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English at Leisure. Unit One Shopping Your Objectives At the end of this unit you should be able to :

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1 English at Leisure

2 Unit One Shopping Your Objectives At the end of this unit you should be able to :

3 -- --define/describe shopping facilities -----follow store plans ----ask for explanation/clarification ----interact with salespeople ----identify/describe desired goods ----comment on quality/suitability ----make suggestions -----describe faulty purchases -----follow guarantees ------write letters of complaint

4 KeyPoints Activity1 Shops and Stores Activity 2 In a department store


6 Questions used to ask for clarification of words: ----What is /are …? ----What does the word …mean?

7 Useful words : wear--clothes:children’s wear, sportswear, school wear, swimwear/beachwear(swimsuits, bikinis),leisurewear, maternity wear,knitwear, underwear -ware---things: glassware, hardware, software, kitchenware, silverware,

8 Activity 3 Shopping Experience in UK Something which needs to be considered in shopping, esp. buying clothes: ----size, colour, style, shape, comfort, price, quality,pocket, buttons, zips, the collar, stitching, material-----cotton, silk,, wool, linen, polyester, nylon and viscose

9 Useful offers of help and responses: 1.---Can I help you,madam/miss/ ladies/sir? ---- I’m just looking at the moment 2.----Do you have anything in particular in mind? ----I’m looking for a … 3. What exactly are you looking for? Something smart?Something for a special occasion, perhaps? ---- I suppose I want...

10 Useful offers of help and responses: 4. What color are you thinking of? ---- Well, I’d love to go for something unusual like fashionable, perhaps 5. What size are you? ---I’m size 10. 6. --How about …? /What about…?

11 7. Why don’t you try it on? -----It’s too big /small/ red/ grey/dull/dark/ light, isn’t it? ----Short skirts don’t really suit me. ---Well, I’m afraid these two colours don’t match each other. -----They are cute, but the price. 8. It quite suits you with your blonde hair/black shoes... 9. It’s a good fit. / It fits you. 10. Light blue would be nice.

12 Activity 4 Shopping Protection Match the words in rectangle with those in oval according to the similar meaning.

13 Activity5 Faulty goods The following elements should be covered while dealing with the faulty purchases: exact problem; purchasing date; date of starting problem; proof of purchase ( the guarantee and the receipt); guarantee period; repairer; time necessary for repairs

14 Useful expressions in describing the faulty purchases: Good morning. Can I help you? ---I bought this bag/jacket/vaccum cleaner…, and now it seems to be broken/ doesn’t work. O dear, what exactly seems to be the problem? ---- The zip doesn’t close/it doesn’t collect the dust. Yes, it’s definitely faulty. I do apologize. Do you have proof of purchase? ----Yes, here’s the receipt.

15 Thank you. Yes, that seems to be in order. Now would you like a refund or would you like to exchange it for a new one that isn’t faulty?I can give you your money back if you like. ----I’d like to exchange it, please. That’s fine. Would you like the same color?

16 Activity 6 Faulty goods again Features of a Formal letter: Formal language is often characterized by longer words than informal, everyday language:inefficient --bad; imagine-- guess; further---more; Another feature is that formal language tends to use single verbs rather than phrasal verbs : returned ---went back ; completed-- filled in ; apologize --sorry

17 Unit Two Gatherings and Celebrations Your objectives: At the end of this unit you should be able to :

18 ----to express greetings/ congratulations ---exchange personal news ----comment on appearance/physical changes ----make informal announcements -----discuss/comment on past events -----respond to formal/informal invitations -----write informal letters

19 key points Greetings in General Many Happy Returns of the Day! Wishing You Many More Happy Years Together Happy Birthday One year older, One year wiser! Many Happy Returns of Your Wedding Anniversary

20 Comment on each other’s appearance Comment on the ---weight ----height ---general appearance ----health ------hair style ---a new dress --- new shoes --- a new car ----the kids

21 Comment on each other’s appearance --I think you’ve lost some weight. ---- You’ve changed your hair. -----You’ve had your hair done. ---What a good figure/ shape you have! ---You are looking very well. --- You look lovely with your hair. ----It’s a lovely colour. ----You look perfect in this new dress! ---- You look smart. ----You‘ve changed your hair, how wonderful!

22 Response to the comment Requesting News ---What’s been happening? ----How’s work? ---Tell us all the news. ----What’s new? ----How are you getting along with your work? -----How is everything going?

