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2 UBIS in ASIA Mission statement Capture Vietnam and other ASEAN Markets using Geneva, Business, and International Branding Encourage partnership with local institutions

3 Goals and objectives Create awareness about UBIS to Vietnamese and other Asian students. Attract these students –to come to Geneva campus –to sign up for online UBIS courses –to study at partner universities for dual degrees Objectives for 2012 –10 partner universities in South East Asia

4 Business Philosophy UBIS Branding is associated with – International Relations Studies (IR) – International Business Studies (IB) – Banking and Finance (Bfin) UBIS Partnerships include –Potomac CollegePotomac College –Brookline CollegeBrookline College –Asian Education Institutions

5 UBIS Branding Seminars for professionals: One-day Seminar on specific topics Networking opportunities Partnerships with Asian HE Institutions: Short Courses Industry Special Certificates (8-wk + Internship) Dual Degrees (third year in GVA or US)

6 Partnerships Local universities –Network with Universities –Implement Partnership Dual Degrees –Organise Seminars & Short Courses –Coordinate Training Courses Local agents Ministries, Boards, Professional Bodies

7 DUAL Degrees Swiss-EU/US Thanks to our articulation agreement with Potomac College and Brookline College in the US, UBIS can deliver dual Swiss/US bachelor degrees. UBIS is seeking partnership with local institutions in Asia to promote Dual Degrees between UBIS and local partner, and Swiss/EU/US Dual Degrees.

8 Why UBIS Geneva? International environment: 30 nationalities –individualized, small size classes; –multicultural learning experience; –Programs adapted to needs of professionals; –Flexible programs on ground or on-line; –Courses delivered by multilingual faculty with professional background

9 Product & Target Markets (1/2) One-Day Seminars for Professional / Consultants Officials / Trade- Finance-Diplomats Professional Associations Corporate Clients Singapore Malaysia Hongkong Shanghai Mumbay Bangkok Jakarta

10 Product & Target Markets (2/2) Partnership seeked Universities Vocational Schools Professional Associations Corporate Clients Vietnam Cambodia Myanmar Thailand Indonesia Hongkong/Shanghai Philippines India

11 Seminars for Professionals Target markets –Singapore –Kuala Lumpur –Hongkong –Shanghai –Mumbay –Bangkok –Jakarta –Rangoon –Hanoi / HCMC Topics and Partners –Banking & Finance –International Relations –International Business –Special topics : Islamic Finance, Contemporary Business, International Organisations, Foreign Area Studies (Europe, Middle-East, Asian Studies…)

12 Banking & Finance One Day Seminar Basel III - Regulatory Future Development (Banque de règlement international) Hedge Funds Commodity Trading Crisis Management Networking

13 International Relations One-day Seminar Political Economy of International Trade, Finance & Regional Integration The Political Economy of Investment & Sustainable Development International Cooperation: International Organisations, Alliances & Coalitions Networking

14 International Business One Day Seminar Business Basics International Logistics International Payment Terms & Exchange Rate International Distribution & Agent Network - Strategy Networking

15 Special Topics Islamic Finance Contemporary Business International Organisations International Law Foreign Area Studies (Europe, Middle- East, Asian Studies…)

16 Islamic Finance One-day Seminar or longer Present practices of Islamic banks Various concepts Leasing & Financing Performance of Islamic Banks – Evaluation Networking

17 Contemporary Business One-day Seminar or longer The Changing Face of Business Business Ethics & Social Responsibility Economic Challenges Facing Contemporary Business Competing in World Markets Careers in Contemporary Business Networking

18 Banking & Finance Duration: various lengths Location: Hochiminhcity – Hanoi Output: Certificate in Banking & Finance Professors: J-P Joly / Team Syllabus as per attached –Example_banking_program.pdfExample_banking_program.pdf

19 International Relations Duration:1 week Location: Geneva, HochiminhCity, Hanoi Output: Certificate in IR @UBIS Professors experienced in IR & World Politics: Security, Economy, Identity) The Global Economy: Politics and Capitalism The Political Economy of International Trade, Finance, and Regional Integration The Political Economy of Investment and Sustainable Development International Cooperation: International Organisations, Alliances and Coalitions Visits and Conferences

20 International Business Duration: 2 Weeks Location: Geneva, Switzer land Certificate in International Business @UBIS Professors with International Exposure Globalisation & Country Differences The Global Trade and Investment Environment The Global Monetary System The Strategy & Structure of International Business International Business Operations

21 Industry Special Certificates Target markets –Vietnam –Cambodia –Burma –Thailand –Indonesia –Hongkong (C) –Shanghai (C) –Philippines Topics and Partners Banking & Finance International Organisations International Business International Law Other specific topics as required.

