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Idaho County Chapter Principled Citizenship 2012 F.W. Whitley.

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1 Idaho County Chapter Principled Citizenship 2012 F.W. Whitley

2  This program reintroduces Americans to an enduring symbol of their heritage Tree of Liberty

3 Washington’s Cruisers Flag 1775

4  When we enter voting booths, one question is appropriate to ask: What is the basis of your vote’s decision?

5 Liberty does not have the luxury of election by an ignorant population

6  One sure method to separate citizens from liberty is by fear mongering  The old “cattle chute” mentality

7  Fear mongering …used by every petty third world dictator known to man

8 But a voting booth is not a cattle chute!

9  America’s two major parties routinely push voters with fear  Votes are no longer cast FOR principle

10  Votes are cast “against the other guy”  Party over principles

11  America has an unprincipled government  Because voters choose party over principle!

12  Every election, voters are herded into crowd pens  Prepared by the duopoly

13 Crowd pen “choice”—leads to same slaughterhouse of individual liberty

14  Fellow citizens…  Fear is not part of America’s heritage!  Nor are you an animal to be herded

15  If political fear were part of your American heritage…  We would have no Bill of Rights !

16 Stand on the courage of principle! Arm yourself with knowledge

17 The Tree of Liberty is not a bonsai tree!

18 The Tree of Liberty does not thrive in a box! Bunker Hill Battle Flag, 17 June 1775

19  Skilled demagogues may distort history for their own purposes  But do not be fooled

20  The U.S. political duopoly insist voters “only” have two choices… A Democrat box A Republican box

21  And the “logic” these two big-box parties use to justify voting for them?  Your vote is: “the lesser of two evils”

22  But, when voters choose the lesser of two evils—  Voters will always elect evil!

23 The inescapable conclusion is …  Party over principles = unprincipled  Lesser of two evils = evil

24  Hypocritically, the big-box “choice” is claimed to represent liberty!  But, does it?

25 Both major parties mistake Liberty! Continental Flag, 17 June 1775 at Bunker Hill

26  Liberty does not thrive a partisan box!  Despite cradle-to-grave fear mongering!

27 Liberty in a box = a bonsai tree

28 ≠ But a bonsai tree does not equal a Tree of Liberty!

29  That bonsai tree is good for nothing  Beyond a hobby or a conversation piece

30 ≠ It does not provide for the beasts of the field

31 ≠ It cannot provide for the fowl of the air

32 ≠ It will not supply shade in the heat of the day

33 ≠ Nor can it make timber for homes

34 Do not accept the box!  Dribbled attention every four years by partisans…  Will not yield liberty!

35 True liberty…  Must grow in the fertile soil of God-given unalienable rights!

36  Otherwise, it can be no Tree of Liberty !  But something altogether different…

37 Manipulation!

38 As for the puppet’s liberty?…  That is not on the puppet master’s mind as he plays his partisan strings

39  And sadly, over time, those partisan strings… Will prove not to the liking of a free people

40  Support your local Constitution Party county chapter  Together, let us replant American liberty

41 Otherwise… Thomas Jefferson 13 Nov 1787 Letter to William Stephens Smith The Papers of Thomas Jefferson, ed. Julian P. Boyd, vol. 12, p. 356 (1955).

42 Understand the true Tree of Liberty

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