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Introducing ZK-SAM –System Monitoring for Cell Techs DXMe – Drive Testing for System Performance RMS - Real-time Monitoring (Unattended data collection)

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1 Introducing ZK-SAM –System Monitoring for Cell Techs DXMe – Drive Testing for System Performance RMS - Real-time Monitoring (Unattended data collection) System (RMS) by

2 A little history  19 years of industry experience  Founders participated in 1983 AT&T Bell Labs AMPS Chicago trials.  Quick response and Smart solutions  Reputation  Simple, reliable and rugged with excellent service  Flexible  Understands your needs

3 ZK Product Line Core Embedded Hardware and Software Platform (Motorola 68000 32-bit Coldfire μP) DXMe Color display Audio Quality Scanning DXMe - For System Performance ZK-SAM – For Cellsite Technicians Real-time Monitoring System Automated data collection and processing for RF Engineers & Management CellMap MapInfo Plug-in Mapping/ Post-Processing RMS RCU Multi-phone, Multi-technology Auto data collection RMS Server JAVA based serv er Data analysis software ZK-SAM Heads up color display System monitor

4 DXMe For the System Performance Engineer  COLOR Display  Portable or Vehicular  Up to SIX Phones/Technologies  Data Testing (1xRTT, GPRS/EDGE)  CDMA PN, GSM/BSIC Scanners  Audio Quality (MOS) measuring  Wireless Modem  Internal GPS  Compact Flash memory cards  MapInfo/CellMap compatible

5 DXMe Options DXMe Processor Board GPS Receiver Wireless Modem Compact Flash Card DSP Audio Quality Measuring GSM/BSIC Scanner Multi-band TDMA/EAMPS Scanner 1900 MHz TDMA/EAMPS Scanner 800 MHz GSM TDMA CDMA EAMPS 1xRTT GPRS iDEN PN Scan Color Display Floor plan Location logging

6 ZK-SAM System Monitor For the Cellsite Technician  Heads-up color display  Cost-Effective  Fits in your glove box  Up to 3 phones  Multi-technologies  GPS Option

7 New Color Screen  Transflective Screen  Multi-Colors  High resolution  Small cable/connector  4 Soft Keys  Lighted buttons  Multi-phone Screens  Programmable Alerts  Wide-Temperature Range  Easy Dash Mounting  Very Rugged and Heads-up Unit Size: 3.5"H x 6.25"W x.75"D. NEW!NEW!

8 Product Comparison

9 Benefits over Laptop-based  Durable, “easy-to-read” COLOR display  Small display for safe mounting  Ruggedized for in-vehicle use  -10°C to +60°C  Always on and collecting – More productive  Boots up in 3 seconds  Compact – one box, minimal cables  Large, easy-to-use keypad  People use it more

10 Screens  CDMA Summary  Graph/Table of Actives and Neighbors  Serving Channel Info  Cellnames  GSM Summary  Graph/Table of serving and neighbors  Serving Channel Info  Time and # SATS

11 Screens  DAMPS Summary  Graph/table of serving/neighbor channels  Serving/prior serving channel info in top line  Multi-phone  View data from 3 phones simultaneously

12 Phase II Screens  GSM/BSIC Scanning Screen  PN Scanning Screen  CW EAMPS/TDMA Scanning Screens  Data Testing Screen  Status Screen  Function Keys  Alert Screen with audio alerts  6-Phone Screen  Multi-Scanner Screen  Audio Quality Screen  Floorplan display and location logging  Real-time mapping

13 Benefits  Flexible  Single phone low cost technician tool  Benchmarking audio quality and data measuring tool  High end multi-phone, multi-scanner performance tool  Open Architecture  Open format  Compatible with Excel, MapInfo, Actix, etc.  Portable/Vehicular  Combination unit can be used for both  Custom embedded design  Rugged, designed for this purpose

14 Data Testing  Tests  FTP upload  FTP download  HTTP download  Data  Throughput, lost socket, transfer failure, % failures, FER, channel, signal level, layer 3, etc.  Server Option  Simplifies testing  Only requires DXMe s/w load, data cable & phone. NEW!NEW!

