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© 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice Technology for better business outcomes.

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1 © 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice Technology for better business outcomes The Unified Communications Journey, a real customer experience Anthony Vitnell Senior Solutions Architect Asia Pacific Japan

2 2 11 January 2014 Agenda Customer Environment Background Phase 1 – Exchange 2007 Upgrade Phase 2 – Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging Phase 3 – Office Communications Server 2007 Phase 4 – Telephony Integration Observations How can HP help you get started?

3 3 11 January 2014 The Customer Lion Nathan is a leading producer of premium beer, fine wine, ready-to-drink spirit products, and spirit brands in Australia and New Zealand. To maintain its leadership status, the companys 2,800 employees – based at breweries, wineries, and administrative offices across multiple time zones – must be able to coordinate their schedules, manage documents, and communicate freely.

4 4 11 January 2014 The Customers Journey Exchange 2007 Upgrade Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging Instant Messaging, Presence, and Conferencing OCS 2007 Telephony Integration

5 5 11 January 2014 Communications Environment 2,800 users across all major AU and NZ cities 8x Exchange 2003 Mailbox Servers All AU and NZ capital cities 2x Exchange 2003 Bridgehead Server Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) IP Telephony 2x Clusters 4.x in Australia 3.3 in New Zealand Pre Unification

6 Phase 1 Exchange 2007 Upgrade

7 Exchange 2007 Goals Reduce Complexity Reduce Cost Improve Service Availability Provide Additional Services Outlook Auto Discover Improved Collaboration Anywhere Access Enhanced Collaboration Unified Messaging 7 11 January 2014

8 8 Phase 1 Plan Centralised deployment Sydney-based Split between 2x Data Centers Single mailbox cluster Continuous Cluster Replication (CCR) 100x Production users on beta 2 Outlook 2007 deployed to all desktops

9 Phase 1 Exchange 2007 Architecture 9 11 January 2014

10 10 11 January 2014 Deployment Challenge #1 Customer has 134 SMTP domains that could be a users Primary address Each SMTP domain must be represented in the SAN of the SSL certificate on the CAS How many SANs does your provider allow? Exchange Auto Discover

11 11 11 January 2014 Phase 1 Business Benefits Reduced cost and management overhead of Messaging Platform Reduction in Exchange Servers from 10 to 4 Increased Availability and Business Continuity Clustered Continuous Replication Load Balanced Client Access, Hub Transport and Unified Messaging Roles End User Benefits Access to environment from anywhere, any device Streamlined Calendaring and Collaboration

12 Mobile Device Management January 2014

13 Phase 2 Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging

14 14 11 January 2014 Phase 2 Plan Provide Unified Messaging Capabilities integrated with Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) Outlook Voice Access Unified Messaging (Voice Mail) Unified Inbox Auto Attendant for directory Lookup

15 Deployment Challenge #2 Call Manager 4.x does not fully support SIP CCM 5.x required for native support CIO Said.... Find a way to make it work! Resolution: Implemented additional CCM 5 system in parallel Inter-cluster Trunk from CCM 4 to CCM5 Route calls from CCM4 thru CCM5 to Exchange UM January 2014 Cisco Call Manager Compatibility

16 Exchange 2007 UM & PBX Architecture Inter-Cluster Trunk SIP Trunk Exchange 2007: Client Access Hub Transport Unified Messaging Exchange 2007: Mailbox Cisco Call Manager 5.1 Cisco Call Manager 4.1 Cluster PSTN Gateway PSTN

17 17 11 January 2014 Deployment Challenge #3 Exchange UM has no function to alert the PBX Question: Do you need a flashing light on your desk phone if you have your or OC client open? Many desktop alerts exist Seamless migration was important 3 rd party product used to bridge the gap MWI2007 Message Waiting Indicator

18 18 11 January 2014 Deployment Challenge #4 Exchange Auto Attendant cant find users or matching wrong users in the GAL Display name format did not match default grammar generation rules Firstname Lastname – BU Build a customised grammar filter SpeechGrammarFilterList.xml Unified Messaging – Speech Recognition

19 19 11 January 2014 Customized Grammar Filter (\w+)\s+(\w+)\s+[\-\']\s+(\w+) Firstname Lastname --> $1 $2

20 Deployment Challenge #5 Names arent always written as theyre spoken e.g. Newson Ng is spoken Newson Ung People arent always known by their actual name in the GAL Robert Johns is known as Bob Johns Need to populate the phonetic display names to address this Department Names that are abbreviated in the GAL may need the same treatment January 2014 Unified Messaging – Phonetics