23 Congratulating --O,wonderful! ---That’s wonderful news. ---Congratulations, both of you. ----I’m very happy for you. ----That’s great!

24 Toasting --I’d like to propose a toast to Jim and Ann. ---May they have many many happy years together! Cheers! ----To Susan and Frank. All the best! ----to the Happy couple! Cheers. --- I’d like to propose a toast to the health of Prof. Philip!

25 Useful expressions How to write a formal invitation Mr.&Mrs. A You are cordially invited to the official opening of …/wedding ceremony of A and B/ 10th wedding anniversary of a and b/ Cocktail Party at 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 8th.

26 The Secretary(R.Peters) Clayton city Library South Street Clayton Cl4 3 PA RSVP Tel: 597 8144

27 How to write a formal invitation Don and Donna Ennis joyfully invite you to / request the pleasure of your company to a Valentine’s Day Party celebrating their Silver Wedding on 14th February in Portland 47 Weymouth Road at 7 pm RSVP Tel. 562975

28 How to accept an invitation Many thanks for your kind invitation to the Library opening ceremony.I regret that I am unable to accept because we have a prior engagement. / I am delighted to accept and look forward to seeing you on September 21st. / I was really happy to receive your invitation to your wedding anniversary party. I’d love to come. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, 21st.

29 Accepting an Invitation Student A - Start the conversation in a suitable way. --- Thank your friends for the invitation. ----Say how you will be traveling. ----Say when you will be arriving. ----Ask about accommodation. ----Ask about a present -- Any other details ? For example what to wear ---find out something about the party ---Answer and respond to any questions.

30 Accepting an Invitation Student B --Respond to your partner in a suitable way --Say how pleased you are ---Ask about traveling arrangements. --Find out how long your guests will be staying ---Offer to put them up. --- Suggest a suitable present. ---Give some details about the party, for example other guests. ---Answer and respond to any questions.

31 Unit Three Eating and Drinking Your objectives: At the end of this unit, you should be able to :

32 Your objectives: At the end of this unit, you should be able to :  Ask about / describe ingredients/utensil, etc.  Express preferences  Give reasons  Reject suggestions/ offer alternatives  Follow menus  Order food in a restaurant  Make suggestions  Ask about /describe dishes  Describe a (n) eating/drinking experience  Follow a written guide

33 key points 4 Kitchens 4 Interest in Food 4 An Outing to a Restaurant 4 A Pot Luck Supper 4 Chinese Menus 4 British Pubs 4 Following an Information Leaflet 4 A New Experience

34 Useful words for kitchen Questions about a dish: What ingredients it is made from? What is it cooked in? What is it served on? How is it presented? What does it like ? What do we eat it with ?

35 Interest in food  I love kitchen gadgets—special utensils for peeling, mixing things, grating things and so on.  I’m really into experimenting in the kitchen.  I have a very sweet tooth so I adore desserts.  I’m a wine enthusiast.  I’m a big fan of Chinese food.  I do like Western food.  I get great pleasure from setting the table…  I particularly like…

36 Giving Reasons for Your Choices 4 I think…would be an ideal gift for … because he/she... Rejecting Suggestions & Offering Alternatives We could buy a beer making kit for Sally. Yes, we could, but she’s more interested in wine, I think.

37 Seating the dinner This way, please. Could you follow me, please? Here’s your table. Is it all right? Please wait in the lounge, we’ll give you a call. What about that one? Your table’s ready, sir.

38 Useful language for food and drink 4 What would you like to eat? 4 What would you like to drink? 4 Tea or coffee?

39 Making suggestions in a restaurant ---Why not have fish and chips? ----You could try the shepherd’s pie? ----You could try the lamb stew. ----- I’d recommend apples in toffee ---- You could try it and see ----Do you fancy that cottage pie? ----I’d recommend the Caesar salad

40 Unit Four Home Improvements Your objectives: At the end of this unit you should be able to :

41 To discuss home improvement /decoration To describe furniture To discuss furniture arrangement To respond to suggestions To talk about repairmen To describe common tools To describe household problems To describe a room

42 key points Liu Li and Rachel’s room do it yourself Skilled workers Household repairs discussing furniture arrangement describing rooms

43 Improving the Room Imagine your friend wants to improve his/her rather dark and gloomy flat. What suggestions could you make? You could … You could have something done, - -- have it repaired/rewired/ re- plastered/ redecorated /have a new carpet fitted

44 buy some plants, make curtains, make cushion covers, build book shelves, replace the mosquito netting in the window screens, paint the walls, change the lighting, put down the new floor covering/ carpet, have the telephone connected, choose/buy some furniture, buy a washing machine, arrange the furniture, fit a new lock on the door, hang some pictures

45 Home Improvement Useful expressions: How is the room coming along? We spent a fortune buying the other things we need. It’s been good fun. We’ve made some bright yellow curtains. The sofa bed is covered in brightly colored, patterned fabric. It converts from a colorful sofa during the day to a comfortable bed at night! They are really convenient.We’re concerned about saving space, you see. The dining table folds up too.

