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Why cancer develops and a viewpoint from natural medicines.

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1 Why cancer develops and a viewpoint from natural medicines

2  According to Dr. Otto Warburg, there is ONE common cause for cancer to develop  THE FAILURE OF THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM within the cell.  The inability of the cell to use O2 for energy production leading to the fermentation of glucose or fat and the breakdown energy production cycle (Citric Acid Cycle)  Dr. Warburg studied developed this theory after 40-plus years of research on all types of cancer!

3  The cell needs O2 to combine with glucose or fat along with some minerals and amino acids.  The mitochondria will produce energy in the form of ATP. This energy is the power that allows the cell to perform properly.  Without O2, the cell will drop into anaerobic respiration which will lead to the fermentation of glucose within the cell and production of lactic acid!  Eventually, the normal “breathing” pathway is permanently altered and the cell dies

4  However, a few cells survive and it is these cells that Dr. Warburg found led to cancerous growth feasting on sugar ONLY  That is why very few cancers will develop in a short time and they take so long to kill you.  Actually, if a cancer couldn’t grow, it wouldn’t harm you.  It is this spreading of cancer that makes it the killer it is.

5 Cancer is caused by a virus For example, the theory states that the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is the cause for cervical cancer, however, only a small percentage of women with cervical cancer tested positive for the HPV. Cancer is genetic. Genes can be a contributing factor to any disease, but having the gene doesn’t mean it will express itself. “Genes don’t determine whether you get colon cancer…protein does..” Reuters News: 02.11.01

6  The environmental factors that can contribute to cancer formation are well documented. As our surroundings become more polluted, our bodies accumulate more toxins which cannot be removed. This will alter cellular respiration.  As our toxic burden becomes greater, our other systems will function less or incorrectly leading to more diseases ◦ “Dirty on the outside..dirty on the inside.”  Chinese Proverb

7  Mental-emotional. There is tremendous research into how our minds can contribute to cancer. Dr. Hamer, Parkhill and others report great success with using different psychological counseling or similar therapies to “cure” this disease.  Dr. Lipton has reported that over 80% of ALL OUR DISEASES are stress induced.  Biology of Belief: Dr. Bruce Lipton

8  Chinese medicine uses the term phlegm to describe a formation or mass in the body. This phlegm comes from the Spleen (really the Pancreas) not performing its function properly.  When the Spleen isn't able to metabolize the “humidity” from the food we eat-it forms phlegm  This phlegm will obstruct normal body function

9  What will cause the Spleen to not do its job properly? TCM divides the problem as either an internal pathogen or external pathogen. TCM considers EMOTIONS as a root cause to any disease just as some open-minded doctor do. The primary emotion to the Spleen is OVER-THINKING and WORRYING! As such, this emotion is experienced by almost all people today.

10  Chinese medicine tells us that eating the wrong foods, too much and in the wrong form is also a phlegm inducing practice.  Which people are NOT eating in the above manner?Almost everyone!  Eating cold foods, processed foods and foods altered from their natural state can contribute to impairing our digestion and lead to this phlegm formation.  Eating while on the go or under stress will have the same effect.

11  Eat foods properly-in a peaceful environment and with a peaceful mindset. ◦ “Don’t think, but if you do; you must act.”  Eat foods that are organic or fresh-not processed or full of chemicals; thereby, reducing your toxic exposure.  Using proper oils-unaltered and organic to ensure the proper amounts of EFA’s at the cell membrane.  Making sure you get enough mineral to carry the oxygen into the cell.  Avoid ANY food that is sugar-containing!

12  There is no ONE perfect plan for everyone. It must involve the use of food that is supporting to the body, easy to digest and provide the MOST nutrition to weight ratio you can find.  Some foods are better than others, but nothing beats…vegetables!  According to Dr. Gerson, a cancer patient should be consuming over 12kgs of vegetables per DAY!  Again NO SUGAR LADEN FOODS

13  Also, you must find the ROOT cause in the mental or emotional side of this disease.  Dr. Hamer states that ALL cancers will have an emotional trigger. He has found this true in EVERY SINGLE PATIENT he has treated-over 21,000 to date. He can view a CT scan of the brain and know exactly where a cancer is developing. His success in treating cancer as an emotional disease has been 92%!

14  As environmental toxins are a recognized contributor, you must detox the body. Supplementations, liver, kidney, colon and lymphatic cleansings are a MUST.  Far-infrared has been proven effective in helping the cell detox.  Colonic are known to help cleanse the bowels and liver flushes with various products have been used with great success.  And no food that contains sugar.

15  For over 50 years, Dr. Warburg’s warnings and research have been ignored. He gave us the answer to this dreaded disease and it is up to us to use this information to prevent this problem from growing. It is expected that 40% of the population will develop cancer if we continue on the same pathway!  Thank you.

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