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PR 3310 Principles of Public Relations Friday, 5/29/09.

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1 PR 3310 Principles of Public Relations Friday, 5/29/09

2 Class Objectives Lecture Ch. 2, Evolution of PR Introduce Ex. 1, Managing Crises Homework assignment Read chapter 3 in book (re-read ch. 2) Ex. 1, due by 12:05 pm on Monday, 6/1/09

3 What’s in the news today? NIN’s Trent Reznor asked for $$ for a heart transplant patient/NIN fan by posting a message on his Twitter page and his band’s web page Started on 5/20, now over $850,000 has been raised Due to the overwhelming responses, VIP donation packages have been stopped $300 =access to the soundcheck +a meeting with a band, $1000 = backstage pass +a dinner with the band + a special on- stage spot on the show $1200 donation = 2 tickets and a VIP pass.

4 First Big Timers in PR Sam Adams (who became the 4 th governor of Massachusetts) and the Boston Tea Party as a publicity stunt- 12/1/1773 Some considered this one of the first acts of mob violence (flash mobs?) Last month there was a national (small-scale) “tea party” protest against raising taxes

5 First Big Timers in PR PT Barnum promoted circus-type entertainers Possibly the first “show business millionaire” Founded Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus in 1907 Entered into the circus business at 61 Credited with saying, “"There's a sucker born every minute“ Video (2 minutes), Barnum Museum watch/1877180/historian_c hris_epting_at_the_p_t_ba rnum_museum/

6 First Big Timers in PR Amos Kendall advised President Andrew Jackson on public opinion on issues, created press releases and speeches Possibly the 1 st presidential press secretary (1835) Arthur W. Page (AT&T vp of PR in 1927) Credited with laying the foundation of corporate PR 6 principles (pg 55 in book) The Arthur W. Page Society consists of corporate chief communications officers and senior PR officials

7 First Big Timers in PR Ivy Lee, first PR counsel in 1905 Focused on truth rather than on hype; on accuracy of information Many credit both him and Edward Bernays with being PR founders Declaration of Principles to advise coal operators on how they could respond to a strike and to counter the rising hostility which journalists were expressing for ghost-written press releases and ads disguised as stories Shows excerpts, x.html x.html

8 First Big Timers in PR Edward Bernays Nephew of Freud Lived until age 103 Coined the phrase “public relations” in the first sentence of his book “Crystallizing Public Opinion” in 1923 Based PR on advocacy and persuasion (tell the people what to think) Video on propoganda (8 minutes), 8gXMs

9 Video: Toxic Sludge is Good for You Chapters 1-3 (10 minutes) historical look at PR Extra Title 10 (10 minutes) what is PR and what is happening to the PR and journalism industries

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