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What is Matter?.

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1 What is Matter?

2 Matter Def: anything that has mass and takes up space
Examples that ARE matter… Examples that ARE NOT matter…

3 Chemistry Def: the study of matter and how it changes
Ways matter can change…

4 Element Def: a substance that cannot be broken down into simpler substances Examples of elements…

5 Atom Def: the smallest particle that has the properties of an element
Contains three particles… a-: not tomos: cutting => atom

6 Compound Def: a substance made of atoms of more than one element bonded together Examples of compounds…

7 Molecules Def: the smallest particle of a pure substance
(two or more atoms) Examples of molecules…

8 Chemical Formulas Def:
the chemical symbols and numbers indicating the atoms contained in the basic unit of a substance Examples of chemical formulas…

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