15 CDMA PN Scanners  800 MHz and1900 MHz Bands  Qualcomm Retriever II  Identifies Pilot Polluters  Identifies Missing Neighbors  Follow multiple call processing phones  Identify coverage holes  Scans all 512 PNs in 2-4 seconds  Basic DXM PN Scanning s/w supports both 850 & 1900 MHz simultaneously! NEW!NEW!

16 GSM/BSIC Scanner  Scan GSM channels and decode BSIC  Internal to DXMe  Does not require phone port  User-defineable channel list NEW!NEW!

17 Audio Quality Measuring  Transmits and receives recorded standard phonetically balanced Harvard speech clips  Measurement parameters  MOS, Echo, Noise, Distortion, Level  Simple loop test with a single DXM – No Server required!  Uplink/Downlink measurements with Land Based Server option NEW!NEW!

18 Wireless Modem Option  Wireless Modem  Automatically transmits data to RMS server, or ….  Never lose data  Use RMS Mapping & Reporting Software  Share data with other users  Download data to desktop in MapInfo or ACTIX Analyzer format  View data in real-time while drive testing NEW!NEW! RMS or SPE Server

19 Portable Configuration/Option Floor plan tracking Compatible with MapInfo Easy to use Lightweight

20 Compact Flash Memory  Std. memory cards used in most digital cameras  Up to 4 GB of memory  Log months of data  Very reliable  Field upgrade DXMe firmware  Fast transfer of data to PC via Flash Card reader

21 DX Data Display and Logging  Call Processing  TDMA  Handoffs, channel, power level, DCC, DVCC, BER, time slot, RSSI, SID, neighbors  GSM  Handoffs, channel, power level, BSIC, RXQUAL, time slot, RXLEV, SID, neighbors, HSN, others  CDMA  Handoffs, channel, Tx Power, Tx Gain, PNs, FER, Pilot Set, RSSI, Ec/Io, SID, Messages, others  Data Testing  CDMA2000/1xRTT, GPRS  Throughput, failed sockets, transfer failures, failure %, FER, channel, Signal level, layer 3, etc.  Scanning  EAMPS and TDMA  GSM channels with BSIC  CDMA PNs  Events  Call blocks, call drops, handoffs  Over-the-Air Messages  GSM Layer 2 and 3  CDMA IS95 and IS2000  Logging  Logs data from multiple phones and scanners simultaneously

22 Data Conversion  Excel Spreadsheet  Transfer file to PC and open with Excel  Text import Wizard guides the process  MapInfo™  CellMap automatically converts and parses raw data file into MapInfo format  GPS capable unit required  RMS Server  Web browser interface  Online Mapping and Reporting  Third Part Apps  Actix, Microsoft, RF Modelling

23 CellMap-Plus / MapInfo Post- Processing

24 General Features  Runs with MapInfo Professional  Automatically imports and converts DX Dump and Real-Time Merged Files  Create map of any collected data parameter  Plot multiple data types on one map  Easy import/export of industry standard file formats  Display road layer under data  Now with Layer 3 decoding

25 Flexible Applications  Technician’s tool  Dual phone – real time analysis  Gather data for System Performance  Rugged and east to use  Benchmarking  Audio quality measuring on 6 networks  System Performance  High speed scanning  Data testing  Multi-phone  Layer 3 decoding  MapInfo/Actix compatible  Compatible with RMS  Indoor Measurements

26 Conclusion  New COLOR Display ! !  Only affordable multi-phone/technology product available  Flexible – Simple to Advanced features  Extremely rugged and field proven  Excellent support  Future-proof hardware  Simple solution for the Techs  Complex solution for the Performance Engineer

27 RMS  Real-time Monitoring System  Unattended collection and analysis  Improves quality  Lowers cost  Benchmarking  System Performance  Buy as a service

