1/2 hour panel session on technology transition Agenda 3.A

3 3 Durand Lecture Durand Lectureship In Public Service The Durand Lectureship, named in honor of William F. Durand, was approved by the Board of Directors in 1983. It is presented for notable achievements by a scientific or technical leader whose contributions have led directly to the understanding and application of the science and technology of aeronautics and astronautics for the betterment of mankind. The AIAA Public Policy Committee selects the lecturer and suggests a topic for the lecture, subject to the approval of the Honors and Awards Committee and Board of Directors. The lecture is presented at the SciTech Conference in January.. Agenda 3.C

4 2013 Durand Lectureship Nominees Scott Pace · Director of the George Washington University’s Space Policy Institute · Former Assistant Director for Space and Aeronautics- White House Office of Science & Technology Policy · Former Associate Administrator for Program Analysis and Evaluation-NASA Agenda 3.C

5 2013 Durand Lectureship Nominees Mike Wynne · Former Secretary of the Air Force · Former Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisitions, Technology and Logistics · Former Senior Vice President for International Development and Strategy- General Dynamics Agenda 3.C

6 2013 Durand Lectureship Nominees Ron Sega · Professor of Systems Engineering and Vice President for Energy and the Environment- Colorado State University · Vice President and Enterprise Executive for Energy and Environment-The Ohio State University · Retired Major General United States Air Force · Former NASA astronaut Agenda 3.C

7 2013 Durand Lecture Status Nominees presented to HAC on May 7 All three were accepted Lectureship will be offered first to Scott Pace Assuming his acceptance, PPC will assist in developing topic for lectureship Lecture will be given at Policy luncheon – Monday at SciTech Agenda 3.C

8 8 2013 Congressional Visits Day Program 167 Attendees, 177 Registrants Student Panel on Life Sciences: “Students Bringing Space Research Down to Earth” Over 300 meetings Well attended reception Agenda 4.A

9 Congressional Visits Day 2014 Tuesday, March 11 – Wednesday, March12, 2014 One week earlier than usual – to avoid IAF meetings in Paris. March 11: Reagan Center, Pavilion Room March 12: Capital Hill, CVD Reception Likely to be back on the House side this year. 9 Agenda 4.B

10 2013 August is for Aerospace Planning for at least 40 activities this year. Activities DO NOT have to be in August – they can fall anywhere between June and September. Emphasis on having the decision maker to your place of business, or to a Section meeting rather than in- office visits. 10 Agenda 4.C

11 Grassroots Report- For More Information For more information on either Congressional Visits Day or the August is for Aerospace Program, please contact: · Duane Hyland, or 11 Agenda 4

12 State Activities- Aerospace Days  AIAA Activity at the State Level 2013  Georgia Aerospace Day- February 6, 2013  Sponsored and Participated  Virginia Aerospace Day- February 6, 2013  Sponsored and Participated  Florida Aerospace Day- March 6, 2013  Sponsored and Participated  California Aerospace Week- March 11-14, 2013  AIAA lead with State Legislators  NASA Ames, Dryden, Ames partnered  Corporate Sponsors- Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Space X, Lockheed Martin, SolarImpulse  Roundtable Discussion with Senate and Assembly Members  Two panel discussions with over 100 attendees at each  Mars Rovers on display  Benefits  Multiple Bills specific to Aerospace  Select Committees hope to hold field hearings at AIAA conferences  Companies have already begun to request information for participating next year  AIAA has become the source for aerospace policy for the legislature 12 Agenda 4.D

13 State Activities- Aerospace Days AIAA Activity at the State Level 2014- 2016 2014 Georgia Aerospace Day Expand Participation and Activities Virginia Aerospace Day Continue sponsorship and support Florida Aerospace Day Continue sponsorship and support California Aerospace Week AIAA continue in lead role Proposed Expansion in 2014 Alabama Aerospace Day AIAA lead to reestablish Arizona AIAA lead to focus on all aerospace in state Colorado AIAA sponsor and support Hawaii AIAA lead to reestablish Alaska AIAA integrate current state activities 13 Agenda 4.D

