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Presenting the DXM Multi-Phone / Multi-technology (System Access Monitor)

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1 Presenting the DXM Multi-Phone / Multi-technology (System Access Monitor)

2 A little history  18 years of industry experience  Founders participated in 1983 Bell Labs/Moto AMPS Chicago trials.  Quick response  Reputation  Simple, reliable and rugged with excellent service  Flexible  Understands your needs

3 Benefits of choosing ZK  Highly focused  Quick response  Reputation  Simple, reliable, good service  Flexible  18 years of industry experience

4 ZK Product Line Core Embedded Hardware and Software Platform (Motorola 68000 32-bit Coldfire μP) DXM SAM Multi-phone, Multi-technology LCD Display DXM - For the field cell site technician & engineers Real-time Monitoring System Automated data collection and processing for RF Engineers & Management CellMap MapInfo Plug-in Mapping/ Post-Processing deciBel Planner Planet Input from Switch RMS RCU Multi-phone, Multi-technology Auto data collection

5 DXM Features  Portable or Vehicular  Up to SIX Phones/Technologies  Data Testing (1xRTT, GPRS/EDGE)  CDMA PN, GSM/BSIC Scanners  Audio Quality (MOS) measuring  Wireless Modem  Internal GPS  Compact Flash memory cards  MapInfo/CellMap compatible

6 DXM Options DXM Processor Board GPS Receiver Wireless Modem Compact Flash Card DSP Audio Quality Measuring GSM/BSIC Scanner Multi-band TDMA/EAMPS Scanner 1900 MHz TDMA/EAMPS Scanner 800 MHz GSM TDMA CDMA EAMPS 1xRTT GPRS iDEN PN Scan IPAQ Indoor Measurements (In-Fielder)

7 Benefits over Laptop-based  Durable, “easy-to-read” display  Small display for safe mounting  Ruggedized for in-vehicle use  -30°C to +60°C  Always on and collecting – More productive  Boots up in 3 seconds  Compact – one box, minimal cables  Large, easy-to-use keypad  People use it more

8 Compatible Phones  Nokia 51/61/71XX - 850 MHz EAMPS & 850/1900 TDMA  Nokia 6190 - 1900 MHz GSM  Nokia 6340i GAIT - 850/1900 EAMPS/TDMA/GSM-AMR  Motorola 280i, T720, T725, GPRS/EDGE  Qualcomm CDMA X60s, Retriever (PN Scanner)  Qualcomm QCP-X60s, 3035 – 850/1900 MHz IS-95B Voice & CS Data  Kyocera QCP-2235/55 850/1900 MHz IS-2000 Voice & Data  Motorola iDEN i700 or i1000

9 DXM Benefits  Monitors multiple technologies  Six times amount of collected data  Run multiple test scenarios  Collect data on multiple frequency bands  Monitor the competition  In-building with Wireless Valley In-Fielder PDA  Simple, cost effective, reliable, productive  Open Architecture – Easy data import/export

10 Data Testing  Phones  Kyocera QCP2235, QCP2255 (1xRTT)  Motorola 725 (GPRS/EDGE)  Tests  FTP upload  FTP download  HTTP download  Data  Throughput, lost socket, transfer failure, % failures, FER, channel, signal level, layer 3, etc.  Server Option  Simplifies testing  Only requires DXM s/w load, data cable & phone. NEW!NEW!

11 Data Testing (1xRTT) Server IP Address Type of Test Throughput Failure % Standard Zoom Summary Line

12 CDMA PN Scanners  800 MHz and1900 MHz Bands  Qualcomm Retriever II  Identifies Pilot Polluters  Identifies Missing Neighbors  Follow multiple call processing phones  Identify coverage holes  Scans all 512 PNs in 2-4 seconds  Basic DXM PN Scanning s/w supports both 850 & 1900 MHz simultaneously! NEW!NEW!

13 PN Scanning Pilot Polluters IN the Neighbor List Pilot Polluter NOT IN the Neighbor List (i.e. No Phone measurement) Missing Neighbors Can use T_Drop or user-defined threshold for determining missing neighbors Pilot Pollution Threshold compared to Agg. Ec/Io - determines pilot polluter

14 PN Scanner Displays 6 strongest PNs for each channel Carrier Frequencies (Up to 5 per Scanner)

15 GSM/BSIC Scanner  Scan GSM channels and log BSIC  Internal to DXM  Does not require phone port  Delays due to scan module vendor  Scan module now complete  First delivery – November 2003 NEW!NEW!

16 GSM Scanning Channel # Hyperband P=PCS BSIC RSSI Displays 6 strongest in each band Strongest over time

17 Audio Quality Measuring  Transmits and receives recorded standard phonetically balanced Harvard speech clips  Measurement parameters  MOS, Echo, Noise, Distortion, Level  Simple loop test with a single DXM – No Server required!  Uplink/Downlink measurements with Land Based Server option NEW!NEW!

