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Why I Should Hire You Managing your career in Software Testing.

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1 Why I Should Hire You Managing your career in Software Testing

2 Introduction Who am I? Who are you? This presentation will be greatly improved with interaction.

3 Skills – A Tester’s Syllabus James Bach –


5 Recognize your transferable skills Communication Skills Learning Skills Teamwork Skills Computer Skills Time Management Skills Listening Skills Problem-Solving Skills Creativity Skills Organization Skills Leadership Skills.

6 Develop/Collect a tool set (automated or not)

7 Keep your learning current (webinars, online articles, blogs, twitter)

8 Have a specialization Specialize by: Testing types (security, usability, performance, accessibility, etc) Domain (Multi media, financial, embedded)

9 But… Be able to be a generalist You can switch your domain (have an open mind to new opportunities)

10 “Have a hobby” - Adam Goucher It’s easier to solve a problem when you’re not thinking about it

11 Do things that are a little outside of your field (hackersnest, Agile meetups, kwartzlab)

12 Your Community - Know who’s out there (in testing)

13 Be a part of the community

14 Contribute to the community! Blog or tweet http://c uk/Top1 00Tools /blogger.png

15 Attend a conference

16 Better Yet, Speak at a conference (or a peer group or your work)

17 Keep a Notebook Handy

18 Be a part of a local network

19 Keep your Linkedin Profile up to date AND have a profile pic!!

20 Career Paths

21 You can still be a great tester if you are not a programmer

22 Agile Testing Quadrants

23 Domain Knowledge

24 Knowing a little programming comes in handy

25 You can still be a great tester if you are a programmer

26 Code reviewing

27 Getting Hired

28 Resume Keep it at two (three max) pages Nobody reads solid text Leave whitespace for notes Objective is out of date – a Profile is better

29 Research the hell out of the company Sign up for newsletters Understand the industry Follow their leaders on twitter Know who their competitors are

30 Interview process Generally 3 interviews 1 st is often an HR pre-screen Check if skills match posting Can you work in Canada What is your salary range 2 nd and 3 rd are Management and Peer Order varies Often looking for fit

31 Prepare Have lots of good questions ready – about the company, the role, the team.

32 Take cues from the environment you are interviewing in How people are dressed, the office environment, etc. This can drive your interaction in the interview as well as help you decide if you want to work there

33 Tactfully ask about next steps

34 Follow up with a thank you – express interest

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