21 Phase 2 Business Benefits Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging capabilities No costly and timely PBX upgrade required Leveraging the Enterprise Client access License (CAL) Low cost Voic /Unified Messaging solution Provided a single inbox for mobiles and desk phone voic Voic s delivered via Active Sync January 2014

22 Unified Inbox January 2014

23 Play on Phone January 2014

24 Phase 3 Office Communications Server 2007

25 OCS 2007 Goals Improve communications and collaboration capabilities Internal users External federation with customers and partners Secure instant messaging conversations Integration of presence into the corporate environment Replace Net Meeting Integrated and streamlined web conferencing Leverage investment in Cisco IP telephony January 2014

26 Phase 3 Plan Extend the Unified Communications Platform Instant Messaging and Presence Web conferencing External federation Peer to peer audio and video Roundtable conferencing device Application integration Consolidated Office Communications Server 2007 deployment 100x production users on Beta January 2014

27 27 11 January 2014 Phase 3 Architecture

28 28 11 January 2014 Deployment Challenge #6 (lesson) OCS depends on CA/PKI for TLS connections between client and server MTLS connections between servers Federation using automatic DNS discovery of partners Remote user access for instant messaging External user access to A/V sessions and Web conferencing OCS Supports Windows Server 2003 Enterprise CA Windows Server 2003 Standalone CA Windows 2000 Enterprise CA Windows 2000 Standalone CA External (public) CAs Security Infrastructure – CA/PKI

29 29 11 January 2014 Deployment Challenge #7 Customer has 134 possible primary namespaces Should the SIP namespace = SMTP namespace? Certificate providers wanted to charge per SAN Estimated cost = $50k Entrust and Digicert have released a Unified Communications Certificate Revised Cost = $4k for 19 namespaces Implemented a sub-set of core namespaces Choosing the SIP namespace(s)

30 30 11 January 2014 Deployment Challenge #8 (lesson) Auto-Discover simplifies deployment and support for the Unified Communications Environment Requires split DNS for all SIP Domains Required internal records (TSL); _sipinternaltls._tcp. - for internal TLS connections port 5061 Sip. used as a failback if SRV records cannot be located Required External records (TLS); _sip._tls. port 443 _sipfederationtls._tcp. port 5061 Sip. used as a failback if SRV records cannot be located Auto-Discover

31 31 11 January 2014 Phase 3 Business Benefits Anywhere Access Provides mobile workers with up to date information regardless of location The Power of Presence Reduced phone tag, increased speed of issue resolution More effective communications Application Integration, click to call from any Microsoft Application Conferencing and Collaboration Immersive Team meetings performed between multiple locations with RoundTable Add-hoc meetings through a single click Simplified scheduling and access to Conferences

32 Phase 4 Telephony Integration

33 33 11 January 2014 Phase 4 Plan Upgrade Cisco Unified Communications Manager Integrate OCS 2007 with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Provide Remote Call Control capabilities Deploy Cisco Unified Presence 6.0 for CSTA Gateway Normalise phone numbers in active directory

34 Phase 4 Architecture OCS Director Cisco Unified Presence Server 6.0 Cisco Call Manager 5.1 Cluster PSTN Gateway PSTN OCS Access Edge SIP CSTA CTI OCS Back-End OCS Front-End Load Balancer OCS Front-End Internet

35 35 11 January 2014 Deployment Challenge #9 RCC requires a CSTA over SIP gateway Cisco Unified Presence Server (CUPS) provided limited support for OCS during beta phase v1.0: very limited functionality (not supported) v6.0 Beta: better, but still a few quirks -V6.0 RTM: Full functionality support OCS - Remote Call Control CTI CSTA/SIP SCCP SIP Cisco Unified Presence Server 6.0 OCS Front-End Cisco Call Manager 5.1

36 Deployment Challenge #10 OCS is designed to use the E.164 number standard (i.e ) CUCM does not recognize a + Call fails if OCS->CCM sends a + CCM->OCS contains raw number only; no + RCC requires you to normalize to the exact format you would type in the handset Use Address Book Service (ABS) to normalise to acceptable format = January 2014 CUCM – E.164 Numbers

37 37 11 January 2014 Deployment Challenge #11 Used to match an inbound call to a user or contact name from the GAL or Contacts Default rules cater for US number formats only GAL & Contact phone number standardisation is required for successful resolutions Normalisation rule needed to cater for each potential use format –ne –ne +61 (0) OCS – Reverse Number Lookup

38 38 11 January 2014 Phase 4 Business Benefits Leveraged existing investment in Cisco IP Telephony Improved employee efficiency with click to call Integrated phone numbers Integration with Exchange Unified Messaging Missed call notifications Control desk phone from any internet connected location Set forwarding, redirect calls Reduced Voice Mail Jail

39 Click to Call January 2014

40 40 11 January 2014 Application Integration

41 Observations

42 42 11 January 2014 Observations Users drove adoption 100->250 in 4 weeks (beta software) Play-On-Phone usage was much higher than anticipated Quicker to have UM call you Live Meeting used for Helpdesk support Faster session setup than NetMeeting Multiple Helpdesk calls logged over network security concerns OC logged in seamlessly at home on broadband… something MUST be wrong!

