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CAREERS IN TECHNOLOGY Charlene Gamero Nicholas Barger.

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1 CAREERS IN TECHNOLOGY Charlene Gamero Nicholas Barger

2 What We Hope to Accomplish Give you a little background on us Introduce you to Arthrex Explain why choosing a career in technology is a good choice Discuss what we actually do Discuss how we actually do it Suggestions on how to pursue a career in technology Provide you some additional educational resources Explain the hiring process and give a few tips Discuss how non-technology careers are impacted Q&A

3 Who We Are (Education) Nicholas Graduated in 2004, Bachelors in Business Administration Minor in Classical Studies Charlene Graduated in 2005, Bachelors in Computer Science Masters in Computer Science

4 Who We Are (Work) Charlene University of Miami Online Management Systems Arthrex Nicholas Flame Internet Clark Software Online Management Systems Florida Family Insurance Arthrex

5 The worldwide leader in arthroscopic and sports medicine surgical devices, new procedure innovation and educational services for orthopedic surgeons and staff.

6 Why Technology? Job Growth Salary Stability Dynamic Environment Creative Exciting Impactful

7 What Do We Do? Solve difficult problems. Innovate the business through technology. Gather and analyze data to make critical business decisions.

8 How Do We Do It? Software programming Web technologies Database design and performance Business intelligence and analytics Business process design Infrastructure design and support System architecture design

9 How To Get Started? Decide an area youre interested in. Dont stress over this, you can (and probably will) change it later. Find and participate in internship programs (Arthrex). Develop your own projects. Find others to work and learn with. Fellow students Clubs Online (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, etc.) OpenStudy (

10 Additional Educational Resources Podcasts Read Blogs/Articles/Magazines Open Courseware MIT OCW ( Stanford Engineering Everywhere (http:// Write a technical blog yourself (

11 Stereo Types and the it Factor Many people in technology are weird. Dont be. Personality and the perception of how you will fit into the team is more important than your technical ability, especially right now. Set yourself apart by bringing something new to the group. Leadership is a skill, practice it.

12 The Hiring Process - Tips The resume is important to even have a chance. No typos, focus it to the job, highlight accomplishments with specifics. Speak professionally and genuinely during phone interviews. Admit if you do not know something, this speaks volumes, do not try and fake it. Over dress for onsite interviews. Wear a suit. Practice your interview with someone who has hired others before – they will give you good advice.

13 Who Hires? (Tech-Companies) Technology companies such as Microsoft, Google, Oracle and Facebook.

14 Who Hires? (Everyone Else) Non-Technology companies such as hospitals, government, retail, research, and nearly every other industry.

15 Big Business vs. Startups? Startup Pros Breadth of work and knowledge. Working for a startup forces everyone to play lots of different roles and learn on the fly. Very exciting. Startup Cons Stability, stability, stability. Usually, the hours can be /week. Work becomes your life..

16 Big Business vs. Startups? Big Business Pros Stability, stability, stability – usually. Depth of knowledge. Division of labor allows you to really focus deeper in your area. There is a focus on best practices. Big Business Cons Compliance and bureaucracy. More difficult to stand out amongst so many people and layers of management.

17 Careers Outside of Technology Often, you are the customer. The more you know about how technology works the easier it is to work with IT, engineers, and new technology. Technology is prominent in nearly every company from tools to entire departments. Use technology to help make you more productive.

18 Q & A Were into bribery; candy for anyone who asks a question! Well be available after the presentation as well.

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