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RtI Case Studies RSS RtI Foundations Training August 2010 Amy Roberts & Erin Banks School Psychologists.

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1 RtI Case Studies RSS RtI Foundations Training August 2010 Amy Roberts & Erin Banks School Psychologists

2 RtI Team Break into school-specific groups Assign responsibilities to each member:  Student’s Regular Education Teacher  RtI Chairperson  Administrator  EC Teacher  Regular Education Teacher

3 “Kyle” Case Study September 1-4th, 2010 = Fall Benchmarks 1st grade:  R-CBM - Oral Reading Fluency (words per minute)  M-CBM - Math Computation (digits in 2 minutes)

4 Fall Benchmark Data Analyze Fall Benchmark Data from Mrs. Leonard’s classroom Discuss Data Reflection Questions within your teams for both Fall R-CBM and M- CBM data Share data discovery with group

5 Tier I Paperwork Student Name: Kyle Michael Walker Teacher: Leona Leonard DOB: 4-19-2003 Attendance: K= 176/180 Attendance: 1st = 17/17 DRA Level = 4 Children’s Progress: Phonics/Writing = 1, Reading = 1, Phon. Awareness = 1/ Operations = 1, Measurement = 2 Parents: Chris and Jenna Walker

6 Additional Information Mrs. Leonard is concerned with phonemic awareness, word identification, sight word vocabulary, reading comprehension, reading fluency, and basic math facts. It was noted that Kyle is immature for his age. He puts forth much effort, but is unable to do a lot of his work. At the beginning of 1 st grade, he could not recognize all of the letters of the alphabet. He does not know his numbers after 10. Mrs. Walker was noted to be concerned with his reading. Kyle has difficulty with decoding words and is not a fluent reader. He has difficulty remembering how to compute basic math addition and subtraction facts.

7 Vision/Hearing Screening Mrs. Leonard placed the vision/hearing screening in the nurse’s mailbox. Kyle was screened on 10/9/2010 Results:  Vision: Pass 20/20 (far) 20/20 (near)  Hearing: Pass 1,2,4k @ 20 Hz

8 Tier I Page 2 Mrs. Leonard meets with Mr. and Mrs. Walker on 9/14/2010 to discuss Kyle’s performance on the Fall benchmarks. State concerns that parents may have in first box. Define problem. Devise Hypothesis Plan Development/Implementation Parent Intervention

9 Tier I Pre/Post Data Baseline (pre-test)  Document all areas of concern (I.e. reading, math, etc.) Benchmark  RSS norms if available  AIMSweb aggregate if RSS not available

10 Tier I Meeting (Page 3) Post-test:  Oral Reading Fluency - Kyle read 4 words per minute on 10/10/2010  Math CBM - Kyle solved 0 digits correctly on 10/10/2010  He can recognize the numbers 11 and 14 consistently Did he meet his goal? Document Decision, Date, and Rationale

11 Tier II Page 1 Define Problem (again). More specific? Document Baseline, Strength, Concerns in each area Behavior Concerns? (Refer to classroom observation completed by school counselor)

12 Tier II Page 2 Goal: Set goal for each area of concern Document intervention strategy Who? When? Where?

13 Speech/Language Screening Kyle was screened by SLP on November 15, 2010 He passed language, but failed articulation for 3 sounds SLP sent home parent worksheets and gave teacher intervention to work on 10 minutes/1X week (Document on paperwork)

14 Tier II Progress Monitoring Oral Reading Fluency 10/30/2010 = 9 wpm 11/15/2010 = 6 wpm 12/2/2010 = 6 wpm 12/17/2010 = 11 wpm Math Computation 10/30/2010 = 3 digits 11/15/2010 = 3 digits 12/2/2010 = 5 digits 12/17/2010 = 4 digits

15 Winter Break.....

16 Winter Benchmarks January 2011 = Winter Benchmarks Analyze Mrs. Leonard’s Winter R-CBM and M-CBM data Discuss Classroom Data Reflection questions Share with group

17 What needs to happen with Kyle???

18 Tier III Meeting 1 Date: January 15th, 2011 Review social history Complete Page 1 of Tier III  RIOT!!! Do you need any additional information? Do you have current baseline?

19 Early Literacy Skills Letter Naming Fluency = 53 letters/min. Letter Sound Fluency = 31 sounds/min. Phoneme Seg. Fluency = 30 phonemes/min. Nonsense Word Fluency = 28 sounds/min. What norms do we use? Fall, Winter, or Spring? What percentile is Kyle in each area? Document on Assessment Results column of Page 1.

20 Early Numeracy Skills Oral Counting = 82 Number Identification = 44 Quantity Discrimination = 20 Missing Number = 7 Where will you intervene with Kyle?

21 Tier III Goal-Setting Page Choose which areas you want to target Set short-term goal Set long-term goal Determine goal-setting method (Share with group!)

22 Tier III Page 3 Determine intervention, arrangements, and person responsible for EACH area of concern Measurement Strategy Set date to review in 4 weeks = February 18, 2011

23 Progress Monitoring Data Data Check Meeting # 1  Review Graphs and complete Page 5 Decision Making  Reading?  Math? Data Check Meeting # 2  Review Graphs and complete Page 5 Decision Making  Reading?  Math?

24 Change Intervention If the data suggest changing intervention or increasing intensity, what will you do next? Document on page 3 of paperwork under the number 2.

25 Data Check Meeting # 3 Analyze overall data  Discrepant from peers?  Rate of Improvement (ROI)  Is it 2 times below what it should be to meet goal?  What percentile is he functioning?  When should we switch from Winter to Spring norms?  Reset graph?

26 Tier IV If needed, complete Tier IV and give to designated EC teacher

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