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Agia Sophia Academy’s Policy & Procedure Refresher.

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1 Agia Sophia Academy’s Policy & Procedure Refresher

2 OUR MISSON: To educate the whole child by providing a rich academic and arts curriculum, grounded in Orthodox Christian values, while fostering love of learning, personal responsibility and respect for each person.

3 Student Learning Expectations- Draft

4 Orthodox Christian Faith and Values I gain knowledge of teachings of the Orthodox Church I apply that knowledge to my growth as a person in the areas of self-awareness and values. I participate in and value prayer in daily life. I model God’s love and show care for others. I show discernment about what is truth. Draft

5 Personal Responsibility I demonstrate strong work ethic and studious behavior in how I study and am able to organize my work and self. I take responsibility by solving problems on my own and asking for help when needed. I demonstrate responsibility through motivation and self-direction in my learning. I am attentive and loyal to tasks and lifelong learning. I recognize and develop my strengths and work on my growth areas. Draft

6 Love of Learning I view my experiences as opportunities for learning and growing in my spiritual and academic life. I extend curiosity towards learning and show that I know how to think. I communicate effectively as a strong writer and speaker. I value and practice fine arts and foreign languages. I work well both individually and collaboratively. I use a variety of resources to find answers. Draft

7 Community and Respect I strive to express myself in a respectful manner, behaving with humility toward creation and other people. I am able to listen to others and respond to them in an appropriate, empathic manner. I respectfully give and receive feedback [which is the cornerstone for growth]. I am able to think and talk about important issues with humility and confidence. (i.e. without arrogance or fear of being wrong.) Draft

8 COMMUNICATIONS: Subscribe to the ASA Google calendar! Send request to Euphrosyne to be added.! Weekly Wisdom and FIFs sent home every Wednesday (unless noted) & returned by Friday. Please add to “safe senders” list to ensure you receive all school communication emails.

9 Too Sick for School?Too Sick for School? Keep your child home if he/she has any of the following symptoms: SymptomExplanation Fever Greater than 100  F; may return when fever-free for 24 hours (WITHOUT use of fever-reducing medicine) Vomiting  2 in the preceding 24 hours; may return when resolved Diarrhea 3 or more watery or loose stools in a day; may return when resolved for 24 hours Other Symptoms or complaints that prevent the student from active participation in usual school activities If your child is sick and will be missing school, please inform ASA by 8:15am

10 DISCIPLINE POLICY: Reflects our Love and Logic approach O Look for information & articles in the Weekly Wisdom. O Subscribe to weekly tips @ O ASA Lending Library Materials available for check out: videos, CDs, books. O See Euphrosyne

11 LUNCH: Please pack lunches that are healthy and the child can be fully independent while eating. Provide a placemat for marking space—all students Lunch Box & Accessories must be Character-free NO NUTS or Nut Products in Shared Food Items! (i.e. birthday celebrations)

12 Teachers need a lunch break too!!

13 LUNCH VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Sign Up in Binder in the Entry Way Profile of a Lunchroom Volunteer 1.Available one day a week from 11:30- 12:30 2.Supervises (with another adult) two lunch sessions with recess time in the middle 3.Ensures that students follow lunch time rules and stay safe 4.Visits with children, helps younger ones as needed, helps clean-up at the end It’s a great way to meet your Share Hour Requirements!

14 PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT POLICY & SHARE HOUR REQUIREMENTS Consistent and enthusiastic involvement of parents strengthens the academic program, ensures smooth operation of the school, and are the key to achieving our Goals, fulfilling our Mission, and reaching our Vision. Two-parent families: must contribute 40 hours per year if at least one of their students is full-day, and 20 hours for only half-day students. Single-parent families: must contribution 20 hours per year. Many needs exist for parental involvement at ASA. Share Hours can be met at home as well as on campus. A sign-up sheet is available at the start of each year.

15 DRESS CODE: MONTESSORI STUDENTS No specific uniform is required, however, students are expected to adhere to the following dress code: Attire must be neat & clean Boys in long pants (no shorts) Girls in skirts or dresses (shorts must be worn underneath). Shirts must be worn under sundresses. No light-up or wheeled shoes. All shoes must fit correctly and safely stay on the foot. If shoes with laces are worn, students must be able to TIE shoe on their own. NO characters, large logos, or wording allowed on any clothing, shoes, lunch boxes and accessories.

16 DRESS CODE: ELEMENTARY GIRLS UNIFORM GUIDE Additional details in the Parent/Student Handbook. NAVYWHITEBURGUNDYBLACK Specific PLAID Jumper/Skirt   Shirts   Tights/Leggings Socks   Shoes   Sweater  Undershirt 

17 DRESS CODE: ELEMENTARY BOYS UNIFORM GUIDE NAVYWHITEBURGUNDYBLACK Specific PLAID Pants  Shirts   Socks   Shoes   Sweater  Undershirt 

18 STUDENT DROP OFF: Messages to the teacher must be given in written format or emailed before 7:30 am to the teachers. Doors Open at 8:15am. The entryway clock at ASA will be used to determine lateness. Parking Lot: Drive Slowly! Park and walk student in -or- pull to the black fencing and teach your child to follow the garden pathway. Do not park in the fire lane. Children are not allowed to cross parking lot unaccompanied at any time. All conversation between parents need to happen outside—the entry way is a quiet transition space.

19 STUDENT SAFETY: Doors remain locked outside of drop-off and pick-up times. Visitors & Volunteers must sign-in. (except for Montessori ½ day pick-up) Children are not allowed to open outside doors without parent or teacher supervision!

20 MONTESSORI ½ Day PICKUP: Starting week 3, pickup students from the double doors at 12:25 Once your child has been dismissed, please have them collect their coat and quietly leave the building Students are expected to follow all school rules when on campus (i.e. -- no loud voices or running around the fellowship hall after pick-up. Remember other students are still in class!) * Veteran parent tip – Check the lost and found cabinet while you are waiting for your child!

21 FULL-DAY PICKUP: We use a pickup lane system for full day pickup. Here are a few reminders to help keep things running smoothly: Enter the parking lot SLOWLY, turn right after the black fence, heading towards the shed. Make sure to have your name tag clearly displayed in the passenger side window so teacher can escort your child(ren) to you. For everyone’s safety, NO Cell Phones (including hands-free devises) may be use while student pickup is in progress. Carpooling Families – remember to arrive early and load car seats into vehicle before entering the pickup lane. If you are the first car, please pull all the way up to the small shed. The closer you get, the more cars can fit in the student loading area, and the faster our line will move!

22 Pick Up Lane (cont.) Wherever your place in line, please pull up as close as you safely can to the car in front of you. We cannot have cars waiting on Walker Road, so let’s make room for everyone. If the line is to the street when you arrive, please circle down to the light at Meadow Dr. and back. DO NOT wait on Walker road. Remember, our parking lot is a right turn only onto Walker Road. This is not only for your safety, but for the continuous flow of ASA traffic. However, please watch for pedestrians when turning.

23 Remember…. Check the online calendar, handbook, teacher packets, school-wide packets, and website for start of year information! – Did you attend Parent Info/Curriculum Night? If an emergency prevented you, have you scheduled an introductory conference with you teacher? – Do you know your child’s phase-in schedule? – Are you aware of the Parental Expectations for Student Success (form packet)?

24 Thank you for your attention. We are so excited for this year and look forward to seeing you on September 4 th ! Please let us know if you have any questions. We wish everyone a smooth start to the school year!

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