18 New DXMV Monitor  Back-lit iPAQ- Type & Size Display  Transflective Screen  16-Colors  Small RJ-45-type I/O  4 Soft Keys  Lighted buttons  Split Screen  Programmable tone Alerts & Voice Announcements  Wide-Temperature Range  Easy Dash Mounting  Very Rugged!  $2500 Upgrade  Order Now! Heads-up Unit Size: 3.5"H x 5.5"W x.75"D. NEW!NEW! ESCAPE OFF/ON BRIGHTNESS SPEAKER SHIFT F1/5 F2/6 F3/7 F4/8 ENTER VOLUME

19 Wireless Modem Option  Wireless Modem  Automatically transmits data to RMS server, or ….  Never lose data  Use RMS Mapping & Reporting Software  Share data with other users  Download data to desktop in MapInfo or ACTIX Analyzer format  View data in real-time while drive testing NEW!NEW! RMS or SPE Server

20 Quick and Easy Data Collection with InFielder ® PDA Collected measurement data points Collected measurement data points

21 InFielder ® PDA Features Plug-and-Play operation with ZK’s DXMP …. …. and now with the iPAQ PDA & Fujitsu Pen Tablet!

22 Compact Flash Memory  Std. memory cards used in most digital cameras  Up to 4 GB of memory  Log months of data  Very reliable  Field upgrade DXM firmware  Fast transfer of data to PC via Flash Card reader

23 DX Data Display and Logging  Call Processing  TDMA  Handoffs, channel, power level, DCC, DVCC, BER, time slot, RSSI, SID, neighbors  GSM  Handoffs, channel, power level, BSIC, RXQUAL, time slot, RXLEV, SID, neighbors, HSN, others  CDMA  Handoffs, channel, Tx Power, Tx Gain, PNs, FER, Pilot Set, RSSI, Ec/Io, SID, Messages, others  Data Testing  CDMA2000/1xRTT, GPRS  Throughput, failed sockets, transfer failures, failure %, FER, channel, Signal level, layer 3, etc.  Scanning  EAMPS and TDMA  GSM channels with BSIC  CDMA PNs  Events  Call blocks, call drops, handoffs  Over-the-Air Messages  GSM Layer 2 and 3  CDMA IS95 and IS2000  Logging  Logs data from multiple phones and scanners simultaneously

24 SAM-ALL Display Screens  Summary  Neighbors/Pilots  Data Testing  1xRTT  GPRS  EDGE  Handoffs  Top Neighbors/Pilots  Over-the-Air Messages  Status  Analog Scanning  Control Channel coverage  Interference  TDMA Scanning  Control Channel coverage  Interference  GSM Scanning  BCCH Coverage  Interference  Missing Neighbors  CDMA Scanning  Pilot Polluters  Missing Neighbors  PN Coverage

25 CDMA Zoom Summary Screen Zoom Line: Paging channels are shown as inverse video (light on dark). Traffic channels are shown as normal video (dark on light). Switch phones

26 GSM Zoom Summary Hyperband Indicator Before/After Handoff Data Channel Time Slot Timing Advance (TA) Radio Link Timeout (RLT) Voice Channel - Dark on light Strongest Neighbor Hopping Sequence Handover Criterion (C1 & C2)

27 TDMA Summary Hyperband Indicators Before/After Handoff Data Channel Time Slot Interference Data Digital and/or analog control Channels Top Neighbor Voice Channel - Dark on light

28 EAMPS ZOOM Summary If the phone switches to EAMPS mode then the following screen is displayed.

29 CDMA Pilot Set Screen Serving Channel Info Active Set PNs Ec/Io

30 GSM Neighbor Screen Same Zoom Line as Summary Screen Strongest Neighbor Channel Number RSSI BSIC

31 TDMA Neighbor Screen Same Zoom Line as Zoom Summary Screen Hyperband Indicator Strongest Neighbor Channel Number RSSI DVCC not available from phone after first 9 Indicates more neighbors on next screen DVCC

32 CDMA Handoff Screen Current Channel info Last 5 handoffs - CDMA Soft/Hard handoffs - D/A, A/D Handoffs - Paging/Traffic state change Scroll the last 40 handoffs

33 GSM Handover Screen First row indicates serving channel data Last channel change Displays BSIC upon channel change Control Channel - Light on Dark Voice Channel - Dark on Light Hyperband Serving RSSI RSSI before channel change Color Code - BSIC TX Power Minutes Delta RSSI, PL, RxQual

34 TDMA Handoff Screen First row indicates serving channel data Last channel change Displays DVCC or Set upon channel change Control Channel - Light on Dark Voice Channel - Dark on Light Hyperband Serving RSSI RSSI before channel change Color Code - DVCC, DCC, SAT TX Power Minutes Delta RSSI, PL, BER

35 Over-the-air Messages  Displays and logs overhead messages

36 Adjacent Channel Interference Serving Channel Lower Adjacent Upper Adjacent  Identify Adjacent Channel Interferers  Identify location of interfering channels Time of interference event Note: Requires the R8, R19 and/or GSM/BSIC scanning receivers DVCC or BSIC

37 Control A/B Graph (AMPS CCH A&B) Note: Available with R8 scanning receiver option. NOTE: If no data is present then the user has disabled scanning of those channels via the SAM-ALL Scanning Mode selection Top 2 most recent B Band Top 2 most recent A Band

38 TDMA Cellular DCCH Displays 6 strongest User - Definable DCCH Control Channels Displays strongest vs. time Strongest channel #

39 Data Conversion  Excel Spreadsheet  Transfer file to PC and open with Excel  Text import Wizard guides the process  MapInfo™  CellMap automatically converts and parses raw data file into MapInfo format  GPS capable unit required  RMS Server  Web browser interface  Online Mapping and Reporting  ACTIX Analyzer  Direct import

40 CellMap-Plus / MapInfo Post- Processing

41 General Features  Runs with MapInfo Professional  Automatically imports and converts DX Dump and Real-Time Merged Files  Create map of any collected data parameter  Plot multiple data types on one map  Easy import/export of industry standard file formats  Display road layer under data  Now with Layer 3 conversion

42 Conclusion  Only affordable multi-phone/technology product available  Extremely rugged and field proven  Excellent support  Future-proof hardware  New developments in the works

43 ZK CELLTEST, Inc. 3180 De La Cruz Blvd. Santa Clara, CA 95054 Phone: 408.986.8080 Fax: 408.986.8178 Website:

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