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Medium-term strategic plan: planned financial estimates for the period 2009-2012 E/ICEF/2009/AB/L.5.

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1 Medium-term strategic plan: planned financial estimates for the period E/ICEF/2009/AB/L.5

2 Income Projections to

3 Programme Expenditure Projections to

4 Income & Expenditure Projections to

5 Other Considerations Projected cash balances of Regular Resources - Liquidity requirement will be met over the period Regular review and update of financial projections ASHI fund reserve - Balance as of 31 December 2008: $180 million - Proposed suspension of the annual transfer of $30 million 5

6 Biennial support budget for E/ICEF/2009/AB/L.4

7 7 Medium-Term Strategic Plan ( ) Impact of global economic downturn on income projections BSB reflects changed financial context Greater proportion of resources to programmes Consolidation / completion of improvement initiatives Efficiencies and savings, including reduction in staff Strategic & Financial Framework

8 8 Figure A - Contributions by Funding Category to (in USD millions)

9 9 Income & Resource Utilization Plan

10 10 Figure B – Use of Total Resources (including Trust Funds) for

11 11 Support Budget as a Percentage of Total Resources

12 12 Analysis of Support Budget Trends and Ratios from

13 13 Operational Efficiency Gains for $34.6M Reductions in Staff/Non-Staff costs resulting from : Establishment of common operational units Efficiency in administrative processes Enhancement of information technology tools Opportunities to share costs of premises

14 14 Summary of Proposed Increases/ Decreases by Expenditure Category

15 15 Main Areas of Increases for Investment projects: –Enterprise Resource Planning system$27.5 M –IPSAS$ 4.8 M –Additional office space$ 4.6 M Strengthening of functions: –Support to organizational improvements, Audit, evaluation and ethics offices $ 8.5 M UN Administration of Justice $ 3.6 M

16 16 Post Changes for Table 4. Biennial Support Budget Posts by Location Net reduction of 15 posts

17 17 RBB Elements and Resources by Function

18 18 The Advisory Committee generally recognized the efforts and improvements in the organizations BSB presentation Encouraged continued collaboration with UNDP and UNFPA and further development and harmonization of elements of results-based framework based on standards and a common terminology Encouraged continued efforts on cost recovery harmonization Additional information was requested which UNICEF provided and is available as part of the ACABQ report Report of the ACABQ

19 19 Continued refinement of Results Based Budgeting in collaboration with UNDP and UNFPA Harmonized format and approach At least one common result for each of the 16 functions, with agency specific indicators Classification of costs under each of the 16 functions largely harmonized Reviewing developments on cost classification with UNDP and UNFPA, and with other UN organizations on cost recovery Harmonization with UNDP and UNFPA

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