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Dar el-Islam The House of War. Part 1 The War from the East Session 1.1 Is This War? Session 1.2 Islam – One of the Great Monotheistic Religions Session.

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1 Dar el-Islam The House of War

2 Part 1 The War from the East Session 1.1 Is This War? Session 1.2 Islam – One of the Great Monotheistic Religions Session 1.3 The Fight for the Soul of Islam Session 1.4 Dar el-Islam – The House of War Session 1.5 The Global Caliphate Session 1.6 Islam – Religion of Peace? Session 1.7 The History of the Conflict Session 1.8 Poverty in Islamic Nations

3 Outline Jihad – The War without End The Root of Jihad – Culture of Death The Rise of Jihad The Tactics of Jihad Recruitment for Jihad Beachhead in the West

4 Jihad The War without End

5 The Divided World Dar el-Islam The House of Faith (Islam) Governed by Muslims Under Sharia Law A Global Caliphate Dar el- harb The House of War The rest of the world Nation states Governed by infidels

6 Dar el- harb The house of war will exist between the House of Islam and the rest of the world until –The world submits to the Islamic faith –The world is conquered and ruled by Islam

7 The Meaning of Jihad Arabic word found throughout the Quran Means: “to strive” or “to struggle” “To strive in the way of Allah”

8 Three Understandings of Jihad Sufism – Peaceful spiritual struggle – inner striving for perfection Reformers – Working to persuade non- Muslims of the veracity of the faith Islamists – Military conquest with the sword - Holy War

9 Jihad Moderates would describe Jihad (non- violent striving) as the “sixth pillar of Islam” Jihadists call Jihad (military conquest) as central to Islamic faith

10 Dawa Arabic meaning “call” or “invitation” Now used to refer to the mission of Islam Drive for a global caliphate

11 Umma Arabic word : Community or Nation Means: –The “community of believers” –The global Muslim community –The true community of Islam Stands in contrast to: –All non-Muslims –All non-Muslim nations Goal of Islam: an Umma without frontiers

12 Holy War Against The Kuffar - Non-Muslims - Christians, Jews, Secularists, etc. Apostate – those who have abandoned Islam

13 Kuffar A person who does not recognize God (Allah) or Mohammad – the prophet An infidel Any non-Muslim – Christians and Jews, secularists, etc. The state of Israel is a Kuffar state. Two Options for the Kuffar: –Convert to Islam –Submit to Dhimma

14 Dhimma Arabic word meaning a “pact of protection” An option for “people of the book”- Christians and Jews All other kuffar must convert or die Requires caliphate to protect the dhimmitude Requires the dhimmitude to: –Be loyal to the caliphate –Pay the Jizya – a personal tax for people of the book

15 Takfir Takfir – the designation of a Muslim as apostate A person may convert to Islam, but not from Islam Made by a religious authority Allows for the killing of the apostate Applies to: –Apostate (those who renounce the faith): Simon Rushdie; Ayaan Hirsi Ali –Those Muslims who become too close to the West: The Saudi royal family; Anwar Sadat

16 The War without End “We shall never call for or accept a negotiated peace. We shall only accept war - Jihad - the holy war. We resolve to drench the lands of Palestine and Arabia with the blood of the infidels or to accept martyrdom for the glory of Allah.” Abdul`Azīz Āl Sa`ūd (1876-1953) 1 st King of Saudi Arabia

17 A War without End “Based upon Islamic scholars' writings, violent jihad is permitted in Islam for both offensive and defensive purposes. It was commanded by, and praised by, Muhammad as being one of the greatest forms of true Islamic spirituality. It is to continue until all people are subjected to Islamic rule.” “Silas” Answering Islam – A Christian Muslim Dialog

18 The Root of Jihad Culture of Death

19 Culture of Life The Judeo-Christian ethic which has shaped the entire Western world supports a culture of life. Death is an enemy to be fought against. Living things (including human beings) are hardwired for life. Jihadists deny their own hardwiring in favor of a culture of death.