43 How Can HP help me get started?

44 HPs View of Unified Communications Seamless and secure integration of , voice, video, IM, rich presence and collaboration via converged systems A new paradigm for communications over an IP network Enabling people to connect and also collaborate independent of the medium, location and device Application Integration Unification Presence, policy, access, routing and relationships IP Telephony Unified Messaging Integration Presence Collaboration Networks and Computing Mobility/Wireless Servers/Storage/Software Management Presence Conferencing

45 How does it work today Functionality Cost 0m1m10m100m1km100km10,000km Distance from desk What happens when you move away from your desk? (Voice & Data)

46 Work tools according to employee communication need Time away from desk 0%20%40%60%80%100% Corridor Warrior Commuter Road WarriorCall Center agents Stationary

47 One size does NOT fit all! Data Voice Corridor Warrior Commuter Road WarriorCall Center agents Stationary

48 48 11 January 2014 From Vision to Implementation Different route for each enterprise 48 Mobile telephony - Enterprise Voice - Application Integration - IP network upgrade - Active Directory upgrade - Collaboration - upgrade - Unified Messaging - Web Conferencing - Presence/Instant management - Management - Time Company A Company B Solution elements Using common infrastructure, management, security and standardized HW/ SW platforms

49 HP UC Service Delivery Methodology 4911 January 2014 Vision Assess Design Plan POC Pilot Evolve Manage Support Implement Unified Communications from Analyze Business needs End-User & Business Migration Plans Network optimization, audit, health checks Lifecycle Support Global 24x7 operations Microsoft/Norte/Cisco/Avaya Integration Assurance Architecture&Strategy Security Supply & deploy : computing, storage platforms, end user equipment, licenses Software Management Desktop rollout & upgrades Voice & Messaging Infrastructure Assessment

50 The HP Advantage Proven experience Decades of experience and industry leadership Recognized expertise More than 22,000 Microsoft-trained engineers 3,600 Microsoft Certified System Engineers (MCSEs) and Microsoft Certified Solution Developers (MCSDs) One of the worlds largest, most specialized workforces for Microsoft environments Comprehensive portfolio of products and services Powerful partnership HP and Microsoft have been working closely together for more than 20 years 50

51 Awards, Partnerships and Experience Microsoft Awards in 2007 World-Wide Enterprise Partner of the Year Information Worker – Unified Communications Partner of the Year* Microsoft Endorsed as WW Prime Integrator for Office Communication Server 2007 Exchange Server 2007 Deeper partnerships with more telephony vendors Skilled and Certified Telephony Engineers Nortel, Avaya, Siemens, Cisco and more…. Weve done it before! Trained, experienced consultants Customer case studies available at HP booth *Microsoft Australia Partner Awards

52 52 11 January 2014 Microsoft UC Service Offerings Unified Communications Roadmap Planning Microsoft UC Proof-of-Concept OCS 2007 IM & Presence Implementation OCS 2007 Enterprise IM & Presence for High Availability Environments OCS 2007 Enterprise Web Conferencing Design and Implementation OCS 2007 Remote Call Control for Cisco Unified Call Manager OCS 2007 Remote Call Control for Nortel CS1000 OCS 2007 Enterprise Voice Integration Design OCS 2007 Enterprise Voice Implementation Exchange 2007 Architecture Planning Exchange 2007 Detailed Design Exchange 2007 Implementation and Migration Exchange 2007 Notes to Exchange Platform Migration Exchange 2007 Unified Messaging Design and PBX Integration

53 Unified Communications Demo Center and Executive Briefings Complete Microsoft Unified Communications demonstration environment showcasing The Complete Microsoft Unified Communications Platform Integration with Nortel and Cisco telephony environments Visit the HP booth for a preview The HP Executive Briefing Series is a 1:1 customer workshops funded by HP. The Briefing covers: Unified Communication Instant Messaging and Presence Audio, Video and Web Conferencing Telephony Integration Application Integration Exchange Unified Messaging January 2014

54 54 HP provided the expertise in the Microsoft and Cisco platforms to seamlessly integrate those platforms together and provide a truly unified communications experience. Darryl Warren, Chief Information Officer Lion Nathan Ltd.

55 © 2007 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice Technology for better business outcomes The Unified Communications Journey, a real customer experience

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