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Dr. Walter Marin, PhD Power Electronic

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1 PV Converter & Controller: How to improve the performance and smartness of your solar system
Dr. Walter Marin, PhD Power Electronic Protronic Group Strategic Business Partner

2 Foreword Solar panels offer the opportunity to tap into a limitless energy source and contribute to national energy self-sufficiency. The solar inverter is a critical component of an entire solar energy system. It performs the conversion of the variable dc output of the PV cells into a clean sinusoidal 50-Hz or 60-Hz voltage source suitable for supplying the commercial electrical grid or local electrical network. Impressive progress has been made to date improving the materials that convert solar energy to electrical power. Equally important, however, are the challenges of maximizing the efficiency and smartness of the overall system.

3 Walter Marin’s CV Walter Marin, PhD Power Electronic, is an engineer with 25 years experience in researching, designing, manufacturing and marketing Power Inverter in range from 100 W to 20 kW. He participated in pioneering the high-frequency power inverter in welding application; as results of his valuable job a paper “Electronic Welder with high-frequency resonant inverter” appears in Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting, 1993, Conference Record of the 1993 IEEE where a new generation of electronics welders, incorporating soft-switched inverters driving high-frequency transformers, is presented. Since then, he has been furthering his design and research in the European and US industry, manufacturing hundred of thousands power inverters light, reliable and flexible offering to the market products with good efficiency, fast response and control robustness at competitive price. Recently he has joined Protronic Far East Ltd, Protronic Group, as Strategic Business Partner driving the design and marketing of the Green Line Products in the company mainly system controllers, true sine wave converter and grid tie converter.

4 Company Profile Protronic Group is an HK based electronic company with strong R&D, Engineering, Design and Manufacturing capacity in electronic products including power and energy products, automotive electronics and security products. ProUser Green Power is a division of Protronic Group providing: Stand-Alone Technology in most of the developing countries; Grid Connected Technology in the developed countries; Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) service and management for the MW-sized solar plant commissioned by our customer.

5 Solar System Configuration

6 Solar Panel: Non Constant Input
Negative Voc temperature coefficent Positive Jsc temperature coefficent

7 Stand Alone Configuration
MPPT System Controller True Sine Wave Converter

8 MPPT Solar System Controller
MPPT Solar System Controller is a battery charger and load controller for stand alone PV (photovoltaic) systems. This controller features a smart tracking algorithm that maximizes energy harvest from solar panels. The controller also prevents over charge or deep discharge. It provides automatic load control for the external load connected to the controller.

9 MPPT Solar System Controller
MPPT Solar System Controller optimizes battery charging process increases battery life, minimizes battery maintenance, and improves system performance. Moreover a software algoritm manipulates the current to give the perfect State of Charge (SoC) to the battery regardless the ambient condition.

10 MPPT Solar System Controller
Maximum Power Point Tracking, referred to as MPPT, is an electronic system that operates the photovoltaic modules to produce maximum power. MPPT varies the electrical operating point of the modules and enables them to deliver maximum available power. The additional power harvested increases the current available for battery charging.

11 MPPT Solar System Controller
MPPT solar system controller achieves the target to harvest 40% more power from the solar panel in comparison with the conventional controller

12 True Sine Wave Converter
12/24/48Vdc Automatic Detection Input Voltage THD very minimize; less than 3% Max. Efficiency more than 90% Easy Connection in Parallel when the electricity needs increase Simple Human Interface

13 Grid Connected Converter
Solar energy is converted into electricity and fed into the public grid. Efficient, reliable, high power inverters are the heart of any PV system. The development of PV inverters is driven by new technologies, by innovative solutions, and by completely new answers. The result: highly performance mains-connected inverters, which interact optimally with all solar modules and smartly with all grid.

14 Grid Connected Configuration

15 Grid Connected Converter
High conversion efficiency/boosting system with Smart Maximum Power Point Tracking function; DSP based fully digital control to operate sophisticated algorythm; High efficiency: 93% to 96%; Power Factor close to 1; THD according local regulations; Voltage and Frequency fed according local regulations; Anti-islanding function; Energy Monitoring via RS232, USB and Wireless comunication Long Life usage: MTBF > 100,000 hours

16 Key Product Issues Optimize MPPT algorythms High Frequency Transformer Technology offers maximum output in minimum space Grid monitoring has to be very accurate European approval IEC 61727, IEC and IEC UL approval IEE 922

17 Grid Connected Inverter Topology

18 Grid Connected Inverter Topology

19 5kWp Grid Connected System

20 MW-sized Grid Connected System

21 Connection to the Grid Optimization of power flow and transmission efficiency in weak distribution grids and micro-grids by means of cooperative operation of distributed power electronics units is becoming a big issue nowdays.

22 Connection to the Grid Distribution grids are increasingly populated by a variety of renewable energy sources, which create new opportunities in terms of efficient use of energy and can also help to improve power quality. In fact, they are connected to the grid by means of Power Switching Interfaces (PSI) which are capable to control power flow and waveform of absorbed currents as well. They can therefore contribute to power flow control and power quality together with other power electronics units, e.g., passive filters, SVC (Static VAR Compensators) and APF (Active Power Filters). Of course, effective use of such distributed control capability requires cooperative operation of power electronics units and proper sharing of power flowcontrol and compensation duties.

23 Connection to the Grid Although unbalance, reactive and harmonic compensation has been the subject of many studies and applications the problem is still open and becomes increasingly difficult and intriguing. In fact, reference is usually made to grids fed by power sources of large capacity, which impress sinusoidal and symmetrical voltages at the Point of Common Coupling (PCC). Nowadays, however, this is not generally true, since proliferation of small power sources and distorting loads may cause the grid to appear as a weak power source, characterized by non-negligible impedance, voltage asymmetry and distortion.

24 Contact us Protronic Group Unit 2504, 25/F Nanyang Plaza 57 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong Kowloon, Hong Kong Land Phone:

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