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Program Shift Update December 2009 CARE Egypt, Kosovo and Caucasus.

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1 Program Shift Update December 2009 CARE Egypt, Kosovo and Caucasus

2 The (Shift) Path

3 Geography, theme, approach or by group. Clustering existing projects. Four program impact statements. Review against characteristics. Mapping, debates, proposal development, structuring, recruitment, planning…etc. Select targets, set goals and start causal analysis.

4 Redistribution of proposal development function. Donor and CI relationships custodians. Recent proposals. Events and corporate engagement. Opportunity tracking. Team leader Timeline Task force –Technical input –Budgets –Writer –Reviewers –HR

5 Strategies Governance and Civic education Agriculture and Natural Resources Management Women Rights Education for Girls in Remote areas

6 Structure Program Manager Initiative(s) Manager Field Supervisor Field Supervisor 2 Initiative(s) Manager 2 Initiative(s) Manager 3 Program Assistant

7 Structure Program Director M& E AdvisorCapacity Building Advisor Gender AdvisorAdvocacy Advisor

8 In recent series of meetings with Donors, governors and ministers as well as other INGOs we have been redefining CARE Egypt in terms of its program shift in distinct four areas. We still need to conduct consultations with other NGOs and with constituency groups to validate our assumptions, analysis and the proposed theories of change.

9 Challenges Business model not keeping pace with P-Shift. –Resource mobilization (income generation) –Program Support functions: financial management Process quality Vs. Output quality. Recruiting and maintaining the rights skills and competencies. Impact measurement at various levels (project, program, CO) Integrating work across programs toward common goal.

10 Kosovo and Balkans Balkans has started consolidating their activities into programs Kosovo will work in two program areas: Gender and Economic Development Strategic Document will be ready in February/March

11 CARE Caucasus Completed data collection for 2,300 HHs Writing draft UCP/situational analysis Have completed pathways analysis Have identified impact group and overall impact statement Working on definition of program approaches and communications strategies

12 CARE Caucasus Need impact measurement and learning strategy, and tools Need commitment from CARE and money! Program approach shows promise as a more long-term sustainable approach It’s a learning process Trying to marry realities of projects with long-term program approaches

13 Thanks

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