46 SKILLED WORKERS Useful language: Activity 3 Skilled Workers Which of the following tool boxes belong to a plumber / a joiner/ an electrician?

47 IDENTIFYING HOUSEHOLD PROBLEMS The pipe is leaking My washing machine has broken down. Our central heating system has stopped working. The lighting have fused. The TV has broken down. The gas pipe in the kitchen is leaking. The lock isn’t working properly. There’s an electrical fault, I think. I’m having problems with the gas cooker. There’s something wrong with the air-condition system.

48 Discussing Furniture Arrangement The description of the position : Between the bed and the wall, behind the door In the left hand corner, beside the window, In the corner, against the left hand wall, at the door end of the room, In front of the window Beside the wardrobe, after a small gap/space Against the wall, in the space behind the door

49 Unit Five Entertainment at Home

50  Your objectives:  Talk about your own home-based hobbies/leisure activities  Ask about other people’s  Chat about modern home entertainment  Discuss plans for an evening ‘s home entertainment  Identify different types of TV programmes  Describe TV programmes  Use expressions of gentle persuasion  Follow written accounts of TV programmes

51 Key Points Activity 1 Home Entertainment Preferences Listening to music, needlework and knitting, collecting stamps, keeping house plants, playing cards, practicing Chinese calligraphy, giving parties, doing crossword puzzles, watching TV, keeping pets, gardening, drawing and painting, cooking, chatting, reading, playing video /computer games, playing Chinese Majiang, playing go/chess

52  Some useful language:  How do you spend your free time?  What do you do in your spare time?  Do you have any particular hobbies?  What sort of things do you like doing when you’re at home?  How do you amuse yourself when you’re at home?  What do you do at home when you have some time to yourself?

53 Responding to survey results  I’m surprised ( to discover) that not many British women do needlework and knitting during their leisure time. These activities are very time-consuming.  I’m not surprised (to discover) that some British women do gardening in their free time. Women are good at gardening.  Listening to radio has always been a more popular activity than gardening.  Reading books is still less popular than watching TV.

54 SUMMERISING  As in 1985, the most popular leisure activities among British women are watching TV and visiting friends. The number of women who do gardening and DIY has increasing / rising since 1985 while the number of those doing knitting and needlework has decreased / declined. The statistics generally suggest that women have more leisure time today than they had in the past.

55 TV Programmes  Variety shows are very popular,it is a general phrase for various entertaining performances:  A documentary program is a program which provides a record or report of facts.  A children’s cartoon is a TV program made by animating a set of drawings of stories for children.

56  A docudrama is a dramatized television film based on real events. A TV series is a set of TV programs which have the same actors, etc., but each has a complete story in itself.  A TV serial is a TV play, with a continuing story, which is shown in regular installments.  A live broadcast is an event watched on TV at the time of its performance, e.g.a sports event, a political campaign, a quiz show, etc.

57 The summary of a film  The film Regrets for the Past is a romance / a life drama. It’s based on a short story by LU Xun. It’s about an educated couple who fall in love, marry and then separate. It has a sad ending. There are no well-known actors in it and the director is not famous either. It’s on CCTV 7 at 8:30.

58  Star----to have somebody in an important role, to have somebody play an important par.  She has starred in many pictures/ movies.  They starred her for the first film.  The film stars …

59 Talking about an Evening Show  The King and I is a gentle, sentimental film with lots of old songs. It stars Deborah Kerr and Yul Bryner.  Kindergarten Cop is a fantastic, funny and exciting film with a bit of everything. It stars Arnold Schwarzengger.

60 Unit 6 Travel

61 Your Objectives : At the end of this unit, you should be able to : talk / ask about travel & holidays follow /extract information from schedules request information make bookings arrange accommodation describe a place ( in positive terms) write postcards

62 Key Points Warming up exercises Say reasons why people go on trips for pleasure: Some people travel for business, They go on trips to attend meetings, make business deals, sign contracts and so on. Some people travel for pleasure. They go on trips to visit museums, go sight-seeing, visit relatives, lie on beaches and so on.

