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Welcome to Spanish Intro Sra. Lenihan Classroom Rules.

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1 Welcome to Spanish Intro Sra. Lenihan Classroom Rules

2 Gum This is a NO gum zone!

3 Entering the classroom You are NOT allowed in the classroom if I am not present. Please wait outside the classroom until I arrive.

4 When the bell rings! In order to be released, the classroom MUST be clean and organized. Once the school bell rings at the end of the period, you MUST remain seated…I will release you by rows/sections. The bell does NOT release you!

5 Teacher Platform & Desk The platform area is my work area. Everything on my desk, computer desk, and file cabinet is off limits to students. Do not borrow my tape dispenser, stapler, 3 hole punch, paper, pencil, pen, etc.

6 Planner Purchase a CMS Planner. You are REQUIRED to write all daily assignments from the board into your planner. It is important that you do NOT summarize the information.

7 Hallway Passport Hallway Passport page in Planner: CMS requires that students leaving the classroom, for any reason, complete the Hallway Passport page in the CMS Planner (in its entirety). For example: If I am not instructing the class, and you need to leave the classroom, fill out the Hallway Passport, bring it to me (with a pen) for my signature and you carry the planner with you…this is your pass. NOTE: Students are permitted to leave the classroom only 3 times per 6 week period!

8 Daily Warm-ups Daily Warm-ups will be presented on the wall through the classroom projector. You will use your spiral notebook for these assignments. If you are absent, Daily Warm-ups MUST be made up…especially since these are used for tests.

9 Binder You are REQUIRED to keep an organized binder. Spanish Intro does not use a textbook, so most of the information covered will be in form of handouts, Power Point presentations, notes, etc.

10 Recycle, Recycle, Recycle! Please try to recycle paper whenever possible! I have a blue plastic crate by the purple bins specifically for this! Not only do we help the environment by recycling but CMS gets a small percentage of the money for being a part of this city- wide program.

11 Quiet Signal You will have plenty of time to work in groups and/or with partners throughout the semester…because it gets a bit loud in the classroom, I will use a bell to signal the end of discussions! NOTE: The bell is rung ONLY by me!

12 Location Locker Jam Pass: For locker problems, students carry ONLY this pass and NOT the CMS Planner Hallway Passport. I have 2, located in the white plastic container on the wall by the entry door.

13 Location (continued) Trashcans: I have 2, one located next to my desk and one located by the recycle bin. Electric pencil sharpener: I have 1, located on the red table below the U.S. flag… in front of my computer desk…do NOT sharpen colored pencils. 3 hole punch: I have 1, located on the table by the entrance.

14 Location (continued) Stapler: I have 1 located on the table by the entrance. Clocks: I have 2, one is hanging on the wall by the U.S. flag, the 2 nd is located on the opposite wall. Bell Schedules: I have 2 sets located below the clocks. Please do not ask me when the bell is scheduled to ring, I do not have the times memorized (nor do I intend to do so).

15 Location (continued) Hand Sanitizer & Tissue Box: I have 1 sanitizer located on top of the purple cabinet; 2 tissue boxes, 1 is located on the table by the entrance and the other on top of the purple cabinet.

16 Work Returned File Located on the table by the entry door. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check for work that was returned during your absence.

17 Candies I offer candies as rewards for classroom games and competitions. Also, you may purchase 1 candy (only 1 per day) with 2 of my tickets at the END of the period...if time allows.

18 The Book You will be required to sign “The Book” for any of the following offenses… Disrespect for each other, the teacher and/or substitute. If I am talking to or instructing the class, the following will not be tolerated: -conversing with others -laughing with others -passing notes -using sign language -napping -yelling across the room -standing up to walk to trashcan, pencil sharpener, tissue box, hand sanitizer, etc. -asking to go to the bathroom, to drink water, and/or to locker

19 The Book (continued) Inappropriate language will also NOT be tolerated (especially insults aimed at each other)…no matter how funny you think you are! If I have to ask for your attention or call your name out for any reason, that constitutes a strike against you and will lead to a Book signature. Don’t argue your case, this is NOT a democracy. Signatures are logged into my online grade book, so that parents can access the information. I do NOT give warnings!

20 Cheating Cheating is defined (according to the District Handbook) as giving or receiving information on a test OR submitting duplicated homework for a class or class project. A grade of “Zero” will be given for the work involved, and the grade of “Zero” shall be averaged with the other grades. Teacher will make a parent contact to inform the parent of the incident and the grade. A conduct slip will be written for documentation of first time cheating. If second time cheating occurs, a conduct slip is written. The student then receives a Saturday class and a grade of zero on the assignment.

21 Make-up Work If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check for work that you missed by speaking with me at the beginning of the class period. For example, a good time would be when I am taking attendance and the rest of the class is working on warm- ups. Please do NOT speak to me outside the classroom!

22 Purple Homework Pass Your pass will provide you with: –1 homework pass per 6-week period –1 birthday pass for 2 free candies If/when you decide to use your pass, I will hole punch the appropriate pass number Homework Pass 123 Birthday Pass La fecha: _______

23 Dress Code You WILL be participating in many group activities that involve sitting on the floor. So, no short shorts, no short skirts, no low-cut tops, no underwear sticking out of shorts, etc. If dress code is not followed, you will receive a demerit and be asked to change into your athletic uniform or you will be sent to the Assistant Principal’s office to call home.

24 El Fin

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