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Combating Violence against Women and Children in Egypt 2007-2012.

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2 Combating Violence against Women and Children in Egypt 2007-2012

3 Some Project Statistics $18MM project 5 years in length Number of VAW NGOs funded: 13 Geographic reach: governorates across Egypt 20 certified VAW trainers were trained Citizens reached through awareness raising and advocacy initiatives: 33,693 (M: 8,152, F: 25,541) Number of women served by project grantees: 8,407

4 The Challenge: VAW Violence against women, or VAW, is a universal problem; there is no single or simple solution It’s a problem that only recently has begun to be addressed in more developed countries, including the U.S.

5 VAW in Egypt GOE surveys have for years shown that VAW is a problem 2005 poll yielded some frightening statistics and attitudes Nearly half of women aged 15-49 who had been married subjected to violence Half of women said husband is justified in hitting his wife if she disobeys him 40% of women said an acceptable reason was wife going out without telling husband; 20% said burning meal was a valid reason

6 USAID’s Involvement High level interest in women’s issues including VAW Opportunity to build local capacities and reach and help Egyptian women Unique among USAID projects globally

7 Analyzing the Challenge VAW is multi- faceted and must be attacked on many levels Like all gender challenges, addressing it requires engagement and support of both women and men

8 Legal/Policy/Institutional Challenge VAW is a legal and justice sector issue

9 Social/Attitudinal Challenge VAW also is a social issue Lack of laws/policy and lack of implementation reflects citizens’ attitudes

10 Tackling the Challenge Design Implementation Following local lead Tracking/analyzing media

11 Assembling the Team Only ex pat was the COP Senior professional staff with experience and relationships

12 Gathering Data/Building Consensus First step: understand the nature/extent of problem Groundbreaking study used to design interventions Community level research on transactional marriages

13 Egypt Violence against Women Study Summary of study: VAW – a continuing problem High numbers of women victimized Legal reforms needed Lack of services Lack of use of services Media portray it as “women’s issue”

14 Track One: “Top Down” Policy Interventions VAW Strategy Framework Advocacy and public awareness initiatives

15 Track Two: Grass Roots Solutions Grant program Support to NGOs across Egypt to enable them to develop and implement locally appropriate, coordinated community responses to gender-based violence

16 The Project’s Support to NGOs Funding Technical assistance Training Networking Materials and tools Final “fair” and video

17 Locally Appropriate Approaches Focus was on local solutions so worked with community-based NGO grantees How to change attitudes? Work with locally respected institutions and leaders and both women and men

18 Grantee Initiatives Advocacy and awareness Legal services Economic empowerment/life skills Psychological counseling including listening and counseling Referrals New models of care in shelters

19 The Results Groundbreaking Egypt VAW Study National strategy Built local capacity to conduct advocacy, education, and provide services (and left written tools/resources) Educated and engaged citizens Provided services to victims Growing network of qualified, committed advocates and service providers

20 Lessons Learned Changing behaviors requires changing mindsets Changing behaviors requires many stakeholders Changing behaviors must be grounded in local realities

21 Recommendations GOE needs to dedicate human and funding resources NGOs need continued outside support USAID should continue support and can do so via DG sector and other sectors including health, education, economic growth

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