28 Today’s Environment Voice Short Message Email Web Audio Video Car Navigation Services offerings are increasing Features CurrentFuture Network problems are increasing Network Complexity Current Future Cost Current Future Cycle time to fix problems Time Cost of manual drive testing is increasing

29 Manual Drive Testing Cost vs. System Quality Current Future Cost Quality Cost of manual drive testing will increase while system quality decreases

30 Automatic Drive Testing

31 Enhances Productivity Data Collection Processing Analysis Data Collection and Processing is performed automatically increasing productivity dramatically Manual Drive TestingAutomatic Drive Testing

32 Automatic Drive Testing Cost vs. System Quality Current Future Cost Quality Cost of drive testing will decrease while system quality improves

33 Real-time Control Unit (RCU)  Reliable  Simple installation  Simple antenna  Multiple networks  Multiple technologies  Future enhancements  Identify alert conditions  Up to 256MB memory capacity

34 2-Phone RCU Hardware Architecture 1st data collection phone 2 nd data collection phone Processor Board Scanner GPS Receiver Required Option CF memory Wireless modem DSP Audio Quality Measuring

35 6-Phone RCU Architecture 1st data collection phone 2nd data collection phone Processor Board Scanner GPS Receiver Wireless Modem Required Option CF memory 3rd data collection phone 4th data collection phone 5th data collection phone 6th data collection phone DSP Audio Quality Measuring

36 RMS Server  Access from any Web Browser  Reports, Charts, Maps  Audio Quality Measuring  Alerts  Oracle database  Large data handling  Simple software upgrades  Scaling capability

37 RMS Server Architecture HTML/Javascript Alerts Servlet RCU Configuration Servlet Mapping Servlet Administration Servlet Login Servlet Reports Servlet Application Server HTTP Server Database (with Spatial) Street Data Cellular Data Audio Data Java 1.3 Plug-in Netscape or IE (100% JAVA Src code) RMS Server Client FTP Server To RCUs Ethernet/ Internet Audio Quality Measuring T1 Lines

38 Audio Quality Measuring Data Transfer T1/E1 Lines RMS Server Public Telephone Network Cellular Network RCU Uplink Downlink Send Speech Clip Send FTP Data Send Speech Clip Send FTP Data Audio LAN Ethernet Measure Uplink Audio Quality Receive FTP Data Measure Downlink Audio Quality Receive FTP Data FTP Data FTP Data and Audio Wireless

39 RCU Configuration  Autodial  Data collection times  Blackout areas  Server IP address  Add, change delete units and groups

40 Alert Display  Alerts displayed for each zone  User can acknowledge alerts and add notes  Display preferences can be modified

41 Data Analysis  Automated reports, charts, maps  Interactive analysis  Sharing of results  Immediate notification of alert condition  Data filtering  Export to third party applications  Access from any PC

42 Map Display Blocks and Drops Cell/Sector trace lines Properties window Displays all data Logged at selected point on the map Cell sites with sector, angle and azmith

43 Map Offset and Message Decoding  View Drop, FER and Layer 3 messages simultaneously  Decode Layer 3 messages  Detailed diagnosis of dropped call Layer 3 messages FER Dropped Call Decoded Layer 3 messages

44 Binning  Quickly display data for entire Market or Region  Macro view of network performance  View by day, week or month  100 meter bins  Drill down into problem areas

45 Graphing  Graphical view of the data points  Map points synchronised to graph and Properties Window  Move along the graph and see the data change Graph of the serving and neighbor channels Points/data are Synchronised

46 Report Editor  Flexible database queries  Data and graphical representations  Automatically generated by day, month, quarter or year

47 RMS Conclusion  Reduces cost of drive testing  Improves the quality of the data  Improves access to the data  Enhances communication among internal groups  Purchase as a service – simplifies project management

48 ZK CELLTEST, Inc. 3180 De La Cruz Blvd. Santa Clara, CA 95054 Phone: 408.986.8080 Fax: 408.986.8178 Website:

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