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Delta Math RtI Program Overview DELTA MATH Leadership Team

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1 Delta Math RtI Program Overview DELTA MATH Leadership Team

2 Essential Questions What is math RtI and why should we do it? What resources are provided in the DELTA MATH RtI program? What do the readiness screeners look like?

3 Preventing Failure Students struggling with mathematics may benefit from early interventions aimed at improving their mathematics ability and ultimately preventing subsequent failure.

4 Balanced Assessment Some Few All Students Daily: Warm-up, Teach, Check, Practice, Reflect Weekly: Section Quizzes Unit: Pre-Test, Re-teach/Enrich, Test Cumulative: Quarterly, Semester Readiness Screeners* Progress Monitoring* Core Assessment DELTA MATH Assessment Some All

5 Researcher Recommendations DELTA MATH… 1. Screens all students 2. Focuses on whole numbers and fractions 7. Monitors Progress 8. Includes motivational strategies in tier 2 and tier 3 interventions IES Practice Guide, 2009 Handout

6 DELTA MATH Mission We provide educators with tools and protocols that identify targeted learning gaps and respond to individual student needs. 6

7 Program Resources Fall, Winter and Spring readiness screeners for grades 1-8, Pre-Algebra A and B Summer School Pre and Post Readiness Screeners Instant feedback on student performance Data Reports Resources to support targeted interventions and progress monitoring Progress Monitoring

8 Provides Focus Conceptual understanding and computational fluency of whole numbers Early Elementary Conceptual understanding and computational fluency of whole numbers and fractions Upper Elementary Computational fluency of fractions, integers, linear expressions and equations Secondary IES Practice Guide: Recommendation #2, 2009

9 Aligned to the CCSS Handout

10 Readiness Screener Purposes To identify students for Fall interventions. Fall 8/1 – 11/30 To identify increases in performance, due to Fall interventions. To identify students for Winter interventions. Winter 12/1 – 3/31 To identify increases in performance, due to Winter interventions. To identify candidates for Tier 3 interventions. Spring 4/1 – 6/15

11 What resources are provided to screen all students? What does DELTA MATH screening look like?

12 Video Preview ScriptsPart 1Part 2 Watch for these resources and how they are used?

13 Video This DVD will be handed out during the administrator and team leader breakout session.

14 Program Guide A1 This program guide will be used to summarize what you saw in the video. Handout

15 Follow the Script to guide students through each part of the screener. Provides time approximations for scheduling sessions. Also provides explicit direction for screener administration. What to say… What to do…includes wait time! Step 1

16 Step 2 Administer and collect Part 1 of the grade level readiness screener. Provides a safe and familiar environment for all of the computational problems. Also serves as written documentation.

17 Step 3 Correct the timed facts problems included in grades 1, 2, 3 and 4 before beginning part 2 on the computer. Grades 1-3 Addition and Subtraction Benchmark is 10 Correct in 1 min. Grade 4 Multiplication and Division Benchmark is 10 Correct in 30 sec.

18 Step 4 Login to answer conceptual and short computation problems during Part 2. Teachers read each problem from the grade level script. Scratch paper and pencils are permitted.

19 Step 5 Hand back the completed Part 1 for students to transfer their answers. ……….

20 Step 6 Submit readiness screener data for instant analysis.

21 How will you find and prepare screener resources?

22 Program Guide A2 Please watch as we go live to demonstrate where to find each grade level script and Part 1. Handout

23 Explore a 5 th Grade Screener Script and Part 1 using the Focused Exploration worksheet. Team Time: Focused Exploration Handout

24 How can you prepare students for screening?

25 Practice Screener Demo Find an alter ego Open Note: During the afternoon breakout session, your team leader and administrator will discuss options to access screeners. Listen for the step-by-step directions and explanations provided by the script. (Go live to the website) Suggested models Demo vs. Whole Group

26 Please review the practice screener script that you will use to support students. Please note the extra details added in italics. Team Time: Focused Discussion Handout

27 Use the directions and grade level passwords to explore at least one Grade Level Screener. Team Time: Focused Exploration Handout

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