63 Naming Your Luggage A backpack A travel bag A lady’s handbag A trunk A rucksack a briefcase A flight bag A pair of sunglasses

64 Some abbreviations in timetable Dep.-- Departure time Arri.---Arrival time SF--- Shanghai Airlines Flight --- Flight number CJ--- china Northern Airlines C A---Air China WH: China Northwest Airlines CZ---China Southern Airlines SZ--- China Southwest Airlines A/C--- Aircraft types F---First class C--- Business class Y—Economy class K—Budget class

65 Activity 2 Gavin’s Travel Plan Some information concerned: Making a Phone Call to an Airline Agent ---I’d like to have some information on flights to Shanghai, please. Or could you give me some information on flights to Shanghai, please? --When are you hoping to travel ?/ When would you like to travel? ---What time (of day) would you like to leave ? ----What time does it arrive in Shanghai?

66 Making a Phone Call to an Airline Agent --What about the price? ---Single or return ? / Would you like a single or return ticket? ---How are you planning to pay? --- Could I take your full name?

67 Traveling sources ---offering advice on how to select the best holidays ---- describing different destinations ----suggesting ways of traveling cheaply, Comfortably and easily -----recommending good place to stay ----containing lots of advertisements for different travel companies

68 Traveling sources ---A house-swap holiday is one which involves exchanging your home with another family for a limited period. --- A package holiday is one in which everything is arranged for you: the journey, the accommodation and even the sight-seeing. ---- A self-catering holiday is one in which you cook for yourself in a rented cottage or apartment.

69 Traveling sources --- A caravan holiday is when you tow ‘your own home’ behind your car and then find a special site in which to park. You use the bathrooms provided but sleep in your own bed! You then move on to your next destination, as you choose. ---A holiday camp is a place where guests stay in small chalets or rooms but may have access to a range of shared facilities and entertainment ( like swimming pools, amusement parks, night-clubs, musical performance and so on).

70 Traveling sources --- A specialist tour is a sort of package holiday which is arranged for people with special interests such as architecture, politics or even food!

71 Booking a Room by Phone ---How many nights would you be wanting to stay? ---And when would you be planning to arrive? Friday or Saturday? ---And do you need a single room or a double room.? ----What name is it, please? --- Is that your family name? ---Do you know where to find us?

72 Useful words and expressions It is a genuine hideaway, tucked in a secluded valley near the Scottish border and surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery in the North of England. ---safari: hunting expedition ;overland journey, esp. in East and Central Asia ; (by extension) organized tour ( for people on holiday ) to game reserves, etc.

73 Describing an Island The Galapagos Islands have something for everyone: white sandy beaches for those who like sunbathing, clean sea for those who enjoy swimming, glorious sunshine for sun-worshippers, wild life for those who enjoy animals and trees and plants for nature lovers.

74 Describing your Hometown Pingchang is located in Southern Jinagsu. It is an interesting town and has something for everyone: a winding river for those who love to take peaceful walks, a… It’s a pleasant experience visiting Pingchang. The sunsets are wonderful to watch, the local beer is delicious to drink, the restaurants delightful to dine in the…So, drop in for a day or stay for a while and get to know a new place.

75 Traveling sources Splendido, Portofino, Italy Ancient villa set on hillside overlooking spectacular bay & harbour of Portofino. 4 acres of romantic tropical gardens & palm trees.69 guest rooms, including suites.Variety of leisure & sport facilities available. Tel: 00 39 185 269 551

76 Traveling sources La Residencia, Mallorea, Spain An ideal spot for your dream holiday. Nestling between the sea and the mountains, 63 rooms, 2 suites with private pool, 2 tennis courts, heated swimming pools, gymnasium, health and beauty center, El Olivo gourmet restaurant, so Fony restaurant. Poolside restaurant, bar, rocky cove. Tel:003471639011 ---flora and fuana: plants and animals ---stupendous : surprisingly great ---

77 Asking for a description or opinion Part B Booking an airline ticket Book me two economy class seats on JAL Flight 104 to Hongkong. I think I’ll fly coach on the 4:20 p.m. flight. 我想 要下午 4 : 20 分班机的二等机票, I’d like to confirm our connecting flight reservations, please. I’m going to break my journey at Guiling. I’m going to stopover at New York. 我打算在纽 约中途停留。

