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Lesson 2 Extreme Sports.

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1 Lesson 2 Extreme Sports

2 sky surfing

3 bungee jumping

4 snow boarding

5 white-water rafting

6 ice diving

7 1. People do extreme sports in order to feel ____.
A. excited B. nervous C. happy A 2. Extreme sports have become popular in the last _____. A. 5 years B. 10 years C. 20 years B

8 3. People usually bungee jump from __.
A. airplanes B. high buildings C. bridges C 4. In sky surfing people do mid-air ___. A. gymnastics B. dancing C. swimming A

9 5. Snowboarding has similarities
with ______. A. skiing B. surfing C. canoeing B 6. Snowrafting is ________. A. quite dangerous B. very dangerous C. not very dangerous B

10 7. For white-water rafting you need __.
A. a big river B. a warm river C. a mountain river C 8. Ice divers ___. A. swim under the ice B. walk on the bottom of lakes C. walk upside down under the ice C

11 Listen to two people talking about extreme sports. Complete the table.
Carol Jonathan likes doesn’t like tennis would like to try wouldn’t like to try Bungee jumping bungee jumping skiing/snowboarding sailing sky surfing ice diving snowrafting

12 Listen and fill in the blank.
1. I get _______ you know. But when I’m jumping I feel great. It’s like ___________. 2. I’d love to try sky surfing, but it’s _____________, you know. nervous being a bird very expensive

13 3. I also don’t like _________. I hate _________________. Like tennis
3. I also don’t like _________. I hate _________________. Like tennis. Personally, I’d prefer to ___________. 4. I _____ winter sports. There’s something about snow. I love ___________. dull sports doing boring sports stay at home prefer going skiing

14 5. I love sports where there’s speed. I can’t _______________.
6. I’d quite like to go ice diving-_____________! 7.I can’t stand heights. I’d hate to do ______________. It look _________ _________. stand slow sports it sounds crazy bungee jumping absolutely terrifying

15 Listen again. Complete the Function File with the following words.
quite like, ’d love, can’t stand, love, like, wouldn’t like, ’d quite like, prefer, hate, ’d prefer

16 Preferences +ing/noun +to+infinitive
1. I ____ bungee jumping. 2. I ______ to try sky surfing. 3. I ____________ to do snowrafting. 4. I ____ doing boring sports. 5. I ________ to stay at home. like ’d love wouldn’t like hate ’d prefer

17 6. I ______ winter sports. 7. I ____ going skiing. 8. I _________ snowboarding. 9. I __________ slow sports. 10. I ___________ to go ice diving. prefer love quite like can’t stand ’d quite like

18 Complete the sentences in the correct form.
turn up, be into, take up, back out, go through with, put on, set up, get across 1. Ann waited for Tom for ages but he didn’t _______. turn up

19 2. What kind of music ___ you ____?
3. A friend of mine ___ just ________ jogging in order to get fit. 4. Why don’t we ______our computer in the study? 5. They were going to have a party last Saturday but __________ at the last minute. are into has taken up set up backed out

20 Listen to the questions below
Listen to the questions below. In which of them does the intonation go up at the end? 1. What sports do you like doing? 2. Do you like watching sport on TV? 3. Have you ever turned up late for a match?

21 4. If your school asked you to be in a team, would you try to back out?
5. Do you think you’ll ever take up a dangerous sport? 6. What extreme sports would like to try? 7. What extreme sports couldn’t you go through with?

22 8. Have you ever watched extreme sports on TV?

23 Do you find out the “rule” about intonation in questions?
The falling intonation is used in question-word questions, i.e. beginning with ‘wh-’ The rising intonation is used in questions that can be answered by ‘yes/no’

24 Comparing Cultures Listen to a person talking about sports in the USA and Britain and answer these questions

25 1. What do American footballs have to wear? Why?
They have to wear helmets and special protective clothes because it is a very physical game and they could get hurt.

26 2. How many baseball leagues are there in the USA?
Two. 3. Are basketball players well paid? Yes. 4. Is football (score) very popular in the USA? No.

27 5. What is the most popular winter sport in Britain?
Football. 6. Name another winter sport played in Britain. Rugby. 7. How long can a game of cricket be? Five days.

28 Are any of these sports popular in China?

29 Homework Finish Exercise 7 on P25.

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