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Tourist association of Žetale. is proud to present…

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1 Tourist association of Žetale

2 is proud to present…

3 Slovenia on the map of Europe

4 Republic of Slovenia  Around 2 million population on 20.273 km 2 of area  Country in Central Europe bordering Italy to the west, the Adriatic Sea to the southwest, Croatia to the south and east, Hungary to the northeast, and Austria to the north. The capital of Slovenia is Ljubljana. Country Central Europe Italy Adriatic SeaCroatia Hungary Austria Ljubljana  Member State of the European Union from, 1. May 2004 Member State of the European Union

5 Slovenia and Žetale

6 Žetale  North-east part of Slovenia  Population: 1364, 38 km2; forest industry, trade, repairs of motor vehicles and products of local consumption, civil engineering, viticulture, fruit growing  South-west part of Haloze, forest on 60% of surface, area of hills

7 Žetale through time In the past & today

8 Tourist association of Žetale  Local NGO established in 2001  Symbol of the association – juvanov natresk – lat. Sempervivum juvanil

9 Hiking eco path (PEP)  Circural path, marked with the sign of TA Žetale  Marked cultural heritage  Lenght: approximately 3 hours of walk  Starting by Dobrinček pub, passing by an ecological farm, vine cellar and tourist farms

10 Hiking eco path (PEP) PEP

11 Vuk’s homestead  Typical Haloze small house: rich internal equipment, original wood-fired oven and straw roof material  Local authority of Žetale started with renewal of homeatead in 2005 and in 2007, and has been given in the care to TD Žetale  Equipped with collection of objects from local surroundings

12 Projects we have organized:

13 Decoration of our village

14 Greeting tourism + “Chesnut” photo competition

15 Chesnut picknic  Workshops, pictures, literature on the topic...

16 Tour de Žetale  Organized a cycling event “Tour de Žetale” in the framework of a national cycling campaign “Slovenia is cycling” (Slovenija kolesari),May 2011

17 Youth exchanges  “Where does Europe start? Life along the Schengen border”, August 2010

18 Youth exchanges  “The Convenient Truth”- YiA 1.1, August 2011  30 participants from 6 countries  Topic: to learn more about the positive effects that voluntary work can have on the environment

19 Youth initiative  “Where are the paths that once existed?”, YiA 1.2  TRANSFORM YOUR IDEAS INTO ACTIONS: Youth Initiative projects are set up and carried out by young people (aged between 15 and 30), giving them a chance to develop a project within their community lasting between three and 18 months.

20 European Voluntary Service  Accredited sending, hosting and coordinating organization  First volunteer hosted - 1.10.2011 – 1.07.2012  Among the activities an English language course organized for the local inhabitants of Žetale A, b, c....

21 What will you experience here?...

22  Great nature  traditional food + drinks  tourist attractions  sports activities  … and the company of TD volunteers !!!

23 Feel welcome and join us in Žetale!

24 Thank you for your attention!

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