22 8-week Banking & Finance Duration: 2 months / Internship: 1 month Location: Geneva, Switzer land Output: Certificate in Banking @UBISCertificate in Banking @UBIS Professors: J-P Joly & P-H Scherer –Part I: Generalities of Banking Industry –Part II: Banking in Practice –Part III: Selected Topics –Part IV: Personal Development –Visits and Conferences

23 8-week International Organisations Duration: 2 months / Internship: 1 month Location: Geneva, Switzer land Output: Certificate in IO @UBISCertificate in IO @UBIS Professors with vast experiences in IO –Part I: EU institutions and agencies –Part II: UN related organisations –Part III: Other International & Intergovernmental Organisations –Part IV : International NGOs and Foundations Visits and Conferences

24 8-week International Law Duration: 8 weeks Location: Geneva, Switzer land Professors experienced in International Law The Legal Environnement of International Business International Sales, Credits, and the Commercial Transaction International and US Trade Law Regulation of the International Marketplace Networking

25 Dual Degrees with Local Us Preparatory courses and delocalization with local partner universities with option 3 rd -year with UBIS for Dual Bachelor Degrees inDual Bachelor Degrees –Banking and Finance (BBA) –International Relations (BBA) –International Business (BBA) Dual Master Degrees inDual Master Degrees –Business Administration (MBA/EMBA) –International Relations (MAS)

26 US Partners products Preparatory courses in English and other with local partner university for overseas studies in US –Potomac CollegePotomac College –Brookline Nursing CollegeBrookline Nursing College Placement services –Career Orientation –Internship –Job placement for nursing graduates

27 US Connections UBIS is part of the Education Fund owned by HWG, an equity fund of $50 million with focus on the knowledge sector. Sister Colleges of the same group include –Potomac College –Brookline College Career Orientation, Internship and Job Placement services

28 About Potomac College Accreditation –Of 7,000 schools recognized by the Department of Education, only 86 are regionally accredited for-profit colleges. Potomac is accredited by Middle States Higher Education Commission along with schools like Princeton, Georgetown, Cornell and NYU. Potomac Offers –12 Bachelors and Associates degree and certificates programs. –Online and international program –Business development / partnership expansion –Active marketing development and admissions program –Strong, pristine educational reputation. –Knowledgeable Board assembled with historical track records, deep industry and regulatory relationships and leadership positions.

29 About Brookline College Accreditation –Brookline Colleges Phoenix, Tucson, Tempe and Albuquerque campuses are accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS) to award Diplomas, Associate Degrees, Bachelor Degrees and Master Degrees. –Brookline Colleges Oklahoma City campus is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education. –Brookline College is licensed in Arizona by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education; in New Mexico by the New Mexico Higher Education Department; and in Oklahoma by the Oklahoma Board of Private Vocational Schools. –Brookline College is approved for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits* and is a member of: Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC) Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities (APSCU) Arizona Private School Association (APSA Brookline Offers Health Care Programs Business Programs Legal Studies Programs

30 Some Facts on HWG Fund Size: Per Deal Target: Deal Level Return Objective: Investment Concentration: Investment Period: Term of Holding Period: Set Aside for follow on Investments: Investment Profile: Co-invest: Carried Interest: Management Fee: $50 million $1 - 15 million of equity capital 20% No more than 30% of committed capital in any one investment Five Years Ten Years, subject to extension Up to 15% Common Equity, Preferred Equity, Debt Ability to co-invest on larger deals 20% over an 6% preferred return 2.0% of aggregate capital commitments during the investment period and 2.0% of investment capital thereafter

31 Lineage and Origins of HWG The HWG was founded in 2003 to bring investment and consulting to the business-services marketplace. In 2003, HWG was contacted by a leading University to turnaround a highly publicized problem; HWG was successful. In 2006, HWG established the current distressed asset approach launching the Hamilton Fund I, in 2007. Fund I is an education-asset portfolio with approximately $35MM of assets under management. HWG brings together a highly experienced team, many of whom have worked together for decades, with extensive experience in multiple industries that can be brought to bear on the fund.

32 HWG Investment Sector

33 Hamilton Fund I – Opportunity Highlights HWG is seeking to raise additional funds for the Hamilton Fund I, L.P. (the Fund), a fund focusing on distressed properties in the knowledge and education industries. The Fund should provide superior returns as a result of competitive advantages it will enjoy in the acquisition, management and disposition of portfolio companies. The Fund is founded and managed by former CEOs and investment and business executives, experienced in the knowledge and education industries.

34 Hamilton Fund I – Potential for Growth Hamilton White Group LLC. believes that over the next ten years superior investment returns in the knowledge and education sectors will be created through strategic and operating excellence, not by financial engineering. The Fund will seek to generate superior results through: Identifying attractively priced assets through proprietary market intelligence Identifying and closing deals in a non-auctioned environment Operating expertise and proficiency for turnaround Strategically executing dispositions

35 Limited Partner Presentation Confidentiality Clause on Hamilton Fund I The information contained herein does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy private investment fund interests in Hamilton Fund II (the Fund) or any other securities. Such interests will be offered and sold pursuant to a confidential offering memorandum (the Memorandum), which will include information pertaining to risk factors, fees and expenses. In case of interest, contact Mr Patrick Faniel, CEO, UBIS Geneva Thank you.

36 UBIS Mrs. Anh Tho Andres, Vietnam Program Director Skype: yourviet Email:

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