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Wi-Pow! A Smart Solar Wireless Charger Katrina Maranon | Erika Aggarao | Nilda Flores | Angelo Sulit BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL DISCOURSE – S38 Wire-free.

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1 Wi-Pow! A Smart Solar Wireless Charger Katrina Maranon | Erika Aggarao | Nilda Flores | Angelo Sulit BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL DISCOURSE – S38 Wire-free charging for all your devices

2 Product Name:Smart Solar Wireless-Power Charger, or Wi-Pow! Description:A smart wireless charger device for mobile phones, tablets and laptops. Concept:A Smart Solar Wireless battery charger that can charge a room full of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and anything with Bluetooth capability, simultaneously. CONCEPT

3 Wireless charging With the Wi-Pow! devices (phone, tablet, laptop) may now be charged via a wireless network through Bluetooth connectivity. No more messy wires/cords! Power Sharing Any device within the vicinity with Bluetooth capability may connect to the charger. Secure charging A password may be put in place so that the owner can control the number of devices connected to the charger device. Smart charging The Wi-Pow! can detect critical battery life (10% and below) and will automatically charge it. FEATURES

4 Solar energy The Wi-Pow! gets its energy from the sun, so there is no need to connect the charger itself to an electrical source to store energy Voice recognition Can detect voice commands to perform its functions. Owner may use simple commands such as “Charge my iPhone” or “charge my laptop” without having to physically connect the device to the charger itself Waterproof Since there are no wires, charging can be done even under water Portable/Mobile The charger will be palm-sized, similar to the size of a regular USB, to enable mobile charging anywhere FEATURES

5 Most chargers nowadays require wires and cords, which are ugly and messy. They also limit the number of devices that can be charged at once. With the goal of allowing users to charge their devices with a minimal amount of effort the Wi-Pow! was conceptualized. Iteliminates the need for wires and makes mobile charging and power sharing possible. Wireless-charging refers to network power-charging technology that allows mobile phone, tablet, laptops, and other devices to charge its battery over a wireless signal. Nearly all technological devices now have built-in Bluetooth that allows users to search for and connect to other wireless devices. These devices may be used to connect to the charger device using a network signal. Devices with Bluetooth capability can connect to this wireless network and receive energy just like it does in a regular charging process. Our product aim is to make Wi-Pow! the new standard in charging mobile devices. RATIONALE

6 PROCESS Inductive charging is the science behind the Wi- Pow! It is the method by which a magnetic field transfers electricity from the charger to a mobile device without the use of standard wiring. This means that the Wi-Pow! will be using magnetism to transmit energy. The current coming from the Wi- Pow! moves through the wire inside it, creating a magnetic field. The magnetic field then creates a current in the coil inside the device. This coil is connected to the battery and the current charges the battery. With the help of inductive charging, the Wi-Pow! can transport electricity from a single transmitter to multiple receiving devices over a 10 feet radius and regardless of the relative position of the two ends.

7 PROCESS Resonant frequency refers to the frequency at which an object naturally vibrates or oscillates. It is at this frequency that objects are able to achieve their maximum amplitude. In the case of inductive power transfer (IPT), the principle of resonance is applied to induce an electrical current between coils of the same frequency over greater distances. Electromagnetic fields created by wireless technology are considered to be at the lower end of the exposure spectrum.

8 The Wi-Pow! is a solar-powered gadget charger that uses the sun's rays to store energy and charge everything from smartphones to PSPs. The Wi-Pow! has smart capabilities that enables it to detect any nearly discharged device that is connected in the wireless network. It automatically then charges the device, eliminating the need for the user to monitor all the battery lives of his devices and physically connecting them to their respective charges one by one. PROCESS

9 Some examples of current technology employing wireless charging: Electric toothbrush (there’s a good chance it uses wireless charging technology — otherwise there would be a risk of electrical shock considering how wet the toothbrush and its charger could be) Wireless charge pads Korea now has a battery-operated bus that operates via a wireless charger embedded in the road. PROCESS


11 The Wi-Pow! Marketing Obejective: Our marketing team is focused on increasing sales for Wi-Pow! products, as well as deliver corporate value to our customers and business partners. We realize that there is a huge potential to grow in the electronic consumer market, specifically, in the wireless charger industry. In 2013, we will primarily focus on a product development strategy as we will be offering a new product to the electronics consumer market.

12 MARKETING Strengths: Our product is a new and emerging technology The Wi-Pow! is the first-of-its-kind. There is a high demand for single platform chargers. Wi-Pow! can gain market share as other companies still stick with the traditional wired chargers Weaknesses: The Wi-Pow! chargers are more expensive than the regular ones. The public is not yet aware of the Wi-Pow! brand. Opportunities: There is a huge potential market share in the electronics consumer market. Tie up with other companies in the internet and mobile industries. Wi-Pow! may look to expand into the health and transportation industry Threats Other mainstream competitors who might be producing a similar product. Other emerging technology

13 Understand Customer Analyze Market Analyze Competition Research Distribution Financial Analysis Review & Reuse MARKETING

14 COSTING/PRICING Pocket Wi-Pow! – P3,000 each Wireless Router Wi-Pow! (with max. concurrent connections of 20 users) – P5,500 each Wireless Router Wi-Pow! (with max. concurrent connections of 50 users) – P10,000 each


16 Projected ROI

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