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2 Ghana has a population of about 24 million people. Approximately 4 million live in the capital city of Accra.

3 More than 50% of the population in Ghana is younger than 16 years. This is a characteristic of many countries which are situated south of the Sahel zone. Background

4 Although job opportunities in the cities are limited, many people leave their villages and move to the city in search of a better life.

5 Between 30000 and 50000 children are living in the streets of Accra. Their reality: Slums, hard work, exploitation, criminality, hunger and misery. Background

6 History of origins of Chance for Children 1997: First encounter of Amon and Daniela in Ghana. Exchange of ideas and a common vision. VISION Street children in Accra should have the opportunity to take control of their lives through experiencing love and safety, and receiving an education and professional training. Amon Kotey Daniela Rüdisüli Sodjah 1999: Official registration as international NGO

7 Social workers regularly visit and look after the street children on the streets. Street work

8 Drop-In Center Jamestown It offers an opportunity for up to 30 street children per day to escape their struggle for survival.

9 Chance for children supports up to 15 children in their families of origin. Supported children in their families

10 10 former street girls are at the moment living here together with a housemother. The girls go to school or do an apprenticeship. Girls Group Home Jamestown

11 Hebron-Home for boys Up to 30 children are living here as part of a community. They learn to take responsibility for their actions and go to school in the neighboring town of Nsawam.

12 Adolescents who have completed the compulsory schooling are doing an apprenticeship or continuing their studies. They are living in shared apartments and are being supervised in their daily life. Youth in professional training

13 The children and youth participate in diverse handicraft workshops. By creating batik materials, cards, necklaces, carvings and woven baskets they can explore and enhance their handicraft skills. Other workshops address sexual education and other important issues. Workshops

14 Chance for Children supports a total of 80 children and adolescents. 22 young people have by now completed their education and lead a self-determined life. 25 Ghanaian women and men as well as twe European are by now working in the CFC team. CFC attachs great importance to offering good working conditions, appropriate social benefits and fair salaries.

15 Financing Chance for Children is being supported by 2000 private persons, different churchs, associations, schools and companies. To guarantee long-term financal planning, the voluntary groups CFC Friends organizes diverse activities in Switzerland and Ghana.

16 Goals in 2011 Overall Re-integration of children into their families, continuous guidance and support Additional employment of 2 social workers Quality enhancement of our work Individual evaluations, continuous control of goals and care plans for children Focus girls Respond to individual needs of the girls Complete curriculum and apply it House construction in Hebron for 8 -10 girls Street work Intensified contact to children on the street Contact to 100 street children per month, doubling of workforce

17 Thank you very much for your interest!


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