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AIDS Consortium Building HIV Competent Communities “Touch one reach many”

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1 AIDS Consortium Building HIV Competent Communities “Touch one reach many”

2 Vision and Mission A driving force for social change and competence in HIV leadership The AIDS Consortium uplifts communities by building AIDS competence and leadership within its national network, with a specific focus on human rights.

3 So…What is resource Mobilization ?  The process of getting resources from service providers using different mechanisms to implement the organization work.  It allows the resources to be given to those in need It includes that non-financial resources are important  Certain resources are generated by the NPO rather than accessed from other sources

4 What can be done  Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your existing resource  Identify appropriate resource providers  Develop and maintain relationships with the funders and resource providers  Write effective funding proposals  Mobilize non-financial resources  Identify potentially profitable income generation opportunities  Be able to do resource mobilization plan

5 Keys to sustainable CBO Resources 1.Prioritizing  Involves identifying what you are going to offer vs. not exclude what can’t do/what others do best. Consider how to make the most impact 2. Positioning  Understand the community you serve market(,problems, needs, challenges, services currently used and why (demand)  Understand the donor environment-range of donors requirements, focus areas (resource availability)

6 Keys to sustainable CBO resource-continuation  Understand what other organizations are offering and what they are good at  Decide what you can do well  Focus is very important If many organizations are providing service to one community, it is difficult to motivate for funding 3. Differentiation  Applies to both services offered as well as to donor requirements  M&E Systems-how do you prove impact enables better motivation for funds  Clear about what services would be needed and used  Clear about why services should be funded

7 4. Strategy alignment  The overall strategy gives direction to other aspects-financial, human resources, operations  Ensure strategic alignment Example: If strategy is HIV Prevention strategies, financial strategy can focus on specific funders and their particular requirements  If the strategy is too broad may not be able to offer good quality service or meet funder requirements and develop good funder relationships  Secure and nurture funding sources  Research various donor strategies and SHIFTS in focus  Align donor targeting with own strategy  Focus networking  Understand funder requirements Keys to sustainable CBO resource-continuation

8  Understand funder requirement internal skills and capacity to meet funder requirements  Consider independence-opportunities for self sufficiency/Income generation  Routine information gathering-donors, partners and community e.g. who the funders are in your area of work?  Be aware of shifts, change in environment. Focus may move from Rx to prevention


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