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Information and Referral: Call Center Proposal Board of Early Education and Care December 8, 2009.

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1 Information and Referral: Call Center Proposal Board of Early Education and Care December 8, 2009

2 Call Center To Provide Information and Referral Services 2 EEC is seeking a vendor to deliver effective and efficient information and referral services to parents seeking information and referral to early education and child care services in the Commonwealth (December 2009- June 30, 2010). EOHHS and multiple state agencies (MEMA etc.) employ the use of statewide information and referral call centers, including: The Massachusetts Flu Helpline The Mass Support Helpline Womans Health Network Massachusetts Mens Health Partnership Massachusetts Substance Abuse Helpline

3 CTs Success Using a Call Center Model for Information and Referral Services 3 Connecticut uses a call center model to provide information and referral service to families: All staff have a background in child development and participate in ongoing trainings. Callers are connected to the appropriate staff; which are divided into regional teams Staff perform intake, answer parents questions, refer families to staff that can speak to developmental concerns, identify appropriate referral resources, help parents connect to programs and services, and help parents apply either through the forms on the web or sending the forms to the parents. A website offers resources for families and professionals, including a site that helps parents find child care, based on availability by age, region and service type. Trainings are provided for parents and providers and a calendar is posted on the web and also sent out on a periodic basis.

4 Call Center To Provide Information and Referral Services 4 Qualified vendors would: have trained staff or provide supplemental training in order to ensure staff have specific skills and training in early education and care I&R monitor all call activity and provide reports on the number of calls taken, wait time, abandoned calls, average/longest call length provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week provide three way phone conferencing to facilitate a warm hand off transfer to another agency if appropriate. maintain emergency protocols and confidentiality policies approved by EEC answer ninety percent of calls within 40 seconds

5 Staffing 5 Staff: Should be trained in confidentiality, establishing rapport, using listening and interviewing skills, assessing needs in a non-judgmental and culturally sensitive manner and making appropriate referrals. Should provide interpretation services for non-English speaking callers. If necessary, contract with a consultant with early education and care experience (with EEC input) who will provide content training to allow staff to provide accurate and complete I&R to callers on topics such as licensing/regulations, children with special needs, teen parenting, child development, and transitions. Will develop a financial eligibility pre-screen and refer eligible families to appropriate agencies managing vouchers and applications for subsidized care.

6 Additional Resources 6 The selected vendor would: Provide links to EEC information on its website, specifically to EECs online searchable EEC database and relevant EEC materials in multiple languages. Will plan to implement strategies and outreach mechanisms to engage hard to reach families, including providing one staff to provide outreach to community groups across MA. Have a plan to facilitate delivery of communication by reaching families about EEC communication (e.g. available child care programs and services, new programs, etc.) when applicable.

7 Funding Proposal 7 Total Proposal = $198,552 Use of up to $198,552 of ARRA funds through a competitive bid (14 day process) to provide information and referral services through a call center for December 2009- June 30, 2010. A budget would be required in the amount of $198,552, or less, inclusive of staffing costs, consultants, operating expenses and indirect costs.

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