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Gramin Shiksha Kendra Project in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan. Asha has supported teacher and staff salaries, library and TLM over the last 7 years for 2.

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1 Gramin Shiksha Kendra Project in Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan. Asha has supported teacher and staff salaries, library and TLM over the last 7 years for 2 schools at Jaganpura and Bodal GSK started in 2003; today have 4 schools and ~550 children Children make a daily newspaper, bal panchayat etc. They also publish a monthly magazine called Morange, which is edited by a professional poet, Prabhat. The children's work has also appeared in Chakmak. Experienced staff, most have master's degrees in education. School operations are child-centric Typical school day: 8a-11.30a (class), 11.30a-12.30p (lunch), 12.30p- 2.30p (class), 2.30p-5.30p (evaluation and planning for next day), 5.30p- 6.30p (interaction with villagers).

2 Uday Pathshalas UDAY Pathshala, Jaganpura: Started on 15 th June 2004, with 45 children (27 Boys, 18 girls), three teachers and a support staff on a land given by community in a thatched temporary structure. At present 231 children, 11 teachers and one support staff, the community has donated the land for the school, 8 classrooms constructed, tap water, electricity connections, a big playground, separate toilets for boys and girls. UDAY Pathshala, Bodal: Started on 1 st July 2006 with 74 children (26 boys, 38 girls) and 3 teachers under a peepal tree. At present 99 children, 6 teachers, on school’s own land, 8 classrooms and two extra rooms, well, hand pump and a big playground, separate toilets for boys and girls. Uday Pathshala, Sawai Madhopur: A self sustaining school for urban middle class. Started on 16 th July 2007, currently with 35 children and two teachers in a rented building. Uday Pathshala, Katar-Faria: Started on 1 st July 2009, currently with 151 children on a land donated by community. At present running in 6 thatched classrooms, has a big playground. The school has a toilet and a hand pump.

3 Site visit (April 2012) Deep, Vibha's projects monitoring employee in India, visited in April 2012. GSK continues to maintain excellent academic standards, extra-curricular activities, child participation levels, community relations and book-keeping. The teaching takes place through very interactive and participatory methods with a focus on encouraging children to seek answers themselves by utilizing their natural curiosity about things around them. Vijay was working with children from class 2 and 3 on understand shapes and sizes through looking at similarities and differences of objects. He patiently took them through a process of learning by asking facilitative questions rather than telling them. It was a great experience to see the children discussing and debating amongst themselves in search of answers. Jaganpura is the first school set up by GSK and is indeed a model school with its low cost ergonomic buildings, very experienced teachers, huge school campus and good facilities for toilets and drinking water.

4 Updates (Vistaar) The Vistaar program is now working with 14 government schools. The government schools now build their own teaching materials, and perform CCE everyday. The main focus of GSK in these government schools is teaching methodology and monitoring learning. Trainer teachers from GSK visit all 14 schools regular and provide input and guidance in developing weekly plans and monitoring through CCE methodology. They also use the CCE methodology to track teachers’ progress. Next, GSK will provide appropriate books and reference materials for children and teachers respectively so that work on language training can be accelerated. Vistaar is funded by HKF and is supported by the local collector, DIET (teacher training college) and UNDP. The DIET's college principal is the head of it's steering committee.

5 Updates (Jaganpura) The school this year completed its 8 th year and now has been established as a Resource School in the region. It is already supporting the communities and teachers of 14 government school through programs like continuous support to government teachers in planning and evaluation, school management, development of libraries, teachers and head teachers training. The number of children in this school has reached the 200 mark which is the maximum number we plan to take up. This year 12 children passed out class VIII, all of them have been admitted to the Government Secondary School at Ranwal. We are supporting this school also in our outreach program Vistaar. Sports: Apart from establishing it as centre of academic excellence the school has also established itself in sports. This year the school won the district football, kabbadi, khokho, handball events. Some 40 children have been selected in the district teams of various teams. From year 2012-13 onwards, this school will be fully supported financially by Heisley Family Foundation, USA.

6 Updates (Bodal) After running Uday pathshala in Bodal for 7 years, GSK adopted the government primary school at Bodal under Adopt A School Project of Rajasthan Education Initiative. GSK closed the Uday Pathshala location and admitted all the children to adopted government school. All the teachers from uday shifted to the government school. Government will continue funding the mid day meal, SSA regular funds like repairs etc. The running cost will the the responsibility of GSK. The government would withdraw their teachers for five years and after that slowly appoint them back as GSK withdraws. The total number of children in this school is now 120.

7 Asha SV Approved budget for 2011-2012: Rs 1,163,000 for teacher salaries and administration costs (Rs 80000). – Change from 2010-2011: -20% 1 st instalment (50%) sent in April 2012: $11,100. Outlook for 2012-2013: Since we will be funding only the Bodal school, the funding requirements will further come down significantly. Future outlook and exit strategy: GSK has started executing on their plan to obtain institutional or government support for the Uday Pathshala schools. The Rajasthan government will eventually take over funding for the Bodal school in 2017. Donor updates: Asha Austin stopped funding this year. New agencies are HKF and HFF. Vibha is continuing support, and is evaluating a proposal to adopt some schools under the Vistaar program.

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