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2007 Southeast WorkKeys Users Conference M.J. Klemme Senior Consultant, WorkKeys.

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1 2007 Southeast WorkKeys Users Conference M.J. Klemme Senior Consultant, WorkKeys

2 Marketing Materials Updates Marketing brochures- New –National Career Readiness Certificate –Employer Brochures –Brochures updated logos –Window stickers –Bookmarks Marketing materials order form




6 Home Page


8 Verify Certificates

9 Job and Talent Bank

10 National Marketing Activities National Career Readiness Certificate and WorkKeys advertising –Educational Leadership, Education Weekly, School Administrator, Community College Times & Journal, Net Assets e-newsletter, ACTE Techniques, HR Magazine, T&D Magazine Press release/article placement

11 National Marketing Activities National endorsements- AACC, ACTE, Dow WorkKeys national newsletter –emailed from field representatives Resource website for educators –UserID: WorkKeys –Password: administrator Trade shows and presentations

12 10th Annual WorkKeys National Conference May 2-4, 2007 New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans Hilton Riverside

13 Personal Skills Assessments Foundational Skills –Applied Mathematics –Locating Information –Reading for Information –Applied Technology –Business Writing –Observation –Teamwork –Writing –Listening Personal Skills 3 New assessments –Performance –Talent –Fit

14 Personal Skills Assessments Performance –Pre-employment selection tool –Screen less desirable candidates Talent –13 Personality characteristics measured –Key to work outcomes and quality employees Fit –Measures work-relevant interests and values –Matches applicant to specific jobs

15 Personal Skills Assessments Development update –All three assessments are in field testing –Release date Spring 2007 To participate in pilot study contact: Mike Gerholdt at More information found at

16 WorkKeys Internet Version Assessments Internet based Product demonstrations Transition from CBT to Internet version planned for 2007

17 General Updates Over 10 million WorkKeys assessments administered to date 13,113 Completed profiles in database 4,313 Companies that have profiles in database

18 Practice Materials Prep Packages –Online –Paper Practice Tests –Paper Applied Mathematics Locating Information Reading for Information Applied Technology

19 Scale Score Scale Scores –Included on most forms Review list of forms with Scale Scores at –UserID: WorkKeys –Password: administrator

20 Training Services Computer based testing webcasts session –Weekly webcasts. Register at: html Express Score training –Call 1800/WORKKEY to schedule

21 Thank You 1-800/WORKKEY (967-5539)

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