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Matter & Energy Ch. 1 Outline.

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1 Matter & Energy Ch. 1 Outline

2 1.1 Matter has mass and volume.
Matter – anything that has mass and takes up space Mass – the amount of matter in an object Weight – the downward pull of gravity on an object

3 1.1 Continued Volume – the amount of space an object takes up
Examples of matter – Examples of non-matter –

4 1.2 Matter is made of atoms. Atom – smallest basic unit of matter
Subatomic particles – smaller particles that make up an atom; protons, neutrons, and electrons Nucleus – the center of the atom; contains protons and neutrons

5 1.2 Continued Proton – a positively charged particle found in the nucleus Neutron – a particle found in the nucleus that has no charge Electron – a negatively charged particle found outside the nucleus

6 1.2 Continued 6. Drawing of an atom –

7 1.2 Continued B. Molecule – when two or more atoms combine together
1. A molecule can be made by combining alike or different atoms. 2. A molecule is the smallest amount of a substance made of combined atoms that is considered to be that substance.

8 Section 1.3 Pure substance – has only one type of substance
Element – substance that contains only a single type of atom Periodic table – organized list of the elements 1. Mendeleev and Moseley were the two scientists who were involved in creating the modern periodic table.

9 1.3 Continued Chemical Symbol – shorthand way of representing the elements; only one or two letters Atomic number – number of protons Compound – substance that consists of two or more different types of atoms bonded together

10 1.3 Continued Mixture – combination of different substances that remain the same individual substances 1. heterogeneous – have different properties in different areas 2. homogeneous – evenly distributed; the same throughout

11 1.3 Continued Mixture Compound Substances Remain the same
New substance formed Separation By physical means Breaking bonds Proportions Vary Fixed

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