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Florida's Premier Office Furniture Dealership cubicles storage workstations seating walls systems space planning desks conference filing tables reception.

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1 Florida's Premier Office Furniture Dealership cubicles storage workstations seating walls systems space planning desks conference filing tables reception training efficient eco-friendly best value

2 Corporate Furniture Options has a single purpose: to maximize the buying power of each dollar spent on office furniture. By accessing a broader range of products, CFO gives your company better options. You can make more informed choices. CFO approaches business from a different point of view than competitors. Our purpose is not to sell a particular brand of furniture. Our purpose is to provide solutions. We can provide your company with value-based solutions that span the world of furniture. CFO can provide pre-owned opportunities, where purchasing power is highest. We can provide remanufactured top quality brands such as Herman Miller, Haworth and Steelcase to meet any design and color selection while still selling at reduced prices. We can provide a blend, combining remanufactured, pre-owned and new components all integrated seamlessly and delivered at aggressive price levels. Selectively, we also offer new furniture with the latest in technological and ergonomic design. By offering a combination of new, pre-owned and remanufactured products, CFO can easily adapt to changes in budget and timing. We are client advocates. Executive Summary

3 In today’s corporate environment, the focus is on leveraging every capital dollar to get the best value possible for your investment. One area that traditionally has been a costly improvement is furniture. Our focus is to understand each of our client’s goals, needs and budget working backwards to find the best solution for each situation. We provide the best quality furniture to corporate America at the best price. With a unique understanding of the secondary furniture market, we can provide pre-owned, remanufactured and blended workstation solutions that have the proven performance and value while maintaining or improving the corporate image desired. This ability to provide unparalleled furniture value combined with our design and project management experience affords our clients the best method to reduce project costs. CFO offers one stop shopping for any customer, anywhere in the country. Our approach to the furniture business allows our customers to streamline their operations. We make it simple! Business Philosophy

4 Project Management Project management is the cornerstone of our business. The very structure of our company reflects this emphasis on project management: each shareholder in our firm is directly responsible for project management. Determining the steps to reach each goal and following through on them is the core of our work. In short, the project management we provide is as equally important than any product itself. CFO will work directly with the IT contractor, electrician, phone and building contractors, sharing information and streamlining communication so the project runs smoothly. CFO can facilitate bi-weekly or weekly pre-installation meetings with the contractors to assure better service and coordinated efforts. When each member of the team knows they can count on the other trades to flex and accommodate situations, the project will proceed without incident. Accurate - On time - Below Budget

5 Corporate Furniture Options brings an inherent thoroughness to the project as well as a project management expertise spanning millions of square feet. As a buyer, you should seek a dealership that can and will outline the different phases of project coordination. CFO is involved in every one of these steps: Design interface between dealership, project management and construction team Complete installation drawings Product evaluation Cost analysis of remanufactured versus pre-owned furniture whenever feasible Quality versus price comparisons Coordination between carpet selection, wall finishes and all furniture selections Off site inspections of any as-is furniture selections Technical coordination amongst IT and telecom contractors, project management and dealership On site confirmation of key electric locations and reconfirmation of location in design On site confirmation of door locations, window sill heights and exit requirements Coordination of scheduled carpet installation, furniture staging and installation with IT and telecom installations Pre-installation verification of construction status, security requirements, building access and internal scheduling Coordination of installation: workstations, private offices, conference and break rooms, training room; filing and seating last Onsite supervision of installation Move in coordination Post move in follow up The process begins today, continues during the furniture selection, and throughout the pre- installation and installation, concluding with the follow up to the move in. Project Planning

6 Solutions Pre-Owned The most affordable, and the best bargain. These workstations are typically two to seven years old, in good to pristine condition. We have buyers across the country inspecting inventories daily for quality and condition. Our edict is to provide excellent quality without the high cost. We also locate pre-owned workstations all over the U.S. Selection: Steelcase, Herman Miller, Haworth, and Knoll. Remanufactured The mid-point in price. Compared with the same cubicle purchased new, the remanufactured workstation costs less. The furniture has been completely redone: new paint, new fabric and new laminates. Often we provide new power. Our clients have a full selection of paint, fabric and laminates. Blended In order to reach lower budgets, we also offer a combination of pre-owned and remanufactured workstations. New New workstations can be cheap or expensive. New workstations must be evaluated closely and compared to the pre-owned counterpart. We sell very few new workstations because the pre-owned and remanufactured workstations are simply a better value. We guarantee quality, condition and completeness on every solution.

7 Could the fate of the planet be influenced by a Workstation? Every year billions of dollars are spent on NEW office furniture. Usually the old furniture is sent to a landfill or storage and never made useful again. More energy is used, harmful emissions and waste created, and virgin materials are consumed to produce new furniture. However, remanufacturing workstations utilizes the first life product and re-engineers them to LOOK, FEEL and FUNCTION like NEW, while using a small fraction of the energy and raw materials. Save your furniture, money and planet! Sustainability FACTS: 10 U.S. Households could be powered for an entire day by the energy saved in remanufacturing just 1 workstation. 3 U.S. Households could be powered for an entire year by the energy saved in remanufacturing 100 workstations. Remanufacturing can conserve more raw materials and energy than any other form of recycling. Globally, remanufacturing saves an amount of energy equal to 350 tankers of crude oil. Remanufacturing workstations contributes to points in the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED TM Certification program.

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9 1.800.435.1888 Start planning for the future.

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