20 Culture of Death “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children. We will only have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.” Golda Meir, 1977

21 “I Want to Start a Kindergarten for Extremism” Ali Salem Egyptian Satirist and playwright First published in Al- Hayat November 5, 2001

22 Culture of Life – Culture of Death KILL DIE Human Life SACRED Human Life NO VALUE Jihad Just War Christian martyrs die for Christ

23 Longing for Death Muslim’s Paradise 72 virgins The Houri - described as: – “splendid,” – “lovely eyed“ – of "modest gaze“ – "voluptuous“ – "pure beings" or "companions pure"

24 Lust for Martyrdom “Let America, Israel and the world know that we have a lust for martyrdom and our motto is being translated into reality.” Sheikh Muhammad Yazbeck Hezbollah, 1983

25 KILL HER! “Thousands of Islamic fanatics wielding clubs and knives are marching through the streets of Khartoum demanding the execution of teddy bear teacher Gillian Gibbons.” Daily Mail Dec. 1, 2007

26 Questions Personal Reflection –What are you hearing? –How are you responding to what you are hearing? Group discussion

27 The Rise of Jihad

28 Hassan-i Sabbah From Persia 1034 -1124 Founded The Assassins Purpose to assassinate the leader of the Sunni Sect Forerunner of Jihad

29 Wahhabism Osama bin Laden a product of Wahhabism 15 of the 9/11 hijackers were products of Wahhabi madrassas in Saudi Arabia

30 Fatwa A religious ruling by an Islamic scholar – a mufti Issue a judgment on Sharia law or a religious decree Often used to consecrate an action that could be criminal –Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini – to kill Salman Rushdie –In 1996, bin Laden issued a fatwa entitled “Declaration of War Against the Americans …” –1998 World Islam Front issued Fatwa against Jews and Christians

31 Inventing Terrorism Dr. Ahmad –al Baghdadi Prof. Political Science University of Kuwait Author

32 The Tactics of Jihad

33 Non-Violent Tactics “Propaganda” Education Immigration Political Process Tactical Peace

34 The Stages of the Islamic Movement “[The] jihadist groups concur that the Islamic movement must follow Muhammad through stages that include peaceful time of preparation, a migration, the creation of an Islamic state, and finally open warfare ….” Mary Habeck Knowing the Enemy

35 “Propaganda” Free brochures and Qurans for non-Muslims Puts a good face on Islam –Denies there is political opposition or persecution in Muslim nations –Denies the second class status of women –Denies genocide and slavery (i.e., in Sudan) –Denies human rights violations

36 Education Wahhabi schools have spread all over the world $87 billion in Saudi oil money invested in madrassas Do not teach classical education: math, science, literature, arts, history, reasoning

37 Immigration Papua Europe –Anti Natal European Culture –Maintain economic open doors to immigration Procreation: Birth rates of Muslims 3 times that of Europeans in Europe

38 European Birthrates

39 Political Process Seek to engage in the political process on a local level to begin to have influence Seek to establish the use of Sharia –Canada – current debate in Ontario to allow Sharia to be applied in family and religious disputes –England As authority declines order comes from Sharia Archbishop of Canterbury Williams argued for the inevitability of Sharia in England

40 Tactical Peace “The late Professor Majid Khadduri, from Johns Hopkins University, considered the world’s leading authority on Arab definitions of peace and war, noted that Arabs view peace as a tactical means for achieving their strategic objective – defeating the enemy. Peace constitutes a necessary, but temporary, break in the ongoing war against the enemy and/or infidel.” The Ettinger Report

41 Violent Tactics Homicide Bombings Hijacking Kidnapping and Hostage Taking Executions Riots and Confrontation Use of Children Near Enemy – Far Enemy

42 Homicide Bombings

43 Bombs

44 Hijacking

45 Kidnapping and Hostage Taking

46 Executions

47 Riots and Confrontation

48 Use of Children “Israelis might have nuclear bombs but we have the children bomb and these human bombs must continue until liberation.” (emphasis mine) Imam al-Qaradawi “Theologian of Terror”

49 Use of Children

50 Children as Decoys Children in the back seat lowered suspicion, (so) we let it move through, they parked the vehicle, the adults run out and detonate it with the children in the back.” Maj. Gen. Michael Barbero Bagdad March 20, 2007

51 Terror Suspect Planned Family Sacrifice

52 Near Enemy – Far Enemy The “near enemy” is apostate Muslims –The Saudi Royal Family –Anwar Sadat –Secular “Muslims” The “far enemy” is non-Muslims: Europeans, Americans, Japanese, Koreans Jihadists have killed far more near enemy than far enemy.

53 The Cross and the Sword “Islam remains a religion whose followers believe that Allah requires them to send their sons to die for him. Christianity is a faith that believes God sent his Son to die for us.” Stuart Robinson Mosques and Miracles

54 Beachhead in the West

55 Will Europe Become Muslim?

56 Muslims in Europe

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