78 Unit 7 Sports

79 Your Objectives : At the end of this unit, you should be able to : Talk about sports interests Ask about particular sports Explain particular Extract information from written commentaries Follow reports of sports/ games played Describe sports / games seen Follow /give instructions for physical exercises

80 Key Points Describing Sports Interests Describing Sports Reading about Sport Asking for and Giving Information Reading Sports reports Talking about Sports News Following Instructions

81 Special terms on sports Cricket chess basketball tennis sailing horse-racing high jump bridge football volleyball philately swimming horse riding water-polo running gymnastics ballet ice-skating athletics tai ji soccer golf hockey wrestling baseball badminton squash diving yoga rugby

82 Stating Your Interests I am a sports fanatic. I love most/all sports - as both a participant and as a spectator. I love/like doing sport but I find watching other people rather frustrating. I am quite a sporty person. I enjoy all kinds of different sport. I occasionally play /go/do _______ but don’t do any other sports. I rarely / never do any physical exercise but I enjoy watching sports. I dislike all forms of sport and physical exercise.

83 Identifying the sport described This game is played by two teams, with five players. It is usually played indoors on a hardwood court. The aim / purpose is to pass the ball through a hoop, or a “basket”, at the opponent’s end of the court. The team that scores the most points wins the game.

84 Identify the sport described This game is played by two teams each with 11 players. It is played on a pitch similar to a football pitch. Each player has a stick with which to hit a small, hard ball. The aim of the game is to score goals.

85 Description of a sport fan Joe is a Newcastle fan. He knows the results of the match between Newcastle and Leeds because he went to watch it live at the stadium. He is very excited about the Newcastle victory. He hopes to watch the match again later on TV.

86 Expressing Enthusiasm It’s fantastic...., it was absolutely brilliant. The first half was awful. …the first half was pretty boring. It sounds fantastic. Newcastle’s just marvelous.

87 Some colloquial expressions Just try to keeping me away. We knew we were in with a chance again. You’d see all the best bits. Was there much good play? Raving about them for the next hour. They are going to slaughter Liverpool on Wednesday night, I promise you. A lot of legless people.

88 GIVING INSTRUCTIONS Exercises for the feet Slowly lean your head to one side. Rest it gently in this position for three seconds, breathing out as you do so. Repeat the movement to the other side. Do this slowly, three times. Next, bend your head forwards for three seconds and then back for three seconds. Do this three times. Do not bounce, rotate or swivel the neck. Keep the movements gentle.

89 Exercises for the feet You can do this with or without shoes. First, rest... flat on... and then raise … and … Hold for… repeat … Next, lift … holding…out … Bend… and spread …Hold … Repeat...

90 Unit 8 Theatre, Cinema and Concert

91 Your Objectives : At the end of this unit, you should be able to: Talk/ask about forms of entertainment Describe different kinds of plays, films,etc. Select information from pamphlets Issue/ respond to invitations Interpret reviews/critic’s attitudes Report critics’ comments Make arrangements

92 Book/ buy tickets Theatre Programs The Theatre Buying Theatre Tickets Reading about a Performance Further reading

93 Key Points Talking about Actors and Roles ---Sonia Richmond plays Freda Nesbitt. Sonia Richmond plays the part of Freda Nesbitt. ---Freda Nesbitt is played by Sonia Richmond. The part of Freda Nesbitt is played by Sonia Richmond.

94 Issuing an invitation ---Are you doing anything on___? ---Well then, I ‘d like to take you and___to the theatre. ---So, how about it? ----Are you tempted? ---I would like to invite you and __to see.. --I’d love you both to join us.

95 Accepting or Declining an Invitation --No, I’m pretty sure we’re free the whole weekend. --O,yes, definitely. ---We’d love to come. ---Thank you so much for thinking of us. ---Well, that’s very kind of you but I’m afraid we have already promised to go to … --What a pity! ---We would have loved to join you.

96 Theatre Summarizing the Main Points The story is set in … and was first performed in … It depicts the conflict between … (and …). It is a combination of Chinese traditions, such as …, and material arts, with … (and…). It portrays the plight of …. The heroine is...

97 Expressing Information The film, Painted Woman, was released recently in Beijing. It was awarded the Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival. The story is set in post 1949 society in China. It focuses on women’s sexuality and women’s 0place in Chinese society. The main characters are two prostitutes, Qiuyi and Xiao’e. The film traces the lives of the two women and ends tragically when they are forced to make a choice between love and survival.

98 Reporting Reviewers’ Comments The reviews say… According to the reviews,… Apparently, By all accounts,

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