14 State Activities- Aerospace Days AIAA Activity at the State Level 2014- 2016 2015 Proposed Expansion New Mexico AIAA lead to establish Pennsylvania AIAA lead to establish Kansas AIAA lead to establish Washington AIAA sponsor and support Texas- AIAA sponsor and support Proposed expansion 2016 Ohio AIAA sponsor and support Maryland AIAA lead to establish Connecticut AIAA lead to establish Massachusetts AIAA lead to establish New York 14 Agenda 4.D

15 State Activities- Policy Symposium UAS Symposium in California 2013 · March 26-28, 2013 in Westlake Village, CA · Co-sponsored by Lt. Gov. Newsom, Assemblyman Jeff Gorell, and Members of both the Senate and House Select Committees on Aerospace · Corporate Sponsorship from Northrop Grumman, Alcoa, Aerovironment, Gene Hass Foundation, Global Energy, California Business Roundtable, Chumash Tribe · 193 attendees, 131 Paid attendees, including police, fire, military, students, political officials.. Very few AIAA members · All direct and indirect costs covered. · Media coverage, both local and national, including Mother Jones · Attendees requested membership in AIAA, both individual and corporate · New audience for policy · Bipartisan support from the legislature · Included tour of Naval Base Ventura County 15 Agenda 4.D

16 State Activities- Policy Symposium Potential symposiums in 2014 · Informational requests on UAS have come from: Colorado Georgia Florida Alaska · Partner events with possible Aerospace Weeks · Partner events with AIAA conferences · Stand alone events · Other Symposium topics could include commercial space, NextGen, etc. 16 Agenda 4.D

17 California Legislative Activity SCR 16 A resolution designating March as California Aerospace Month.. Approved April 8, 2013 72 Assembly Sponsors 20 Senate Sponsors SB 19 Legislation provides for sales and use taxes: exemptions: property for use in space flight Endorsed by AIAA AB 927 Legislation would create a competitive tax policy for businesses involved with research, development, and manufacturing. Endorsed by AIAA Senate Resolution honoring AIAA activities in California  Passed on March 11, 2013 17 Agenda 4.D

18 Federal Appropriations FY 2013 & FY 2014 CR FY 2013 Signed into law on March 26, 2013 · Added a new percentage cut to NASA and NOAA of 1.877% in addition to the roughly 5.2% required through sequestration · NASA estimated funding for FY 2013 $16,379 Space Operations $1,582 Science$4,770 Exploration$3,152 Aeronautics$450 Space Technology$552 · NOAA estimated funding for FY 2013$650 18 Agenda 4.E

19 Federal Appropriations FY 2013 & FY 2014 President’s FY 2014 Budget Request · NASA$17,601 Space Operations $1,546 Science$5,000 Exploration$3,595 Aeronautics$553 Space Technology$742 · NOAA$733 19 Agenda 4.E

20 Federal Appropriations FY 2013 & FY 2014 CR FY 2013 Signed into law on March 26, 2013 · Added a new percentage cut to NASA and NOAA of 1.877% in addition to the roughly 5.2% required through sequestration · NASA estimated funding for FY 2013 $16,379 Space Operations $1,582 Science$4,770 Exploration$3,152 Aeronautics$450 Space Technology$552 · NOAA estimated funding for FY 2013$650 20 Agenda 4.E

21 2014 Key Issues Planning: Objectives and Guidelines Develop Key Issues (KIs) of primary importance to our members Need TC/PC, CMC and Region/Section ideas Avoid narrow issues addressing specific local or corporate concerns Discuss controversial issues without being controversial Reflect a consensus of the entire Institute TAC and PPC members will work together to screen the ideas Aim for fewer than 10 KIs on the final 2014 list Back up each KI with a more detailed information paper TAC participation is needed in the preparation of these papers Agenda 5.A

22 Key Issues Timeline- 2013 May/June o PPC solicits inputs for Key Issues from TAC, Regions, Sections o TAC seeks inputs from TCs and PCs o TCs/PCs submit summary of proposed issues to TAC July o TAC Directors review summary and vet issues o TAC forwards screened and prioritized issues to PPC and appropriate Subcommittees August o PPC subcommittees begin key issue vetting of issues received o PPC and TAC select top-ranked issues o PPC contacts authors for supporting documentations September o PPC subcommittees formalize recommended key issues o PPC approves selected issues October o Authors, supported by PPC and TAC, write formal issue statements November o PPC subcommittees and TAC liaisons approve formal issues o Any revisions worked with authors o PPC submit draft issues to ASEB for review and input. o Draft Information Papers for selected issues December o PPC-approved issues sent to Board of Directors January o Board votes on key issues at ASM Board meeting o Key issues revised as needed o Information papers finalized February o Key issues and info papers sent to printer mid-month Agenda 5.B

