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DISPOSITIONS Patricia Alvarez McHatton Monarch Center 2011.

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1 DISPOSITIONS Patricia Alvarez McHatton Monarch Center 2011

2 Dispositions: Aristotle’ Definition “…disposed to, act well when occasion arises. And so far as ‘acting well’ implies not merely causing certain changes in the world, but doing so in the right frame of mind or with right motive, a disposition to act well is also a disposition to act in the right frame of mind” Monarch Center 2011 (Broadie, 1991, as quoted in McKnight, 2010, pg. 220)

3 In General Dispositions = the propensity to act consistently in a desired manner, within multiple contexts, given specific circumstances (Villegas, 2007) Development of an appropriate belief system is a highly personal matter (Combs, 1972) Skill signifies mastery – Dispositions signify frequency (Katz & Raths, 1985) “habits of mind versus mindless habits” (p. 303) Beyond Academics Are our TC “the right sort of person” (McKnight, 2010) Monarch Center 2011

4 Challenges Can they be taught? Can they be taught in the time we have them? Can they be taught and internalized in the time we have them? Can / Should they be assessed? How? Is it ethical for us to try to change someone’s dispositions? Scott McConnell vs LeMoyen University, New York City The need for valid, reliable measures Conundrum The possible absence of manifestation (Armstrong, Martin, & Place, 1996) If you don’t see it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist (Levine 2007) Monarch Center 2011

5 Considerations Selection based on possession of certain dispositions Can’t assume our candidates have acted on those dispositions based on their own school experiences Foster obedience Work independently Quiet What happens when the environment is contrary to cultivate a particular disposition? (Arnstine, 1990) Monarch Center 2011

6 What happens when the TC is struggling Small Group Discussion What procedures are in place to identify struggling TCs? Once identified what structures are in place to support TCs? What process is followed when TCs need to be counseled out of the program? Grouping Strategy Monarch Center 2011

7 Assessment of site An integral component of an effective field component is systematic evaluation of the TC as well as the assessment site Working in small groups Develop an evaluation plan for field placements Monarch Center 2011

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