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Understanding CP Writing Tasks

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2 Understanding CP Writing Tasks
Dr Daniel Brint British Council Adult Centre

3 CP tasks: Report Proposal Article Essay Review Letter

4 CP (compulsory question)
Article Report Proposal Letter Essay

5 How is a piece of writing marked?
General Impression mark Content Organization Cohesion Range of structures and vocabulary Register and format Target reader

6 Pass or fail? Although the writer does not always choose the most natural word, his meaning is always clear. PASS The candidate makes some errors of vocabulary and spelling, there are also a couple of examples of the verb not agreeing with its subject and of the wrong choice of preposition… the content is relevant and all aspects of the task are addressed.

7 What makes a piece of writing fail?
Would only be partially informed… Inappropriate informality… Target reader would not be informed… Weak introduction and conclusion…

8 Creating a good effect on the target reader means
Completing the task Using the correct format Using the right kind of language Not making mistakes that confuse the reader

9 Reports and Proposals A PROPOSAL
…persuade the reader of a course of action. A proposal should be clearly organized and may include headings. In a PROPOSAL you will probably need to Give reasons Make polite recommendations Persuade Compare ideas

10 Report A REPORT give some factual information and make suggestions or recommendations. A report should be clearly organized and may include headings. In a REPORT you will probably need to Summarize information Make suggestions Make recommendations

11 Tips Use headings Avoid informal language
Give examples or explanations but don’t go too far off the point

12 ARTICLES You read a report or proposal because you have to
You read an article because you want to Articles need to ENGAGE and INTEREST

13 Making your article engaging and interesting
Check who you are writing for an why you are writing Have a clear idea of your audience Use opportunities for description and narration Use of adjectives Questions (Why should you visit this modern city?, rather then Visit this city because…) Expressions/proverbs

14 TIPS Aim for 3 paragraphs
Think carefully about your reader when choosing a style/register Use a 1st person form if possible

15 ESSAYS Unlike articles, essays are not written to engage but to present clear, well-organized ideas. Your essay is probably written for your tutor You may be asked to present balanced or one-sided arguments An important SET BOOK task

16 TIPS Be sure to write an introduction and conclusion
Use examples to support your ideas If your writing is one-sided, don’t contradict yourself! Connect your ideas with linking words and back-reference words/expressions

17 REVIEW usually written for an English-language
magazine, newspaper or website Description Explanation Recommendation

18 TIPS Write a 3 or 4 paragraph piece with introduction and conclusion
Avoid exaggeration – enthuse, criticize and recommend but in a balanced way A strong first paragraph will get your readers attention

19 Letters Respond to the situation outlined
Must be appropriate for the specified target reader opening salutation, clear paragraphing and closing phrasing are always important.

20 Tips Letters often include personal aspects that mean you can use narrative/description – these make your writing more interesting. If the letter is for informational/factual purposes check you give clear information Keep your register (more or less formal) consistent

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