23 2013 Key Issues: The Slate Technology Transition (Aero) Enabling Sustained Deep Space Exploration with a Broad Vision (Space) Public/Private Human Earth-Orbit Access (Space) Recruiting, Retaining and Developing Aerospace Workforce (Workforce & Ed) Supporting K-12 STEM Education (Workforce & Ed) Assuring a Viable US Aerospace and Defense Industrial Base (At Large) Agenda 5

24 2013 Key Issues: The Slate Accelerating the Integration of UAV/UAS into the NAS (Nat.Sec.) Developing a Robust, Integrated Cybersecurity Policy (Nat.Sec.) Removing Travel Restrictions on Federal S&T Professional Workforce (At Large) Lessening the Impact of Export Controls* (At Large) Agenda 5

25 25 Public Service Award AIAA Public Service Award The Public Service Award honors an individual who is not an AIAA member but has shown consistent and visible support for national aviation and space goals. When judging nominations, the committee will look for a public figure who is widely known outside of the aerospace community and has a positive public image, a supporter of the aerospace industry who has shown consistent and visible support of national aeronautics and/or astronautics research and development and unhesitant willingness to be identified with aerospace programs/supporters, and a person who has no personal vested interest in advocacy. The recipient may be a member of non-employer related pro-aerospace organizations or may be an elected official. Nomination Deadline: 1 October Agenda 6

26 26 2014 Public Service Award 2013 Recipient: Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson Nominees needed for 2014 Award PPC members should provide nominee suggestions to Steve Howell at Agenda 6

27 Changing of the Guard 27 Agenda 9.A

28 Subcommittee Chairs Space Policy Subcommittee · J.R. Edwards will become the new Space Policy Subcommittee Chair Workforce & Education Policy Subcommittee · Annalisa Weigel will transition out from the Workforce & Education Chair to become the VP-Elect of the Membership Committee. · Mary Snitch will serve as the new Workforce & Education Policy Subcommittee Chair (Temporary Assignment???) 28 Agenda 9.B&C

29 Subcommittee Chairs Aeronautics Subcommittee · Carol Cash will remain on as the Aeronautics Policy Subcommittee Chair National Security Subcommittee · John Rose will remain on as the National Security Subcommittee Chair State Aerospace Activities Working Group · Phil Hattis will move from Space Policy Subcommittee Chair to State Aerospace Activities Working Group Chair 29 Agenda 9.B&C

30 Upcoming Events 2013 Events · Joint Propulsion Conference: 15-17 July, San Jose, CA · AVIATION: 12-14 August, Los Angeles, CA · SPACE: 10-12 September, San Diego, CA 2014 Forums · SciTech: 13-16 January, National Harbor, MD · AIAA Gala: 30 April, Washington, DC · AVIATION: 16-20 June, Atlanta, GA · Propulsion and Energy: 28-30 July, Cleveland, OH · SPACE 2014: 4-7 August, San Diego, CA · DEFENSE 2014: TBD 30 Agenda 9.D

31 New Business- Next Meeting Summer Meeting · AVIATION 2013- Los Angeles CA · 12-14 August Fall Meeting · Maryland??? · September-October 2013 31 Agenda 9.D

32 State Activities California -AIAA Coordinating Aerospace Days in Sacramento- Feb. 26-27, 2013 NASA involvement Panel and Reception Hearing and Meetings UAV Symposium- March 26-28, 2013 Co-sponsored by Assemblyman Gorell and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom Money for the cost has been met and registration is active Legislation- Senator Steve Knight has asked for AIAA input Georgia Aerospace Day- February 6, 2013- AIAA Coordinating Virginia Aerospace Day- February 6, 2013 - AIAA Participating Florida Space Day- March 6, 2013 -AIAA Investing 32 Agenda 4.C


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